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  1. That looks great! I'm in Guitar Guitar fairly regularly and am always drawn to the Sandbergs. The P/MM combo is fantastic and if I can ever persuade them to do a custom one in Shell Pink they'll have a sure fire order.
  2. Ah thanks so much for that Al! With the limited length of these strings I'll try through the bridge and see if it feels any different.
  3. Can't deny the quality of Yamaha products! A question - I have acquired a set of Copper White Nylon Tapewounds and they are just a smidgeon shorter than I would like when stringing throughbody on my BB425 - Do people find a massive difference in tone/volume/feel for throughbody compared with through the bridge? Thanks!
  4. I've got a set of Copper White Nylons on my Yamaha BB right now and I'm liking the smooth feel and the tone. Such an expensive experiment are bass strings.
  5. What a cool little bass! Seems to be a lot of people looking for shorter basses and this would be a great place to start
  6. Ach that's a shame mate! If you're looking for lightweight, check it the Sandberg Super light https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/330412-sandberg-sl-superlight-now-available-for-order-66lb
  7. Believe it's a Spector Coda, so yes it's probably very nice too! Considering they didn't have a large number, it was a good variety of basses rather than all Fender/Ibanez stuff.
  8. Think I've found the pickup config I like most. Either P or J but with a big ol Humbucker at the bridge. Just works for me

    1. TheGreek



    2. mcnach


      Yup, a big bridge humbucker is where it's at. Paired with a P, for me. 

  9. Also, Kennys also have a Mexican Stu Hamm sig for £349 if that is of any interest to anyone.
  10. Sunny day so took a wander round Glasgow and dipped into Kennys Music and they had this, which I instantly thought was a Warwick but is actually an SX. Very similar to my Tanglewood Bassmaster Funk in ripping off designs 😉 https://www.sx-guitar.com/index.php/Products/lists/pid/25/cid/34 Had to have a shot and was really impressed! Really flat neck which suits me and the variety of tones I got through the Ampeg combo I was using suited me down to the ground. Well worth the £300 IMO. My Yamaha BB425 might be in danger....
  11. Seems to be they have a bunch of stuff that is slightly reduced that sits on the page for a while then they update daily with the massively reduced stuff. Strange as the have B stock in with the normal stock so not sure what the difference between them is.
  12. 😮 That looks incredible! Best of luck to the new owner whoever that is!
  13. Fancy opening the raffle to Non-Attendees 😁 Very generous and hope you all have a great day!
  14. What a stunner! You've done well there! Regarding 4 to 5 transition it can come very quickly - try and get in the habit of playing around the 5th fret rather than using open strings. Bet you won't be able to put it down!
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