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  1. If the cables are otherwise good, maybe just change the jack for a speakon connector. It’s quite easy to do, and very cheap: https://m.thomann.de/dk/neutrik_nl2_fx.htm?o=0&search=1573193476:
  2. I just bought an combo amp (AI) from Andy. Even though I live in Denmark and the amp had to be shipped internationally it all went smooth. We did a direct bank transfer and a couple of weeks later (1 week for the transfer to complete and 1 week for shipping. No delay from Andy's side) I received the package safe and sound. Thanks for a good deal :-)
  3. Hi all, I'm the buyer from Denmark :-) I have no problem paying directly in £. I can do is straight from my internet banking service so that must be the easiest solution. Can't wait to try the AI with my double bass :-)
  4. LarsTimm


    Can you provide neck dimensions? Both width and front to back if possible Thanks :-)
  5. Any thoughts of the price split up. I'm really only looking for the head, so both cabs is definately out of the question. Thanks /Lars
  6. I'm sure the sale is well under way, but just wanted to let you know that in case it does not go through then I'm ready to buy it :-)
  7. I think Erik Hoffmann (violinbygger.dk) takes 3000 DKK including the preamp, which is around 320£. I would try send Ehrlund a mail and see what he says... :-)
  8. I have one myself that I bought used right here on basschat... I'm waiting for my new bass, and then I have to experiment to find the correct position. Make sure to take you time finding the right spot. I compared the sound on my old bass with the Ehrlund and a condenser mic between the bridge feet, and I was amazed how good it sounded. It did pickup some of the drums I was playing with, so feedback wise, I'm not sure how loud you can play. As to shops, can't you buy them directly from Mr. Ehrlund: [url="http://www.ehrlund.se/"]http://www.ehrlund.se/[/url] There is also a danish luthier that sells them: [url="http://www.violinbygger.dk"]http://www.violinbygger.dk[/url] (Web page in danish)
  9. You could get your luthier to fit a second sound post on the bass side, and plug the f-holes with foam. This should remove almost all of the acoustic sound, but help with the feedback. I think this is what the "rockabilly" guys are doing. You can also find a video on youtube with Miles Mosley from Namm, where he talks about his Blastcult bass and feedback. Disclamer: I have not tried this myself - No need yet. /Lars
  10. I could be interested in the superfly if you want to split it up. I live in Denmark though. If you don't what the extra hassle that's understandable. You can PM me a price including shipping if your interested. /Lars
  11. Has it been sold? Are you willing to ship to Denmark?
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