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  1. 32 minutes ago, doomed said:

    True, I could jump into every Hartke thread and shout loudly about how the Kilo ( their flagship amp) I recieved the day after they launched here, crapped out after less than 8hrs use, and the following 3 months of smoke and mirrors and utter horses**t from Korg UK  (their distributor at the time) but I let it go, it was resolved in the end, I wouldn't pass water on Hartke if they were on fire again but I know plenty here swear by them and good luck to them all.

    +1 me too,Hartke didn't give a damn when my new Kilo died,they didn't ever return any of my emails.

    I got my CTM100 second hand from here & when i phoned Ashdown (twice) for a little advice they couldn't have been more pleasant/helpful to me so they get a big thumbs up from me.


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  2. On 26/12/2017 at 09:22, Merton said:

    I think you’ll find yourself in heaven :)

    1st gig with this rig tonight & heaven was indeed achieved,what a cracking combination,I love it.

    I had a singer from another band in the audience complimenting my playing & my tone too, top night.

    Best bass cab I've had I reckon,it blows my now departed BB2 away imo.

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  3. Typical of my luck 😁

    We had a rehersal on Tuesday night so I was really looking forward to trying out my new cab.

    The wife was out in her car so I had to use my old Mercedes 2 door coupe,but the cab won't fit in the boot & there's no chance I'm putting it on my lovely leather seats so I had to use the cab at the studio 😣

    So the very first time I hear my rig will be at Saturdays gig in Bradford - bring it on

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  4. 13 hours ago, Merton said:

    Looks like a cracking set up! I can see why you didn’t like the BB2 with the CTM, I suspect the “best” BF cab for it would be a Four10. Great amps and I wish I still had mine!

    Thanks Merton 

    I thought about a BF410 but it was just over my maximum budget.

    I've not heard the CTM through it yet but I can't wait,it's such a sweet amp I think it will really sing through this cab 

  5. I went to Gear4music yesterday to try out some speaker cabs to go with my CTM100 valve amp as my (Now departed) BB2 didn't provide quite what I was looking for with this amp.

    First I tried a b-stock Laney Nexus N410 which I quite liked,good tone & quite punchy but I hated the honky horn.

    I wanted to try a TC Electronics K410 but sadly it was out of stock.

    Then I tried the Fender bassman neo 410 & a had wow moment,it made the Laney sound like a toy.

    What an amazing speaker cab,bass aplenty with loads of punch & the tweeter is so sweet with no harsh honkiness at all,I really loved it immediately,it jusy had to come home with me.

    Now I'm itching for the new year so I can hear it in a band setting & I'm certain it'll be awesome.


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  6. I have one of these but live too far away for you to try it,however I can confirm these are awesome amps.

    I will never go back to a class D unit now this thing has way way more ooomph than my MB800 FUSION ever had & is plenty loud enough to compete with our insane drummer.

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  7. that's my plan :D

    the Fender rumble 410 seems to get lots of praise so will check that out,i want a nice vintage sound without the weight as i have arthritis on my old knees (yes i just got my 1st ever valve amp - silly old git :crazy:)

    my BB2 is a wonderful cab but a modern sounding cab & it's also not wide enough to sit my CTM100 on

  8. Now sold,thank you for all of the interest in this.

    Bought new my brand new me a few months ago for £340 & now not really played much.

    I need to raise funds for a new purchase so this is priced to sell,no trades please. (grap yourself a christmas bargain)

    In excellent condition,no damage or scratches.

    Plays very well & sounds great

    Cash on collection please.


  9. Temporary price drop - this week only £500  collected 

    If it doesn't sell this week it'll be back up to my listed price.

    For sale or possible trade for a 4X10 cab'.

    Roqsolid cover included.

    excellent condition,perfect working order & sounds mega.

    there is a slight scuff on the speaker grille (that's what it's there for ) which is just a bit of paint missing - no dents or scrapes in the metal.

    I bought this when I was gigging upright bass for a rockabilly band & it has performed flawlessly,now I am back on rock bass guitar duties I find myself wanting a more "classic sounding" cab,so it's time to move this on.

    sorry but as I don't have the box & packaging for this I can't post it - not that I'd trust a courier company with it anyway - so it will have to be collection or a meet somewhere near Harrogate.






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  10. 57 minutes ago, Delberthot said:

    My two favourite 4x10" have been an Ashdown Mag and a Laney NX410. They both go loud and dirty :crazy:

    I've looked at the Nx410 online and it looks pretty good,nice & light too 

  11. 21 minutes ago, Conan said:

    A second-hand Barefaced 410? I've certainly seen at least on in the marketplace... Whether it would come in on budget or not though? 


    Is it the cab that is limiting your volume or the amp itself? Is it only 100 watts?


    My 100watt valve amp is just as loud as my,now departed  GK MB800 FUSION.


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