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  1. Erm....No. But I think you need more than 10 minutes through a headphone amp to (pretend) to understand that 😅
  2. Honestly they don't mind. I went in last year to do exactly that. Apart from London there is nowhere else in the UK that has the stock they have. I started out trying something I was genuinely interested in and then just started asking to play Ken Smiths and Foderas just to try and understand where that extra £4000 comes from in a bass.
  3. Updated with the weight: 4.61kg 11.48kg when in the case.
  4. Super clean at that speed. Also that Mustang has a lot of mojo about it. Digging that.
  5. Thanks chaps - will keep my eyes peeled in case something comes up!
  6. So I've got a Tanglwood Bassmaster Funk (Spector copy) and it's my got to jamming bass and I love the look and feel of it - my question is do the Euros come in a Satin/Matt finish or are they all high gloss? From reading I feel a used Euro would be the place to go rather than the Legend.
  7. Also, Happy 100 pages of fantastic BB knowledge and obsessing. Here's to the next 100 😁
  8. Unfortunately not, I'll see if I can bodge something together and upload it when I can. I was lucky enough to get a lightly used set on here for a bargain price otherwise I probably wouldn't have spent ~£50 on them. They feel super smooth and zero finger noise but still give a good brightness that you don't get from most flats. If you are a fan of heavier strings then you will probably get on with these. Edit: the reason I was looking for these was because I asked Bubby Lewis on Instagram which strings he uses and he recommended the White Nylons for the brightness.
  9. Regarding strings - I've got a set of LaBella White Nylon Copper Tapes (catchy, right?) and I'm enjoying the change. OK they are pretty heavy due to the nylon coating, but they feel great, not super floppy and sound reasonably bright, can even do a bit of slapping and popping if it takes your fancy. They look pretty fancy too
  10. I blame @AndyTravis and his lack of Yamaha GAS
  11. That was a really interesting read @Mastodon2 After reading all that I don't think I fully appreciated my quick noodle on a Smith at Bass Direct last year, when I'm down that way again I'll be sure to have a better look and see if I can 'get' it.
  12. So that's 2 Vinteras sold which were originally going to be Squier sales - Could this be sharp marketing from Fender 😅😂
  13. So the good weather had passed, but its payday (or close to it) so make me an offer!
  14. Both of those look great! When I eventually order a custom design it's probably going to be from Alpher but i don't think I'm anywhere near ready to narrow down a custom spec.
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