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  1. 11 hours ago, peteb said:

    That's great - there seems to be plenty of Magnum fans out there (more than I imagined anyway). We be out gigging with a full set from June, with the first support gig on 30 March in Rotherham. I think that we will (hopefully) get around a bit, but mainly playing in the north of England and the midlands. 

    If you want to keep track of us, the band is called 'A Storyteller's Night' and the website can be found at on https://www.storytellers-night.co.uk/ and of course you can find us on Facebook as well. There are a few clips from the (very) early rehearsals on the Facebook page.  

    Excellent hopefully I'll get to see you later in the year or who knows we may even meet at a festival or some such as I play in a black Sabbath covers band ( www.jacksabbath.co.uk )

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  2. On 22/01/2019 at 21:37, peteb said:

    I’ve just joined a Magnum tribute band, which hasn’t done a gig yet but still getting a load of interest. Great players with an excellent singer and a keys player who has a bit of history with the original band (played / wrote on the singer’s first solo album), so all pretty exciting and can’t wait to start gigging. The main issue we’ve had so far seems to be to ensure that we avoid copyright issues with the merch / website, etc. We have had a few messages of support passed on from the main band (as well as advice on copyright), which is really good of them. It is a bit of a strange one for me as it was never a band that I really listened to and a bit of a bizarre thing to get a text message out of the blue asking me to join.

    I have a couple of friends who were in a Foo Fighters tribute that did make decent money and years ago I was asked to join a U2 band that did really well, but I doubt that Magnum is a tribute that will make big money – it is probably a bit too much of a niche band for that – but still seems to have enough fans out there to be viable. Hopefully it will help to raise my profile again as well as get to play decent size gigs, so who knows where it might lead to? So far, it’s all good…

    I absolutely love Magnum

    Would love to see you guys sometime 

  3. 1 hour ago, PJ-Bassist said:

    I also treated myself to Hyper Luminal for Christmas.

    I'm running similar settings though currently have the FET mode selected.  I need to play with the other two compressor models.

    I'm still experimenting with it but so far I like BUS & FET modes,I find the SYM mode a bit too dark for me.

    I am loving the pedal though,very happy both of my purchases 

  4. 25 minutes ago, No. 8 Wire said:

    Can't argue with experience - maybe they should be tuned B-D 😀

    I remember when I was looking at this problem a few years ago now, mostly there were just the usual hardcore fans denying this problem existed.  Even the EBMM site was full of posts saying this was a myth (inc Mr B as I recall) and even getting abusive to anyone who asked for some help with the problem.  Lo and behold I noticed a year or later they changed their official setup guide from about 1mm height difference on each side of the pickup to drop the E to the pickguard!  Only took 30 years to admit the problem.

    This youtube channel explains a fix I've have heard of a lot. Haven't needed to change the pole piece heights on mine, but its worth considering.  I guess if it just gets lost in the mix, this isn't going to fix it, but that's never been an issue for me.


    I did adjust the height of the pole pieces on my classic but even that made no difference unfortunately,it was a black with birds eye maple neck,absolutely gorgeous but the weak G meant it  had to go.

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  5. 1 hour ago, No. 8 Wire said:

    I did have a weak G, not really weak but enough to bug me, I used to notice it especially in the intro to californication for v some reason.  I don't think anyone else ever noticed.  However EBMM changed their setup guide a while ago, so now you drop the E side to the pickguard and leave the G side close. Now it's fine but I don't like looking at the angle on the pickup!

    I tried that with all of mine but to no avail unfortunately.

    My classic was a beautiful instrument but the G string was inaudible when played in a full band setting which drove me nuts,my band mates noticed it too.

    Don't have this problem with any other bass.

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  6. 10 hours ago, drTStingray said:

    Are you saying you walked out into the audience and heard this effect or are you relying on the sound on the stage 2 or 3 ft in front of your amp and speakers? If the latter, that's a common issue with bass guitars generally and particularly in a loud stage mix.

    I would very much doubt it was lost in the front of house mix. 

    I've owned 3 stingrays over the years (a 2 band,a 3 band & a classic ) & all of them had a weak G string which no amount of eq or setup work could fix,including a Nordstrand pickup.

    I never ever had that problem with any other bass I've owned in the last 40 years,it's no myth the 4 string single pickup stingrays do have a weak G string issue.


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  7. Thanks guys,food for thought.

    While browsing I came across the Tascam US-1x2 interface which looks pretty good,any opinion on these.

    The only think putting me off a practice amp the the extra clutter,we have a small house so room is a consideration,although I guess a Fender Rumble is fairly small.

  8. I told the shop I wanted to be able to plug into my pc so I can play along with online bass lessons & jam with any music on my pc.

    I'm not at all bothered about recording or using it with my mobile.

    They sold me this ☹

    I just had an email back from Banblab confirming that it doesn't work with pc,so I'll take it back for a refund.

    Maybe I should just buy a practice amp lol 

  9. 3 hours ago, bazzbass said:

    analogue interface? via your mic input on the pc?


    hope you didn't pay much for it. Why not a USB interface?


    I cannot think why anyone would want such a device instead of a USB soundcard

    It's what the shop sold me,I know nothing about such things.

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