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  1. The IPR 1600 boasts 800 watts per channel at 2 ohms and is under 7lbs. Featuring 2 channel independent fourth order Linkwitz-Riley crossovers, a variable-speed fan housed in a lightweight aluminum chassis, DDT speaker protection, and the revolutionary new IPR class D topology. Boasting a net weight under 7 lbs. on the lightest model, the groundbreaking IPR Series utilizes an advanced design that allows our engineers to dramatically reduce weight while increasing output power, reliability and thermal efficiency. IPR® Series amplifiers are designed with a resonant switch-mode power supply and a high-speed class D topology that yields the highest audio resolution and efficiency available. And all at a cost that shatters the old-guard paradigm of power-amp valuation. This isn't about "dollars per watt." This is "pennies per watt. 800 Watts RMS per channel into 2 Ohms, 530 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms. Resonant switch-mode power supply with high-speed class D topology. Combo XLR and 1/4'' (6.35mm) input connectors. Combination Speakon® and Jack output connectors. Two independent 100 Hz crossovers. Variable-speed fan. Lightweight aluminum chassis. DDT™ speaker protection. 2U space rack. LED indicators for input signal, DDT™ and power. Dimensions (HxWxD): 3.5'' (89 mm) x 19'' (483 mm) x 10.5'' (267 mm) Weight: 7.125 lbs (3.23 kg) Fully working order. Scratches as pictured. Missing two screws from top cover. Sold as seen.
  2. For those wishing to configure their own rack-mounting bass rigs, the Ashdown RPM-1 EVO II preamp puts all the ABM facilities in a convenient rack-mounting package. Three straightforward rotary tone controls provide 20dB of cut and boost at 60Hz, 660Hz and 5kHz, and are supplemented by two pairs of additional sliders giving 15dB cut and boost at 180Hz, 340Hz, 1.3kHz and 2.6kHz. The EQ can be switched in/out, and flat/shaped by footswitch, enabling players to go from a flat fretless sound to a boosted sound via a favourite EQ setting. A single input is switchable for passive and active instruments with a blend of solid state and dual triode tube preamps stages which can be preset and selected by footswitch, providing access to a massive range of clean, warm and overdriven tones. Also footswitchable is the mighty Ashdown sub-harmonic generator which precisely tracks the main signal and reproduces it an octave lower. https://ashdownmusic.com/products/abm-rpm-1-evo-ii Was damaged by courior when I bought it. See pictures. Fully functionaly but does have a slight hum. It is not noticable when playing. Sold as seen.
  3. Pretty average player here. Looking to gig as much as possible. Style no issue. Covers or origionals. Can sing backing play double bass and bass guitar. Can't slap. Have own gear, transport and teeth. Check out Band Mix and Sound Cloud for an Idea of how good (or otherwise) I am. Can't seem to pass any audition so please have low expectations! https://www.bandmix.co.uk/richard-thurbin/
  4. The Fender Telecaster is one of the most famous guitars ever made. The Telecaster has been in continuous production in one form or another since its first incarnation as far back as 1950. Lovingly referred to as the "Tele", the simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacturing and popular music. First introduced as the Broadcaster and Esquire models, the Tele has become a favourite for artists of all eras including Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello. Vintage unknown. String age unknown. Fully working order. Sold as seen.
  5. Generation 2 Barefaced Compact complete with cover. Full details found here: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/compact.htm Slight marks and damage as pictured. Full working condition. Sold as seen.
  6. The Ashdown LB212 300W 2X12 Bass Cab is specially voiced to complement the LB 30 ('little bastard') all-valve head. An exquisite, vintage style cabinet. Rebellious, uncompromising and cool, James Dean and the car he nicknamed the 'Little Bastard' are the inspiration for this awesome yet diminutively powered stack. Ashdown LB-212 Little Bastard 2x12 Bass Cabinet Features: 2x12" Drivers Impedance: 4 Ohms Power Handling: 300watts Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 730 x 470 x 335 Weight: 14kg Marks as pictured. Fully working order. Sold as seen. Deal with Little Bastard 30w head: £700 Deal with LIttle Bastard 30w head and matching LB-212 Cab: £850
  7. Located: Great Gransden, Cambridgeshire. Little Bastard 1x12 Bass Cabinet is designed and voiced specifically to complement the Little Bastard 30 Watt valve bass head. The Ashdown LB-112 features a single 12" driver in an exquisite, vintage style cabinet. Ashdown LB-112 Little Bastard 1x12 Bass Cabinet Features: Power Output (RMS) 150W Speaker Configuration 1 x 12 Impedance 8 Ohms H x W x D (mm) 390 x 470 x 290 Weight (kg) 9 H x W x D (inc. feet) 410 x 470 x 290 (mm) Celestion 12" Speaker Damage as pictured. Full working order. Sold as seen. Deal with Little Bastard 30w head: £650 Deal with LIttle Bastard 30w head and matching LB-212 Cab: £850
  8. Rebellious, uncompromising and cool as f***, James Dean and the car he nicknamed the Little Bastard are the inspiration for this iconic, all-tube mini bass amp head. Rated at 30-Watts, the Little Bastard won't rip your head off, but its EL84-equipped power section is more than capable enough for small gigs. And, of course, it won't put your back out on the way. The Little Bastard preamp stage employs ECC83 and ECC82 tubes and features High and Low gain inputs, front panel-mounted Effects Send and Return, rotary Bass, Middle and Treble controls with Mid Shift, Bass Shift and Bright switching, Mute switch, rotary Volume control and balanced DI output. The Little Bastard head partners perfectly with a range of Ashdown LB cabinets. https://ashdownmusic.com/products/little-bastard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8eOPVi2Vvk https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/guitars/ashdown-little-bastard-lb-30h-head-284608 Power Output 30W Power Handling 30Hz - 16kHz Speaker Outputs 2 x Jack sockets High Instrument Input 450mV Low Instrument Input 150mV DI Output Line Level 1k Output Impedance Minimum Impedance 4 Ohm EQ Passive Bass, Middle and Treble Effects Send Valve driven Instrument level Effects Return Valve Recovered Pre-amp Tubes 1 x ECC83 1 x ECC82 Output Tubes 4 x EL84 H x W x D (mm) 218 x 407 x 260 Weight (kg) 11 Comes complete with robust flight case. Still have origional box. Marks as pictured. Fully working order. Sold as seen. Deal with matching LB-112 Cab: £650 Deal with matching LB-212 Cab: £700 Deal with matching LB112 & LB-212 Cab: £850
  9. Brand Hohner Model B Bass VI Finish Natural Defretted and filled, so not orgionally a fretless. Flatwound black strings B-G with C being another flatwound (couldn't find a black version). Fully working order. Sold as seen.
  10. In ears are a dream once you get used to singing with them. Total clarity and means you can hear how good (or otherwise) you all are. For the audiance, set up a condenser mic at the front of the stage and feed it in to your monitor mix only. You will hear all the heckles then no problems.
  11. Practicing without a drimmer / bass / whatever sets apart bedroom players and musicians. Deffo do it,get outside the comfort zone, enjoy the space, enjoy being the song's driver and see what happens.
  12. I don't think the thread is going well for the OP. I have never understood the "my sound" concept. As others have said... it is what the whole sounds like which is important. Bass has to fit around the more melodic members, add weight and depth to everything as well as complament harmonies. For a lession on creating a unique sound whilst fitting in to the whole, listen to some Muse.
  13. Hi Geester, very interested in this. Have sent you a PM.
  14. I think it is spot on. Matches the songs grove perfectly.
  15. [quote name='icastle' timestamp='1430133497' post='2758193'] On a purely personal level, I pretty much detest half the material I end up playing and am ambivalent towards the other half. On a professional level, as long as the audience like it, then I'll play it without hesitation or complaint. [/quote]Here here.
  16. I have trained, tubed and bussed a db loads of times with no problem. I use a couple of straps to secure it to poles etc so there is no need to stand with it. Great conversation starter and be prepared for many violin comments.
  17. Hi guys. I have one of these pre-amps http://ashdownmusic.com/products/1/B/18/Legacy/88/ABM-RPM1-EVO-II-Preamplifier-/ and would like to make use of the foot swich capabilities it has. Does anyone know if the http://ashdownmusic.com/products/6/Pedals/15/Foot-Switches/73/FS4/ would work with it? I think not because the back of the FS-4 has one plug and the RPM-1 has two sockets. If not, can any one suggest a footswich which would work please?
  18. 10,000 hours is often quoted as the ammount of effort required to be "ok" when mastering a instrument. I worked out that is many many years of full time work, then realised I will never be ok and then became happy with that. It is also sometimes hard to understand how much better one is after a lengthy period of time because you dont notice the small impovements you are making. It is like never seeing your kids grow up, but one day they are as tall as you and you go "wholy cow, when did that happen?". Take recordings often, dont play them for months and then every so often listen how sh*t you were and how much better you are now. Repeat for decades to come.
  19. Hi guys. Apreciate your thoughts on the mastering of our new song... https://soundcloud.com/richard-thurbin/extra-light-on I have only done this a few times before so still very much a beginner. All comments apreciated.
  20. Sounds good, get the right singer and you're away...
  21. Care to share the recording? I recorded all my gig and you can always pick holes in it...
  22. Dont under estimate the effort of standing for two hours let alone one with a 10kg weight on your neck. There are all sorts of core muscles keeping you up which happen without you realisaing it. A common torture technique is to just make someone stand, for hours.... The danger is you rip somthing, bleed internally, dont realise and then pass out / die through blood loss or septicemia. Take a pew if I were you.
  23. I rehearse with as little gear as possible and have been known to stick the guitar in to the PA. I haven't yet managed to rehearse without a guitar, but all suggestions welcomed. Having said that, I gig with as little gear as possible also..! Depends on the size of the venue etc and again have been known to turn up with a guitar and lead...
  24. [quote name='Conan' timestamp='1425629034' post='2709122']I apologise for your baffledness, but to be fair the thread was for [i][b]my[/b][/i] benefit and it has certainly worked in that respect [/quote] No need to apologise I don’t think I ever will get it. Whilst I like having a nice sounding backline and want to “dial in that tone” whenever I can, I know it is not always possible. Cost, practicality, weight, the wife and life get in the way. Plus most of the gigs I play now are plug and play affairs so you end up playing with all sorts of sh*t or just straight in to the PA. I fear you are sucked in to a whirlwind of GAS and will come out the end of it significantly poorer but none the (tone) wiser. Finally, have you considered a different cab if it is mid tone shaping you are after?
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