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  1. [quote name='martthebass' post='24577' date='Jun 28 2007, 06:24 PM']Very nice................any left at that price?[/quote]

    no sorry mate,this guy did have 2 but i bought the last one-lucky old me :)

  2. nice bass bass, pity the vocalist couldn't sing (sorry can't remember his name but man was he crap) Paolo Nutini thats his name,like i said he was really crap.
    the rest of the band were good thought.

  3. [quote name='Rayman' post='24415' date='Jun 28 2007, 01:43 PM']That's wicked, by far the best colour for those. The switches scare me off though, what do they all do?[/quote]

    dead easy really, top switch is for the active circuit i.e. on or off :)
    there are two wheel type adjusters for active treble & bass.
    at the bottom an on-off switch for each pickup & a series switch for the pickups ( S1 switch stylee )
    plus master volume & tone controls.

    the master tone control works when the bass is in active or passive mode -- cool eh?
    this bass really does sound very good,its in danger of becoming my no. 1 bass.

  4. it sounds absolutely effin ace,the sheer amount of tones available is incredible & bulid quality is extremely good too,& it plays like a dream.
    the only thing wrong with it is a little bit of laquer missing from the top edge of the neck near the nut (chipped off) but it came with a fender gig bag (its brand new btw) & i paid £480.00 for it.
    bloody bargain eh ?

  5. Kay plywood piece of cack
    Hondo pro 2 piece of cack
    Squire P bass one of the first ones-why oh why didn't i keep it
    Honer headless
    Honer headless fretless
    Aria of some type-only a cheapo
    Aria super bass 900- i think
    Music man Sabre -should have kept this too-a genuine late 70's with origional case if i remember correctly
    Fender MIM Jazz bass
    Fender MIM P bass
    Fender MIA Jazz bass-this had a larger top horn than a normal Jazz-anyone remember them-looked crap really
    Fenix Jazz bass copy
    Fender MIJ 60's Jazz bass in candy apple red-should have kept this too
    Squire silver series P bass
    Fender P bass special -the one with P & J pups & gold anodised plate
    Fender MIA '62 Jazz bass in lpb--dodgy neck & weak sound it had to go
    Cort A5 Artisan 5 string - too many strings
    Cort Josh Paul 5 string - see above
    Warwick Streamer LX 4 sting
    Warwick Corvette $$
    Musicman Stingray 3eq
    some dodgy luthier built fretless Jaco style Jazz bass
    Fender MIA S1 Jazz bass - 3tsb + maple board - simply the best bass i ever played *
    Squire vintage modified Jazz bass - the fretted one
    Fender MIJ P bass in coral pink -sorry about the colour *
    Fender Jaguar bass *

    could be a couple i've forgotten about.
    * = ones i have now

  6. have to agree with the jap thangy,i just bought a jap P bass off ebay (check out me avatar--sorry about the colour) & it only cost me £265.00 delivered.
    after strings & a much needed set up it plays really nice,sounds awesome too.
    mucho recommended.

  7. thanks guys

    i guess i should list me gear then.

    Fender USA Jazz bass 3tsb + maple fret board
    Fender Japan Precision coral pink(sorry about that)
    Squire V.M. Jazz bass (the fretted one)

    G.K. 1001RB-11
    G.K. 115SBX
    Ashdown perfect 10 mini rig

    i bought the Precision of ebay last night & should get me mits on it some time tomorrow,hopefully.
    its a 96,never seen one that colour though.

  8. i play in a blues band "The Growlers" (for 11 years) & i must confess when we first started i wasn't into blues at all,prefering Sabbath,Led Zep,Maiden etc but my brov' ,who's our lead guitarist,is SRV mad.So i listerned to a lot of Tommy's playing to get the feel of the blues mojo thing & i always thought he is a damn fine player,really driving the songs along.
    + because my brother thinks he's Yorkshire's answer to SRV we have to tune down a half tone which made jamming along with the CD's easier.

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