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  1. I bought this off Beedster a few months ago but I need to raise some cash so it'll have to go.Having recently upgraded my main Jazz with a J retro & new s'plate I fitted the old scratch plate & S1 control plate onto this which is a vast improvement I reckon.ok pics time

    this is how it used to look

    It's had a pro' setup & infact all mods were carried out by the same pro'
    it will come with a gig bag & the origional scratchplate/controls.
    as for price i'll take £400 for it which has to be a bargain.

  2. [quote name='nash' post='38822' date='Jul 30 2007, 10:39 AM']i think they are similar. thats why i took them of for this pic[/quote]

    no they're really straight forward m8

  3. thanks guys glad you like it.
    we like to have a laugh especially during gigs & i agree music should be fun.

    Paul if you really want to torture your lug 'oles further P.M. me you address & i'll send you a c.d. we recorded it at Funtime studios in Harrogate,sadly no longer there :) , about 4 years ago.there are 12 tracks on it,mostly covers but some origional stuff too, we recorded & mixed it in 1 weekend for the sum of £150 + several cases of beer :huh:

    as for the song on the video its our cover of a song by the Hoax (who have now sadly disbanded)

    cheers Neil.

  4. 'ello there,this is just a little vid of me band mucking about in our practice room.its nowt serious just a laugh-to be honest i forgot we put it on you tube.

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