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  1. My fav Rotosound player is Sir Steve Harris. Massive influence in me becoming a bass player.
  2. I would love that L1500. Any interest in international sale mate? If so pm me and we may be able to sort something out. Thanks either way. Great basses.
  3. Bit of a long shot but is the 4 string Streamer still available mate?
  4. Are you interested in selling internationally? Cheers.
  5. I realise we are at different ends of the world but you can definitely get shorter screws. Do this.
  6. Bump for "Someone grab this unique bass". Alas I have no way of buying it now but they look great, they are light, resonant and sound great. I will go out on a limb and say they are the best bass Ibanez have ever had their moniker on. Serious boutique quality.
  7. I am crying! Hey Ialma - let me know if for some reason the sale falls through. Take care - these are great basses! Jake.
  8. Whoever grabs this will never regret it. I once owned an A305 - flamed maple - and stupidly sold it. Light, resonant, exotic woods, full punchy sound, graphite reinforced neck. These are definitely the best thing Ibanez ever produced. If I had the money this would be gone at 800GBP.
  9. Another bump - added Streamer LX, Pro M and Jazzman and Spector Euro 4 as possible trades.
  10. Mate are you able to get me a shipping quote (through whoever you could find - not sure of British couriers). 19 Banksia Rd Risdonvale Tasmania Australia Postal code 7016. I might be able to lower the asking price for my bass to move it faster if the shipping is Ok. Thanks for anything you can do. Jake.
  11. Mate are you interested in an international sale - I'm trying to sell a Streamer broadneck 5 to hopefully move back to a four string. If I can sell at my end I would love to take that guy off your hands! Jake.
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