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  1. A few classic Lindisfarne numbers in that set!
  2. New venue for us last night and I understand first band in the pub since new landlady a few months ago. Was a good crowd, mainly down to our vocalist being local and she had invited most of them. Landlady was very happy so should hopefully be getting a re-booking soon.
  3. We had the same issues on Saturday around the football although we were advised beforehand that it would be a late start. Started about 10.30pm and played through to just after midnight in the end. Was actually still a good crowd in the club and were up for a good time.
  4. Our second post Covid lockdown gig last night. Full pub and lively bunch, had a good night all round.
  5. Rock 'n' Roll/Rockabilly band mid seventies.
  6. Be aware if playing a pub gig there will always be a group of punters stood blocking the doorway of the almost empty pub when you are trying to load up.
  7. Yours truly with the pint glass in mid to late 70's. My brother with the guitar.
  8. First full gig last night since lockdown. We had to cancel one in March due to a band member getting Covid. Went really well, we are already booked to return in September but landlord tried to fit us in for another but we didn't have any mutually acceptable dates unfortunately.
  9. Shocked and saddened when I heard the news earlier. RIP Taylor.
  10. I enjoyed it and look forward to the next episode.
  11. My MIM Jazz, 90s I think, has a smooth semi-gloss finish and the profile is thinner than my USA one.
  12. Alvin Lee of Ten Years After was from my home town Nottingham (although I have lived away longer than I lived there now).
  13. Yes, I noticed that myself.
  14. Really enjoyed the Alan Hull documentary. Saw Lindisfarne in the late 70s/early 80s and Rod Clements more recently when a friend of mine was the support act.
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