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  1. Temporary price drop - this week only £500  collected 

    If it doesn't sell this week it'll be back up to my listed price.

    For sale or possible trade for a 4X10 cab'.

    Roqsolid cover included.

    excellent condition,perfect working order & sounds mega.

    there is a slight scuff on the speaker grille (that's what it's there for ) which is just a bit of paint missing - no dents or scrapes in the metal.

    I bought this when I was gigging upright bass for a rockabilly band & it has performed flawlessly,now I am back on rock bass guitar duties I find myself wanting a more "classic sounding" cab,so it's time to move this on.

    sorry but as I don't have the box & packaging for this I can't post it - not that I'd trust a courier company with it anyway - so it will have to be collection or a meet somewhere near Harrogate.






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  2. 57 minutes ago, Delberthot said:

    My two favourite 4x10" have been an Ashdown Mag and a Laney NX410. They both go loud and dirty :crazy:

    I've looked at the Nx410 online and it looks pretty good,nice & light too 

  3. 21 minutes ago, Conan said:

    A second-hand Barefaced 410? I've certainly seen at least on in the marketplace... Whether it would come in on budget or not though? 


    Is it the cab that is limiting your volume or the amp itself? Is it only 100 watts?


    My 100watt valve amp is just as loud as my,now departed  GK MB800 FUSION.


  4. I'm currently running an Ashdown CTM100 head through my Barefaced Big Baby 2 & have to say I'm pretty pleased with the result.

    However I'm looking for a bit more volume plus a nice warm vintage tone.

    The Barefaced 410 is the obvious choice but they're rather pricey so I'm looking around for a suitable cab that will give me a great sound without weighing a ton & also not too massive.

    Budget up to £600 

    Any recommendations 


  5. I much prefer a jazz neck as they fit my hands better than a Precision neck.
    I use my G&L jazz bass in my Sabbath tribute band & it sounds mega,very early Geezer kind of tone,I actually manage to get a pretty convincing P bass sound from it too.
    I have to say that the US G&L jazz bass packs way more punch than any Fender jazz's I've ever owned,and I've had rather a lot of them over the years.
    I am currently gasing for a G&L LB100 (P bass) with the same neck as my jazz (#8 neck)

  6. I live no where near you but I've just got one of these through a trade on here & just love it.
    Monday was my first full rehersal with it &,as I play in a black sabbath tribute band,I was worried it might not be loud enough, but it just laughed at our loud drummers attempts to drown me out 😁
    It sounds amazing & makes class D (including my old GK MB800 Fusion) sound very weak by comparison,heft I believe is the word.
    I highly recommend it plus at 19kg it's not overly heavy either.

  7. I traded my class D amplifier for an Ashdown CTM 100 all tube amp' this afternoon.
    I recently bought an EMS Multicomp which worked wonders with my "old" amp & I am wondering if I should use it with my all tube amp'.
    With the class D I had the pedal set on tube sim & cranked up the comp/limit fairly high,but with the tube amp' I feel I won't need to use it so much if at all,however since it's a recent purchase I'd still like to use it.
    I was thinking of using it in dual band mode & set the comp/limit pretty low,maybe a third of the way up or so.
    what you you do ?

    btw this is my first tube/valve amplifier & I have yet to even switch it on,in fact I have never even played through a tube amp' before.

  8. [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1507297689' post='3384610']
    I think it's a special Geezer Butler signature head :)
    You'd be correct there 😁
    I happen to phone Ashdown in the week & they hinted it after I'd mentioned Geezer

  9. [quote name='dmccombe7' timestamp='1506427697' post='3378624']

    And i thought i was the only one that had pathetic customer service from Hartke. My Kilo didn't work at al and returned it to Thomann but had to pay the return post and the exchange costs from Europe. Hartke did not even respond to various requests thru their website and even tried direct to the man himself and nothing there either. Totally against Hartke because of that and wouldn't touch them again.

    Hartke has been my worst experience of any amp.

    Snap exactly the same here.
    Hartke Kilo = the worst pos I have ever had the misfortune to own.
    For me Hartke don't exist & Larry Hartke along with them.

    The best amp I've had so far is my current GK MB800 Fusion through my Barefaced Big Baby 2.

    Currently GASing for an all valve head,Ampeg or Laney.

  10. Sounds very good indeed,enjoy.

    I had a very similar experience when I quit my old rockabilly band & was actually planning on packing in all together as I'd totally lost interest in playing.
    Then out of the blue I got a call from an old friend asking if I'd like to join his black sabbath tribute band!
    My dream gig & I absolutely love it,never thought I'd be lucky enough to actually play what I really wanted too.
    Best of luck with it to you.

  11. [quote name='timmo' timestamp='1505542950' post='3372651']
    Do you particularly like Gear 4 You? I wouldn't have bothered phoning and gone straight to a competitor
    yes i find them quite handy as they are close to where i live so it's easy to nip in & try something out,(they have a 30day money back guarantee policy too) which i did on saturday morning to find i really didn't get on with the Fuzzmo at all,ended up buying an Ampeg Scrambler overdrive instead,which is mega.
    the staff in the showroom are very helpful to the point where they said that they would match the competitors price if i decided to buy the Fuzzmo pedal.

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