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  1. Cheers Steve - could do with an amp tec here in the West Country, a little nearer home. Thanks again for the reply.

  2. Had a TE - AH250 head into an Ampeg 8x10 thru which I put a Fender Jazz 1974 and a Wal Pro 2E. Played this rig for over 15 years - at Home and in Spain. Awesome sound. Wanted to down-size a little but needed to keep the TE sound, and more, if possible. Not many amps or combos' would be able to do that but I have found one. Bought s/h off the 'Chat' a TC Electronic 2x10 500 watt combo, and i'll tell you, you can replicate any amp or combo sound possible. Yes it's a little heavy and bulky, put some wheels on, and its worth the effort. I think every one should try this combo. A little old now, but as every one's saying, the old heavy gear is coming back - just like flares took over from drainpipe trousers and now it's all skinny again. Colin Bass from Camel is a Trace' man but have seen him on stage with a TC 2x10 combo. Say's it all, really!
  3. Well Dean, I am so pleased with the combo I bought from you a couple of weeks ago. I have really got into the different sounds you can dial in to this amp. Having been used to TE for most of my life, I can get the same sound as I used to get from the good old AH250 I used in the past - and more! So pleased to have met yourself and your wife on pick-up day. Had a lovely drive to see you and a trouble free journey back home to Somerset. Many thanks again for a great item and a trouble free deal. Cheers, Pete
  4. Just taken delivery from Dean of his TC BG 500 2x10 combo. What a lovely man he is (and his wife is lovely too) to deal with! Had a lovely drive up from Somerset - (round trip of just over 200 miles) but i'll tell you what, that Combo was well worth it. Great sound and fantastic condition. This will make my guitarist turn round on stage. WELL..................! I thank you again, Dean, for making an old man very happy. and maybe we might be able to do business together in the future.
  5. Does any body know of an amp repairer in the Yeovil - Sherborne - Shaftsbury - Wincanton (Somerset - Dorset) area who does a good job at a reasonable price? Cheers Pete
  6. Hi.....For travelling purposes, can you give me your post code (first 3 digits are fine)? Pete
  7. Can you tell me what is the oHms on this cab? Pete
  8. [i][u][sup][size=6]Still gota show a price, though![/size][/sup][/u][/i]
  9. [indent=1][size=5][i]Hi.........Where in Somerset are you? Pete[/i][/size][/indent]
  10. [b]Hi........Did you sell this set-up - i'm looking for a 15" cab. Pete[/b]
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