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  1. I have a custom set on order as I wanted a tapered stainless steel short scale set in a light gauge 100-74-54-40 , never used them before but with the limited options for short scale strings from most companies I will be very happy if these are good.
  2. Is a good pickup but you need to make sure your pickup cavity is deep enough as the pickup poles extend out the back of the pickup several mm. Tonally I think it is fairly balanced, no extremes of eq but pretty aggressive attack to it, I can't be of much more help than that as I didn't have the pickup for long as my pickup cavity wasn't deep enough for the pickup, hopefully someone else can provide a more detailed description. Btw they are becoming more scarce so if you have seen one for sale I would get it, you can always sell it on if it doesn't work out.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Just wondering, does anyone beside Delano make big pole piece P pickups? There is the Quarter Pounder but I am thinking bigger, more like Stingray size pole pieces like the below picture, thanks
  5. Just had a quick look inside the bass and found something unexpected, tone pot is 500k whilst the volume pots are 250k , would changing the volume pots to 500k give me a brighter tone or is that just with tone pots ?
  6. Another question, if I do decide to remove the tone pot what is involved? is it just a matter of unsoldering the pot or is there more to it? Was going to get a tech to do it but with the Covid situation it may be a better idea as a home project, thanks
  7. Lol , its not that I cant hear the treble frequencies its that I like them and want even more of them, call it a stylistic choice
  8. Hi As per the title am after brightening up a 2 pickup passive bass, I looked at no load tone pots but it occurred to me that I never turn the tone control down anyway, it is permanently maxed and then a treble boost on the amp, would a 2 volume no tone setup be brighter than a 2 volume no load tone pot setup? Also how much brighter could I expect, bass is a P/J bass with Quarter pounder pickups , thanks
  9. Thanks I will give that a try One unrelated thing I thought I would ask , on Saturday I had a rehearsal where I was using the rehearsal places back-line which consisted of a 4x10 cab and what I think was a 2 x 12 cab and I was playing at the kind of volume you would expect for a rock band rehearsing (loud-ish) and when I was close-ish to the back line I was getting feedback which would probably not be surprising but it was only when I had the bridge J pickup turned up, the P pickup was not getting feedback. The J pickup is a Seymour Quarter pounder vs the P pickup being a Seymour Duncan Vintage SPB-1, I thought maybe the Quarter pounder being a high output pickup vs the Vintage P pickup being a moderate/low end of moderate output pickup might be the cause, what do you think? I did also have the treble cranked on the amp which may have had some effect
  10. Anyway , for anyone still interested I got my bass back. The guy said that he had given the bass a setup, clearly his idea of a setup is very different to mine, The good: the action at the nut is better but I would have preferred him replacing it as it is a cheapo plastic nut and it looks as such, neck relief is fine, I might tighten the truss rod a tiny bit The bad: The action on the other hand, I know its a £200 bass but that doesn't mean it needs sky high action , he had raised the saddles so the action was over 4mm high!!! I lowered to Fender spec which is my preference with this type of bass and the bass plays fine with this action so no idea why he set it so high The intonation was miles out, clearly he didn't check it So over all I am glad I got the action at the nut sorted and I may hold off on getting the nut replaced for now however I still need to sort out the bridge screws. What is involved in getting these sorted? can I just fill the holes with wood filler and then drill the holes?
  11. Apologies for bumping an old thread but I wanted @D'Addario UK to know how much I love these strings. I was a little apprehensive initially as they are more expensive than any set of roundwound strings I have brought for my basses but my interest was piqued reading about them. Stringing them on my Squier Jaguar bass (yes I know its short scale but I have never had issues using long scale strings) I was immediately struck by how loud and clear the strings were acoustically and how tight the E string sounded, plugged in they had a nice amount of brightness and actually have some characteristics of stainless strings, got a rehearsal at the weekend and looking forward to trying these out in a band setting, D'Addario please, please do not ever discontinue these strings
  12. I found them to be brighter than regular Daddario XL nickels without the intense mid scoop, they are actually the only Daddario rounds that I like , the others are just kind of meh
  13. Oh man, where do I start, there are so many times I have played gigs only to be treated like crap by the venue, 2 that come immediately to mind from my previous band First one we played a gig at a venue, we were a newly established band and our singer was drinking at the venue and noticed that in their events list they had an empty date and he asked about it and was told they had no one booked so he asked about getting our band booked and negotiated our rate and because he desperately wanted the gig he gave them a super cheap rate which they agreed to. We agree to do the gig and on the night of the gig afterwards it turns out that their was another band booked but the venue must have seen we were cheaper and decided to book us instead, the gig seemed to go ok but there is word circulating that we have poached the other bands gig, after the gig it seems that word has got back to the management and they dont want to book us for another gig. Second one, another of our singers bargain deals, he books us a gig and we are getting a percentage of the bar tab, anyway we play the gig, the bouncer and the manager complain about everything from the volume of our music to the time taken to set up, at the end of the night we finish the gig and immediately afterwards they are literally waiting for us whilst we pack up our gear, the bouncer who clearly is desperate to go home is hassling us every couple of minutes asking us how long we are going to be
  14. The annoying thing is about 10 mins away on the bus is one of the best luthiers/repair persons in the uk
  15. I didn't think it sounded like that much work either, im not going to post specifics about who the person is but he has a fairly impressive body of work so my suspicion is that he just doesn't want to do the work involved which is also what the stuff about having to order a new nut and re-drilling the bridge being a nightmare suggests to me, I think I will drop by and say that I have a gig and need the bass.
  16. Ok so got a call from the repair person at the place I took it to and I am a little worried now. He told me that he doesn't think the nut needs to be replaced and that I would be wasting my money getting it replaced and said that he doesn't stock them so would have to order one anyway, being as the string gauges on the bass have been changed a few times and I have done the superglue and baking soda trick I am skeptical about this, I have told him that regardless I would appreciate if he would check the action at the nut. With regards to the bridge screws he said that if the bridge is holding then its probably best to just leave it alone and said that otherwise it will require the holes to be refilled and redrilled which is a nightmare. He did tell me that I had some fret buzz on the G that would need a slight truss rod tweak, I will wait and see how this pans out
  17. Ended up taking the bass to a pro to look at as I upgraded the bridge at the weekend only to find that the screw holes were stripped so I thought I would get both things looked at
  18. Hi I have a Squier bass that has a nut that has seen better days, I previously used very heavy strings on it for drop tuning and now want to go back to standard tuning, I have done the superglue and baking soda trick so that I can refile the nut slots but after some tips on how i can get the action at the nut to the right height and if there is a standard height that someone can give me that the strings should be at say the 1st fret. I am probably the least technical person you would ever meet so the more simple the better , many thanks
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