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  1. Just bought a cab from Paul. Perfect transaction in every way, quick, easy and well packaged. cheers Paul From Paul
  2. I bought a amp from Dave. Everything was perfect from packing to communication. Plus its a killer amp at a great price. thanks, Dave. Paul
  3. pbass67


    Just bought Marks Markbass SA450, Great amp, Great price and packaged properly. Thoroughly reliable bloke. Many thanks Mark, till next time. All the best, Paul
  4. pbass67


    Fantastic service from George here too. Would absolutely deal with him again (in fact I probably will as he often has top kit for sale that I find hard to resist) Thanks a million Geo! All the best Paul
  5. An acoustic 4string bass and a couple of acoustic guitars up now. . . .
  6. Thanks Owen, i'd love a quick go. Needless to say it will probably push my Gas attack over the edge! P.
  7. Good result there chaps! I'm very interested to know what you think of these ukes as they're very much on my GAS list at the moment. Owen, i may be wanting to pop by and see you when it arrives, if its convenient. I look forward to your reviews guys. Paul.
  8. Crate cab and Ashdown amp still available. Still open to trades for a hard bass case or try me with anything else you got. Cheers Paul. P.s I need a bass case urgently for next weekend if anyone has one to sell super cheap. I can buy one new but would rather save a few quid if anyone's looking to offload one. Don't wanna pay more than £35 posted if poss.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Hi Aidan Sorry, didn't see your post until now. Should be able to get the Crate delivered to you for less than £15 hopefully. If you're definitely interested, give us your postcode and I'll get some proper quotes. Cheers, Paul
  11. Bump for the Crate cab and Ashdown head. I'm now considering trades for a hard bass case as I have a gig in Venice pending, Woohoo!!
  12. Ashdown and Crate still available. May consider trades for a battery powered busking type amp like the Roland micro cube bass rx or something similar. Or anything, in fact, just looking to change things around a bit so anything will be considered. Thanks, Paul
  13. For Sale, Roqsolid cover for Barefaced Midget T (2nd Generation with tweeter mounted across woofer) Cover in good condition, not padded, just black vinyl with black piping. Used to fit very snugly. £22 posted to UK. Cheers, Paul.
  14. So, Dr Bass now sold a while ago but the Crate cab and Ashdown head still available
  15. No takers on this lot yet or my knock knock joke! So try this: Why is christmas like a day at the office? You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit. Boom boom! Btw, bump, Dr Bass now down to a chronically low £200 !!
  16. Bump and further reductions: Dr Bass now £205 + pnp Ashdon mag now £115 + pnp Crate 2x10 now £70 + pnp Either of these cabs would sound great with the Ashdown, making a nice cheap rig option. Dr Bass + Ashdown would make a decent loud rig with the cab being 4ohms.
  17. Another bump for this lot, C'mon people, all good kit, make me an offer, but keep it real, all priced to sell! P.-)
  18. I'm surprised too ebenezer. A great cab at a very reasonable price and with a padded cover (Roqsolid I think). All still available.
  19. Time for a bump and I may consider trades on stuff like an active circuit for my double humbucker bass, such as a U retro or a KiOgon harness with an active eq. You can also make me a sensible offer on these items. Cheers, Paul
  20. Humpty Bumpty and a price drop on the Dr Bass now down to £215 + postage (approx £25 probably) Great cab, silly money!
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