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  1. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. Requested by the forthcoming bride and groom for a wedding we are booked to play (hopefully, fingers crossed) in August.
  2. We have cancelled our two upcoming gigs in March. Will probably end up cancelling April as well I think. Hard decision as we all know getting gigs in the first place is difficult.
  3. Slade for us next Saturday and possibly Springsteen's Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
  4. I agree. My experience with them was a few years ago now. My combo blew a power supply a few weeks after the warranty period but they sent me a new one without any quibble.
  5. Yes I can picture that. We are 4 piece now so was easier earlier this year.
  6. I remember seeing a great, but not very well known band in the seventies called Glenco. Found out a few years later that a few of them became The Blockheads including Norman.
  7. Blimey, how did you squeeze 7 in? We have struggled with 5 of us in there before!
  8. I saw WA way back several times in the 70s and later when Martin was playing with them. I have seen Martin's band a couple of times recently. He was probably the player that influenced me to start playing bass originally. I chatted with him at one of the bass guitar shows and he was interested that I played a Fender Jazz with a pick. He said he played that on the first WA album but it sounded very "clicky" apparently.
  9. Yes, we've also joined the cancellation list.
  10. I saw SAHB back in the seventies, great band as others have said. Sadly never got to see Rory live.
  11. OK, I wondered if that was the case with your comment.
  12. The Rock Formation. Our former vocalist used to quip at gigs that "the clue is in the name, we play a lot of formation music".
  13. Blind Eye is in the old book I found last night, but no bass is shown. Martin Turner (WA original bassist) is still going strong and performing old WA songs as" Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash". Met him a few years back at the bass guitar show and also saw his band not that long ago. Andy Powell, one of the former twin lead guitarists is still performing as Wishbone Ash.
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