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  1. thanks for the replies guys,looks like an SVT3PRO then :)

    what do you rekon to this one on the bay

    i'm a tad concerned about the modification its had.
    also what's it worth-i know whenever i've sold amps before i,ve struggled to get even half the price i paid new.so it seems it might be a bit dear to me.

  2. mid gig last saturday my GK 1001RB-11 decided to pack in (along with mucho burnt electrical odours :) ) which really pissed me off no end :huh: ,its only just 2 years old & has only done 20 gigs or so.(i use a combo for practice)
    so its in for repair, but as i no longer have much confidence in it i'm thinking of buying an Ampeg head.
    so my quandry is do i get an SVT3PRO or an SVT450H,as both seem to be a similar price.
    I'm after a nice classic tube amp sound but don't have enough dosh for a real one-bugger-
    none of my local shops have these in stock so i'll probably have to mail order it,any advice on which will give me the closest to a vintage tube sound ?

    BTW i'll be playing a MIA 62 reissue P bass & using my GK 115SBX-11 cab (8ohm)

    cheers Neil.

  3. [quote name='thisnameistaken' post='166892' date='Mar 31 2008, 03:24 PM']Is this the same one that's on eBay?

    I think £400 is a good price but I personally don't like the ash bodies. Shame because I like Warwicks, I'm looking for an unlined fretless and I'm just down the road from you in York.

    Hope you find a buyer soon.[/quote]
    aye thats the one,i know what you mean about ash bodies but it really does play & sound really good (or it would if i could play it).
    go on give it a try :)

  4. [quote name='214of500' post='162142' date='Mar 23 2008, 01:09 PM']Do you accept body parts? i dont need my legs to play bass! Unfortunately i cant offer money as i have none....but have a bump.

    p.s. would you accept bumps instead of cash?[/quote]

    totaly insane :)
    keep up the good work (& the medication :huh: )

  5. [quote name='martthebass' post='161622' date='Mar 22 2008, 12:38 AM']Cheers, and sure I'll regret it, but I'd like a nice black on black Jazz to go with the P and DJ5. Also if I go with a white pick guard it'll match the dog (also a Border Collie - can't beat 'em)[/quote]

    sounds sensible to me
    mmm i've got a black labrabour,does this mean i have to have him sprayed 3 tone sunburst to match my new precision.

  6. [quote name='lee4' post='161045' date='Mar 20 2008, 08:42 PM']Just been offered an MIM P.Any good?[/quote]

    check my post above yours mate,mine's an absolute beaut'
    it seriously kicked my mia jazz's arse at a gig last week
    so much so i've sold my jazz.
    one thing though try a few of 'em as quality varies quite a bit,
    but get a good one & you'll love it.

  7. [quote name='CHRISDABASS' post='158663' date='Mar 17 2008, 12:39 AM']bass wise i am officially complete!!! its over!!! its now time to enjoy what i have and stop lookin for something better!! im gonna try my hardest to not look in the for sale section again for a long time!! lol

    sorry if anyone was after the geddy

    fender jazz till i die!!! hahaha

    special thanks to artisan and jobiebass for helping me in my bass quest!!



    haha enjoy your new bass mate :)

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