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  1. Gorgeous bass,congratulations matey.

    I too recently got a Rick from Karl & absolutely love it to bits.

    I really can't believe it's taken me 40 years of playing to discover that I am a Rick guy.


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  2. I genuinely had tears in my eyes when an American friend shared the news on Facebook last night.

    We've lost one of the world's best musicians,I am gutted to say the least.

    R.I.P. Neil Peart

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  3. I've been using one for a while now & am really liking it.

    It is actually very versatile & does way more than the Geddy Lee thing.

    I use mine to really fatten up my tone & add a little drive,this is now my to go "clean" tone.

    Over all I'm very pleased with this pedal.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Skinnyman said:

    That looks lovely - is that a pickup surround on the bridge pup?

    Nice sheen to the walnut - do you polish it?

    The pickup surround is from Rickysounds,very expensive for what it is but worth it I think,it finishes it off nicely.

    Lol no I have never polished it,it's definitely a matt finish,just the photo makes it look that way.

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  5. 11 minutes ago, Skinnyman said:

    I've had a regular 4003 for over ten years and love it - but this is so much lighter and the neck is gorgeous.

    All the others will be going now....

    This is my first ever Rickenbacker & I can't get over how much better it is than any of the many Fenders I've owned over the last four decades.

    My P bass is now just a backup bass.


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  6. 1 hour ago, Sharkfinger said:

    As an update to this, I've put on some GHS Pressurewounds.  

    Seem to fit the bill, as they are slightly higher tension, being a bit thicker. Cuts down on 'clank' without the action being really high. There were a bit too 'zingy' to begin with, along with quite a bit of finger noise, which is especially annoying in IEMs.  This is the thing other thing about rounds that was turning me off but it calmed down pretty quickly and now they seem to be giving me the tone of rounds without the above mentioned tonal annoyances and floppyness on a down-tuned bass.

    I was just about to recommend pressurewound strings,I have them on both of my basses & couldn't be happier with them.


  7. 3 hours ago, Chipps said:

    I had a different Mex vs Vintera experience (admittedly in Dawsons, Manchester, not Wunjo's - who've always been super friendly and 'Have a try'-y when I've been in there)

    I went in convinced that I wanted a punk-rock none-more-black Precision with MN (and planned to buy a black guard the instant I bought it) and tried the Mexican, then tried a (beige and then surf green!) Vintera and was completely sold on them. Despite the more vintage neck radius and frets etc, the neck just has a chunkier and 'warmer' feel to it. It's more how I expected a Precision to feel/sound. I surprised myself by walking out with the surf green Vintera and I've loved it ever since. Makes me smile every time I put it on and plug in... 

    I hear ya



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  8. 1 hour ago, lonestar said:

    Yes I think that and possibly a fret edge tidy would be my first actions

    how do yo think the new Mex v US pickups compare. Couldn’t tell in the shop.

    re Fender QC I remember buying my Mex Strat back in the ‘90s that I tried loads to get a good ‘un.

    I love the pickup in mine & have no plans to change it as it sounds really good,Fender claim to have revoiced the pickups in the vintera's,I think they actually have.

    I was never impressed with the early MIM Fender pickups at all,the newer ones are much better.

    I had an MIM 50's P a while ago & don't remember that sounding as good.

    As far as build quality on my bass I had a couple of minor issues I had to sort but the construction,including fret work is very good indeed & it is fairly lightweight too.

  9. I play in a black sabbath covers band & run my Darkglass MT900 into a Markbass NY122 & couldn't be happier,it sounds fantastic with my P bass thumping through it,it is very loud too.

    It's a very easy carry & I think it looks great now I've taken the tacky Markbass badge off.

    I much prefer it to the Barefaced Big Baby 2 which I used to have,that was far too boomy/bassy for me but the NY122 has a very nice tight low end which really works perfectly,I couldn't be happier with it.



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  10. 2 hours ago, Heathy said:

    Thanks for posting. This looks like it could be an option for my deluxe precision. Although this does bring with it the added complication of getting a customised pickguard. Any recommendations?

    Kiogon could make you a suitable loom to fill all of the holes,maybe VVTT ?

    I would think,drop him a line he is extremely helpful.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Marc S said:

    Yes, they are easy to fit - being solderless pre-assembled units.
    But Kiogon also uses top quality components, and he's a helpful sort too - always willing to answer questions, even if he's not actually selling you anything :)

    To the OP. I fitted one of his stack control wiring units to my Roadworn Jazz a little while back, and it's great - I like the added flexibility it gives over standard V V T
    Nice looking Jazz you have there BTW. Gotta love Block & bound necks, especially on a Jazz

    Thanks Marc 👍I love blocks too.

    It is a fantastic bass especially now with the crappy active stuff removed.

    I find the series/parallel switch very useful too when I feel the need for a P bass moment but can't be bothered to switch basses 😁


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  12. 11 hours ago, Misowaki said:

    Nice one, then that's what I'll look to do.  New passive controls, same pups, see how we go!  Only thing is the plugs... do Kiogon's solderless looms use the same plugs do you know?  I've got a soldered one on another bass and don't fancy cutting the plugs off the pup wires should it not work for me for whatever reason =S

    No you will have to cut the wires unfortunately,I was a little daunted about doing it at first but I'm so glad I did.

    There is no way I'd ever put the active system back into it now.


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  13. 20 hours ago, Misowaki said:

    So I have an Elite P and I only ever use the active switch as a kill switch but passive mode sounds pretty muddy to me.  Am thinking about changing everything out but did you find the same pups with the preamp removed sounded different to passive mode through the pre?  Am wondering if I can get around it all without spending loads by just going around the pre and using the same pups.


    Hi it definitely sounds a lot clearer with the new electronics installed & it's much more intuitive to find a sound I like.

    I like the sound of the N4 noiseless pickups.

    I recommend the series/parallel switch too.

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