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  1. Looking for someone who could make a small run (probably 12 at most) of approx. 6"x1.5" single sided PCBs without costing the earth. Any recommendations? Local to Bristol/Wiltshire would be nice, but not mandatory.

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    2. Passinwind



      Free shipping world wide. I've used them dozens of times very happily. Not the cheapest, but great quality and no language barriers, hidden costs, etc.

    3. bartelby


      85A9C659-33D3-447A-88E7-76CC87F4B82F.thumb.jpeg.8f054a9914cd2d208cc0b2f09850d2e3.jpegI recently used http://pcbway.com to make some micro usb breakout boards. 20 boards cost $21 inc shipping, as there was a $5 voucher for your first order. Would have been quick, but I missed the Chinese New Year deadline. I'm going to order some more pcbs from them soon as my design has evolved.

    4. Rich


      Thanks guys :) excellent tips

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