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  1. We play classic Sabbath covers & I did get an awesome vintage growl just using a little of the B3K blended in,my jazz sounded awesome,I couldn't stop grinning.

    Love the amp to bits & I am enjoying playing with the controls too,I just wish it had a headphone socket.

  2. Lol 😁

    So I used this at Monday's rehearsal through a very well hammered old Ampeg SVT410HLF & it still sounded awesome.

    It's punchy as hell too although as I discovered if I blend too far towards full on distortion I loose all of the bottom end.

    I just need to use it more & get used to how everything works together to get the best from it,but so far I am very impressed with it,can't wait to hear it through some decent speakers.

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  3. Oh 'eck 😁

    I just need to move my Fender Bassman Neo 410 now.

    It is a fantastic cab but just a bit of a struggle for my knees,especially on stairs,whereas the VK's should be a doddle.

    I used to have a Big Baby 2 ,it was a brilliant cab but I fancy something different & those VK's look so damn sexy.


  4. 1 hour ago, Al Krow said:

    I've been very happy indeed with pairing a VK 210LNT with my DG M900; so would have no hesitation in agreeing that two VK 112MNTs would be a great choice.

    They look absolutely gorgeous too 😁

    I'm mighty impressed with the amplifier though & can't wait for tomorrow night's rehearsal,even in the house at very low volume it sounds fantastic,I'm so happy I bought it.

    I did try an EBS Reidmar 750 too but after playing the DG is sounded incredibly bland. I'm sure they are fantastic amplifiers too but just not after hearing the DG. Even the clean channel sounds so musical,who needs a valve amp 😁

  5. 41 minutes ago, Lozz196 said:

    The bassist in The Cockney Rejects uses one of these, he gets a great sound from it. I think a lot of people associate the Darkglass products with gain/metal sounds but having heard said CR bassists tone they`re capable of some quality tones as well as the gainy stuff.

    I agree Lozz,it has a very nice clean tone,so punchy & you can add as much of two overdrives as you want.

    Great for funk 👍

  6. Went to gear4music this morning to try this head out & I just can't get over how awesome it really is.

    It must be impossible to make it sound bad,it is the best head I have ever used & the two distortions are fantastic too.

    I had to sell my ctm100 due to having arthritis in my knees & was worried I would miss the "heft" but I am happy to report that this is one "heafty" mofo 😁

    Just need to move my 4x10 & get a pair of 1x12's now.


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  7. I'll definitely be buying a crown XLS amplifier then,

    Do I really need the power of the XLS1502 ?

    Or will an XLS1002 suffice?

    It will always be in bridge mode


    Initially I'll be running through my Fender 4x10 cab but will soon switch to a BB2 or similar,eventually I aim to have 2 BB2's.


  8. I'm seriously thinking of joining mainly to learn some theory.

    I'm totally self taught & have been playing 39 years now,can play pretty much anything I put my mind to but when it comes to writing bass lines or fills or even a solo I struggle to play anything new/interesting.

    Frankly I'm pretty bored with my own playing,the same old licks time after time,it feels like I hit a wall years ago.

    I do get regular compliments on my bass playing at gigs etc' but I feel frustrated with myself so maybe it's time for some decent tuition.

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  9. 9 hours ago, Skybone said:

    What you could do, is buy a relatively cheap, Class D amp head with an effects loop, and plug the Ged2112 into the return, bypassing the map's pre-amp.

    Or sell your rig & buy something like a Fender Rumble 500 combo (17kg total weight), and plug the SansAmp into the effects loop return on that.

    I have considered exactly this 👍

    But I decided that if I'm going to do it I may as well get a killer rig that is suitable for any venue.

    Eventually I will probably run this through 2 Big Baby 2 cabs,which I'm sure will sound absolutely epic.

    Thank you for the suggestion though,it is still a possibility.

  10. £350 collected

    Just spotted my next cab so price dropped big time - collection only.

    This is a silly price for a cracking 4x10

    I won't sell it any cheaper so please don't ask 😁

    Was £759 New so this is just like brand new & less than half the price.

    Fender Bassman Neo 410 in totally immaculate condition 

    Eminence USA speakers

    Removable casters

    Sounds immense with either modern amps or all valve amps,rich & punchy with a very musical adjustable horn.

    1 year old & only left the house 8 times for gigs so it is in extremely good nick with no damage.

    Comes with a Roqsolid cover,also in mint condition.

    Collection only

    I'm based in Harrogate 











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  11. *now sold through Facebook 


    Ashdown CTM100 valve amp' in absolutely immaculate condition,complete with Roqsolid cover & owners manual.

    100 watts of all valve power & it is very very loud,(100 watts of valve power is silly loud when cranked up).

    I play in a classic rock band with a loud guitarist & a mental drummer with no issue whatsoever,even on a fairly big festival stage.

    It sounds fantastic,with tons of creamy tone or a beautiful valve break up overdrive if that's your thing. (it's definitely mine)

    This amp has had the eq mod' to bass,mid & treble  found below,which works a treat giving the eq a much greater range of adjustment which makes it a truly versatile amp.(stock these can be a bit muddy sounding but not this one :) )

    Price is fixed & a total bargain for one of these lovely amp's

    Collection from Harrogate only,it's worth the drive as I think this is a silly cheap price.

    I'm only selling as the arthritis in my poor old knees is crying out for a lighter rig,(not that this is particularly heavy).

    Not looking for trades as I already know what I'm replacing this with.

    Ashdown's info' https://ashdownmusic.com/products/copy-of-ctm-300-head

    Payment bank transfer or cash on collection please.

    Thank you.

    Fender Bassman Neo 410 also for trade -





  12. 16 minutes ago, NancyJohnson said:

    Ultimately, on the poweramp side, just do your diligence and read up as much as you can.  Everyone will have differing opinions.

    Personally, I liked the Matrix because, claimed output wattage aside, it was lightweight (9lbs), it fitted into a short Gator rack and looked aesthetically pleasing.  It's been a fantastic piece of kit (until now!), run for thousands of hours, so probably something has just worn out.

    Thank you for advice/help & information,I'll have a look at matrix amps as I'd not heard of them before.

    Much as I like my current rig(CTM100 & Bassman410) I have arthritis in my knees,severe in my right knee,so a lighter weight rig would be great but I won't compromise on tone.

    I always loved Geddy's tone so think this will be a brilliant rig for me,I may look to change my cab for a couple of 112's as well to make carrying so much easier.


  13. I'm thinking of totally changing my rig & would like a little advice from you guys who know far more about these than my crusty old brain ever will.

    I'm wanting a Tech-21 Sansamp GED2112,so will need a power amp suitable the pump this into my Fender Bassman Neo 410 (500w).

    The choice seems endless & I have no idea where to start  so I seek advice of greater brains.

    I will be doing the internal jumper mod on the GED so give a combined mono output btw.

    Thanks in advance.

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