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  1. Just bought a loom for my vintera P bass from John which arrived quickly & was very easy to install.

    My P bass sounds so much better now,much more so than I actually thought it would,I couldn't be happier.

    John is a top bloke to deal with & very happy to offer advice.



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  2. I sold my fender bassman neo 410 & replaced it with a Markbass NY212 which is a far superior cab,can take 800 watts,is compact,sounds big plus it's light weight too.

    My band were amazed how good it is,plus it's not boomy like the Barefaced BB2 I used to own.

  3. 6 minutes ago, J66Bass said:

    Hello I definitely can of P bass player perhaps a jazz active is not for you I personally not really into active bass ,decisions time,have ever try a standard Jazz , I have a custom 64 amazing bass they are , I think there s someone who is selling one on basschat,good luck 

    Thank you.

    I have had several passive jazz basses over the years but I am loving the warm punch of my P bass much more.

  4. So I've had this bass for a few weeks now & over all am very happy with it.

    Build quality,in general,is very good,plays & sounds very good indeed however there have been a couple of issues.

    No 1 - the jack socket was very iffy from new which meant the pick guard had to come partially off on day one so I could bend the contacts in a little so it would actually make reliable contact with the lead,which also means said lead doesn't fall out of the socket now.

    No 2 - I had to take out the treble side of the pickup as the foam padding in the cavity was too small to support the pickup correctly making proper adjustment impossible,now fixed with a new piece of suitable foam.


    So only minor niggles but simple ones that shouldn't be there on an £800 instrument,good old Fender build quality strikes again.

    Don't let this put you off buying one though as it is a very nice P bass & will most likley be my main gigging bass.

  5. * ok this is now back up for sale - please note I have now fitted a KiOgon passive loom to the bass which I think is a massive improvement over the stock active system,I do of course have said active system but it will need someone with suitable knowledge to re fit it if required*

    see thread 


    Although I love the bass to bits I find I much prefer my P bass so this will hardly ever see the light of day.

    I much prefer gloss lacquered chunky P bass necks & vintage frets so an American Original P bass or something of it's like would be of interest to me.

    I bought this new from PMT Leeds last September.
    I have done quite a few gigs with it but it has no damage or marks so is in excellent condition.
    It looks amazing,plays amazing & sounds amazing too.
    Comes with it's original hard case complete with all the goodies.
    Collection only or I can possibly meet somewhere.
    Price is firm so no lower offers please.
    Cash or bank transfer only please,definitely no PayPal.

    I will update my photos when I get chance.






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  6. 12 hours ago, tobiewharton said:

    I just picked up a Vintera P yesterday and it's considerably better than the Classic 50s P that I owned for a while. Everything about the build is better and, in my (dubious) opinion, the seafoam green and gold pg combo is disgustingly delicious. 

    Nothing new about it per se, but it's an improved take on a decent instrument in the 50s P. I needed a P and more than happy with the quality for the price. 

    I really like mine too 👍


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  7. 10 hours ago, bassmayhem said:

    It sure looks nice!
    I had a 50's Classic many years ago, and found that bas really stiff and "unfriendly". It had very "stifling and sluggish" tuning machines. How does this one work? I believe they are sold without chrome covers; if so: good! Playing with the covers on is like driving a car in the garage... :) :) :) 
    Nice bass!!!

    So far I can't fault anything about it.

    Build quality is excellent,all the hardware seems to be of good quality ,ncluding the tuners,it plays beautifully (I love gloss lacquered necks) & sounds absolutely fantastic.

    I too had a MIM classic 50's P bass a few years ago which was a nice bass but the Vintera seems to be a better made instrument,I highly recommend it.

    I couldn't be happier. (Until I get an American Original P bass)

  8. Just got one of these from gear4music on Saturday,£236 on my vip account 😁

    Used it on Saturday night & am very impressed indeed.

    I play classic rock so always have overdrive on my bass,previous I used the drive on my MT900 head but was never over happy with the sound,but with the YYZ I dialed on a glorious tone that really thundered through.

    When coupled to my Darkglass AOU it proper kicked donkey 😁

    Even the drummer commented on it 😲


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  9. First gig done on Saturday night in Doncaster & after a slight bit of apprehension after playing Jazz basses for yonks it was fantastic.

    So nice to play & the sound wow,it just really filled out the band's sound so much better,really meaty bass helped along my various overdrives,killer rock bass sound.

    I may just convert to P basses & ditch the J's.


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  10. 1 hour ago, Savethedaves said:

    Gaaah, that's so nice! Was waiting for someone to put a 'real life' picture up. I'm just not sure if I'll get on with the 50's neck...hmmm.

    I usually play a Jazz bass but find this very comfortable indeed.

    I'm sure it's not as chuncky as the 50's classic I used to own

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  11. 1 minute ago, Cat Burrito said:

    Best colour scheme Fender have done in ages! I've been looking at these but sadly funds won't permit (at the moment). I wondered who on here would be first to take the plunge! :sun_bespectacled:

    I've got a rather nice PPI payout from my bank so just had to treat myself.

    The problem I had was just bringing one bass home as I almost brought a Gibson Les Paul junior bass home too 😁

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