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  1. i played a gig last friday & used my MIM P' for the first time live & it really cut through-the whole damn room was shaking.in fact i much prefered it to my MIA Jazz,which is my main bass.
    so i rekon its time my jazz was sold & a real nice P' took its place.

  2. :) ok here goes-i really love this bass but i.m gasing for a real nice P bass-
    it plays absoloutly lovley & sounds great
    its in mint condition & has a fender case

    its got to be worth £650.00
    i won't post it i'm afraid but i can meet you somewhere-A1 or M1 or York area.

  3. i bought this bass new in January but unfortunately i can't seem to find a place for it in my band (i.e. i can't get on with the fretless thing) so it's going to have to go.
    its fitted with thomastik jazz flats & has had a setup to suit.
    comes with the rockbag & all the usual Warwick gubbins.
    i'm wanting £300 ish for it --hey its only 3 months old :)

    sorry no trades.

  4. i wouldn't like to say (i.e. i don't know)
    but i would ask in here
    John's a top guy & i'm shure he'll tell you.

  5. [quote name='Born 2B Mild' post='150855' date='Mar 4 2008, 11:26 AM']How weird. I've just bought a used J-retro via BC last week, and I'm in Harrogate too!

    It has done wonders for my jazz fretless, and £120 is a fair price. Sadly, this pre-amp does not fit my aerodyne, otherwise I'd be a customer.[/quote]

    thanks m8
    how bizzare-just checked your profile-i'm a Harley rider too,an XL1200 Nightster to be exact.
    thats 3 B'C' members in Harrogate that i know of.
    i have to agree the J-retro is a fantastic bit of kit-i just fancy putting some stacked knobs (ala '62 reissue) & a pair of Wizard 84's in mine.

  6. i thinking of selling my J-Retro-as below

    (bass not included :huh: )
    yes it was a G.A.S. attack-but TBH i'm a blues player really so i don't need it-i think :)
    it's only 6 months old & cost me £175.00 so i'm wanting as much as possible back,
    £120.00 sounds fair to me-but i'm open to offers.
    i can arrange postage if needed as i still have the box,fitting instructions & packaging it came with.
    'tis a bargain 'tis ;)

  7. thanks for the info guys,having never used one before & being a bit skint,i've just bought a brand new beringer one off evilbay for £15.90 delivered.
    if i like the effect on my next couple of gigs (if it lasts that long) i'll buy a boss one & give this to my nephew.
    many thanks

  8. hi guys,i'm thinking of buying one of these here jobbies-i don't use any effects at all.
    so i was just wondering what you think of 'em
    how well does it work,is it worth the money or am i better trying something else.

  9. [quote name='Tee' post='144358' date='Feb 21 2008, 02:28 PM']A lot of people here seem to like US Fender-bashing, i imagine due to the price tag. Yes, Japanese Fenders are built superbly but in my experience having owned both Japanese and US basses, i have to say i am a US fan.[/quote]

    +1 fekin agree

  10. [quote name='paul, the' post='144053' date='Feb 20 2008, 11:33 PM']:) Not sure if you've bought one already, but I'd definitely go with a creamy/off-white/vintage white/eggshell colour.[/quote]

    oh thanks mate ;)

    actually the missus has spotted me checking out various plates & said "what the bloody hell are changing it for i like it with the white plate on & besides which you've only just bought it,why don't you spend some money on the house for a change"
    oh dear me ;)
    art's in trouble.again :huh: .

  11. [quote name='lwtait' post='142737' date='Feb 18 2008, 10:56 PM']i think it looks good as it is, dont bother changing it.

    EDIT: if you do change it, dont go for tort!

    EDIT 2: by the way, what colour is that? and is it a mex standard?[/quote]

    aye its a Mex standard £325 new from sound control & i got 12 months 0% finance too.
    i think the colour is electron blue-rather nice colour is i say so myself :)

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