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  1. Lovely, but I thought the bullet truss rod necks were a bit later than this, about 75. Is the neck original. Crackin bass anyway
  2. That's a really good price for a bass of this quality. Love it, but as I already have one ............... Still tempted as I was when this came up last year. Can't see this hanging around very long. Just beautiful.
  3. heavens above. i couldnt possibly part with that.
  4. yeah thats really unuusual. lovely.
  5. jeez mark i dont know how you can bear to part with it. just lovely and a real bargain guys. chris
  6. rednose200


    Nicest Overwater I have ever seen. Fabulous bass.
  7. thanks everyone i will check these out. cheers.
  8. Cant say I blame you Mark. Its a lot of work. We are fine. She has bought me a crackin bass for Xmas mate. If you go to acguitar site its finished basses No 232. Not allowed to play it until xmas though. Hope all is good for you mate. Have a lovely Christmas.
  9. just bought another ACG and one of these has previousy been stripped, maybe by using a srewdriver. Its a black Hipshot A bass bridge. Does anybody know where I can get a replacement please. Thanks fellas
  10. a steal at that price. what is everybody waiting for. fabulous bass.glwwts
  11. Just to say the bass arrived today. My third ACG bass and equally as superb as my others. Another credit to Alan Cringean. I'd also like to thank Reggie for actually managing to get it to me having had to attend a funeral 100 miles away, and being pretty unwell and bed bound after I made the purchase. He obviously went the extra mile under these circumstances and I thank him very much. I highly recommend him to you all if he decides to sell any other gear. All best Reggie, and hope you are starting to feel a bit better. Chris ( rednose200 )
  12. Hey, looks like you got a deal my friend. Can you PM me as I have no idea how to do it about the details. Thanks. Chris
  13. What kind of case do you have for it please. Chris
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