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  1. I'm in a band where we've just had a 'messy divorce' out go two guitarists and in comes a new one, so we've had to practice twice a week to help the guitarist up to speed. That coupled with the decision to drop half the set and add a whole bunch of new songs. Once we're up and running and gigging the rehearsals will drop to a more sedate pace, once every couple of weeks to tryout new material. Weirdly this has meant the band is leaner and tighter than it ever has been, but that is down to structured rehearsals, we've had a plan ahead of the rehearsal time, apart from the first - for that we went in with a handful of songs given to the new guy tried them out a couple of times then jammed out some of the new song ideas once he was comfortable with things. Dropping from two guitarists down to just one has meant I've had to up my game again... Such is life though
  2. I'm another Line 6 G30 user here, I've only had it for a couple of months have gigged and used it for rehearsals it without any issue, I was able to speak to the sound guy at the desk when there were sound issues (not related to the wireless.) Battery life is good.
  3. Had a gig at the No.1 in Cleethorpes on Saturday night, great crowd & great night. My band play a mix of covers with some original material thrown in, it's nice to see the crown dancing to the originals. Was playing the Squier VM that I bought of Pentode on here for the whole gig, what a great bass that is, I need to find out what make/gauge strings are on it, I think I'm a convert to flatwounds on a fretted bass. It was also the first outing at a gig for the Line 6 wireless set up, so I had to play in the crowd for a couple of songs (see the picture!!!)
  4. Top guy to deal with, I've just bought a Squier VM Jazz bass from Pentode/Grahame, it's as described, in stunning condition very well cared for. Delivery was excellent, well packaged and sent overnight arriving at 9am!!! Thanks once again Grahame
  5. [quote name='Bigwan' timestamp='1462215610' post='3041212'] How do you find the dipthonizer on bass? Madbean pcb? [/quote] Dipthonizer is quite good on the bass, as long as I remember to get the settings right. It can scare my guitarist friends a bit too (which is always good ) It's the Madbean HoneDripper PCB, a couple of pedal geek friends made it for me after I tried a tester of theirs. They also made the overdrive/distortion to the left of it too which drives my Markbass amp well.
  6. I thought I'd join the fun and post my pedalboard, I think it's pretty straight forward, I don't use many effects on cover songs, but I've been involved in an originals band recently so I've been experimenting with effects... [url="http://s1064.photobucket.com/user/warliss42/media/ce092d4d-0432-41f2-ab89-e2e128bb554b_zpsgfetnubu.jpg.html"][/url] I'm impressed with the Polytune Clip, it's the most recent addition to my toolkit. I'm also toying with moving the Pandora stomp to be within the effects loop as I only use it for reverbs, chorus and delays.
  7. Bought a Diago Commuter pedal board from Dan, nice quick responses to questions, fast delivery and excellent packaging. Cheers W...
  8. Bought a Marshall Guv'nor from Matt, super quick delivery (arrived a day before he said it would!!!) and well packed. Cheers mate!
  9. w...

    Kev's Feedback

    Just bought a Dr Tone PSU10 off Kev, good quick transaction. PSU arrived well packaged. Cheers W...
  10. Hi all, The Hull based rock covers band The Penny Whores are looking for a new bassist, they have gigs lined up. They cover things like Jet, Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, Velvet Revolver, QOTSA, Wolfsmother, The Hives, Thin Lizzy, The Beatles, KOL, AC/DC, The Fratellis and Black Sabbath. PM me if you're interested or know someone who is. Cheers w...
  11. I think that Wizard Guitars has closed its Doncaster shop but can be found at 303 Eccleshall road in Sheffield. There is also Wavelength Music at 165 London Road in Sheffield, but (there's always a but eh?) I'm usually dissappointed by the range there, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable though.
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