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  1. On 08/08/2018 at 19:45, Bilbo said:

    To paraphrase someone else on here.... Impressive and Pointless

    Why is it pointless?

    I don't get comments like yours,it would seem that anything that isn't jazz is pointless to some people.

    Surely you play jazz classics,so that must be pointless too.

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  2. I always have the mid shift pressed too 😁

    The new pots make a massive difference & are definitely worth changing.

    I run mine through a fender bassman neo 410 & found in some rooms I had far too much bottom end with no means of reducing it.

    Now I have plenty of adjustment on tap to remove the boomyness,so I'm much happier with my amplifier.


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  3. 1 hour ago, nash said:


    It is genuinely awesome. It sounds better imo than the Ampeg CL I had for a short while. Plus there’s the overdrive on it. So now my DG Alpha Omega is kept for proper hi gain parts. 


    While I love my CTM100 I'd happily swap it for a super bassman,plus it'd look awesome sat on my bassman neo 410 

  4. 14 minutes ago, Lozz196 said:

    That`s pretty much it for me, in fact I`ve decided to keep both my MIMs and use those as my gigging basses, keeping just the one US Standard for home use and recording.

    I'm thinking of putting a set of quarter pounders in my Mex & using that for gigs at the more "lively" venues we play at as I do worry about my lovely G&L JB getting nicked or damaged.


  5. I bought a new MIM Jazz bass yesterday & its a great instrument,it badly needed a setup but once done it plays very nicely indeed.

    I played it back to back against an American standard Jazz & although the US one was definitely better the Mex isn't far behind it.

  6. 6 minutes ago, scalpy said:

    A ‘I recommend my bass’ post, but I played a £3500 CS fender in Mansons, Exeter the other day and my LB100 knocked it into a cocked hat. The fender felt cumbersome and overweight whilst the G&L has that sound but is much more comfortable. 


    I don't have an LB100 actually but I'd happily sell a kidney to buy one 😁

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