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  1. Just got back home from P.M.T. Leeds with my new US Elite Jazz & I am so pleased with it,I can't stop grinning.

    It was a tough call between the black & the natural Ash bass,took me over an hour to make my mind up,but I made the right choice - I think.

    It's my 50th birthday bass but just over a year late 😁



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  2. Gigged my CTM100 through my fender bassman neo 410 on a pretty big outdoor stage this afternoon.

    Input gain at 10 o'clock & master at 3 o'clock & it was bloody loud on stage, awesome trouser flapping  sound too,you'll never get that from a class D.

    Plus the valves react to how you play beautifully.


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  3. 20 minutes ago, walshy said:

    I’ve committed to buy so incoming!!!!

    If it's the CTM you've bought then good on you,I'm sure you will love it once you get used to it.

    Any questions just ask 👍

  4. I've not used an ABM before so couldn't give you a comparison but it is the best sounding amp I have ever used,warm,punchy & very loud.

    The bass,mid & treble controls don't do a lot but Ashdown sent me 3 new pots of different frequencies  which have made the eq much more useable,a mod I would recommend.

    For £500 it's a total steal,they are brilliant amps.

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  5. £50 cash on collection 

    £55 posted to the U.K.

    In excellent condition,complete with it's box & power supply.

    Works brilliantly on guitar & pretty well on bass,I have used it 1.5 steps down & it performs reasonably well.

    Located in Harrogate.



  6. 26 minutes ago, wateroftyne said:

    I can’t remember the specifics, but there’s an audio clip on Youtube of a Rush gig where one of ‘em does a flub, and for a few seconds it collapses into a proper tuneless cacophony.

    just listen to that section on repeat.

    Definitely jazz then 😁

  7. On 08/08/2018 at 19:45, Bilbo said:

    To paraphrase someone else on here.... Impressive and Pointless

    Why is it pointless?

    I don't get comments like yours,it would seem that anything that isn't jazz is pointless to some people.

    Surely you play jazz classics,so that must be pointless too.

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  8. I always have the mid shift pressed too 😁

    The new pots make a massive difference & are definitely worth changing.

    I run mine through a fender bassman neo 410 & found in some rooms I had far too much bottom end with no means of reducing it.

    Now I have plenty of adjustment on tap to remove the boomyness,so I'm much happier with my amplifier.


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