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  1. For sale is my Norman Acoustic B18 Acoustic in Burgandy. Plays great, sounds great, but moving so need the cash. There's some pick marks by the sound hole which I've photographed. Looking for £120 picked up from York. any question just ask. Cheers [url="http://img269.imageshack.us/i/normanu.jpg/"][/url] [url="http://img822.imageshack.us/i/norman2f.jpg/"][/url] edit : decided to try the evil bay whilst I'm away at the weekend. It may come back.
  2. hello For sale is my backup bass. It's a Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard in Honey Violin with two MEC pickups. Currently loaded with flats as I was using it to accompany acoustic players. Plays great. Couple of little dinks on the headstock and the bridge is a bit tarnished, other than that, in fine condition, neck still lovely. Don't really want to part, but moving, so need the cash. Comes with strap and basic gigbag. Looking for £120 (price revised and lowered) Any questions please ask. Pickup from York preferred. [url="http://img199.imageshack.us/i/rockbass.jpg/"][/url] edit : decided to try the evil bay whilst I'm away at the weekend. It may come back.
  3. awesome stuff people, many thanks. Interestingly enough, similar to dom - there's quite a nice ibanez acoustic in the house, but it's the cheap crappy stagg that's way louder and punchy.
  4. [quote name='D-L-B' post='861133' date='Jun 8 2010, 03:50 PM']You do know it is in your best interests to play the best night possible? Whether it's organised by yourself or a promoter.[/quote] It's not always possible to play "the best nights" as some people have other ties than a band. [quote name='D-L-B' post='861133' date='Jun 8 2010, 03:50 PM']From what I can gather, you're a lazy person or you only play gigs for lazy promoters? [/quote] no, you were asking why people play gigs like that and I was telling you why. from what you gather? you've decided to make a massive assumption about me even though you don't know me from adam??? I hope you don't do this everybody because I find it quite offensive when people make assumptions about people they know nothing about. Sorry for being shirty but it's a personal bug bear of mine given that I organise a lot of gigs, put up my own equipment as backline to try and get things up and running and the apathy that I get from both punters and bands alike is astounding, then come on here to be told I'm lazy! I really don't get some people on here sometimes.
  5. [quote name='D-L-B' post='861120' date='Jun 8 2010, 03:42 PM']simple maths really, the profit being skimmed by the promoter doesn't need to be deducted.[/quote] eh?? I think you're still missing the point.... the simple maths is if you hire a place yourself and can't cover the costs of hiring it then you're out of pocket. If you play a gig for a promoter, you may not get any money for playing, but you won't be out of pocket. Admittedly it can work the other way, but there's a lot of lazy people out there not willing to risk taking the hit.
  6. [quote name='D-L-B' post='861115' date='Jun 8 2010, 03:38 PM']By removing the 'promoter' and running an equivalent event yourself this shouldn't be an issue.[/quote] what the fact that instead of paying nothing to play (through a promoter as they book the place and take the hit, and also the profit), you may end up out of pocket (running it yourself)? Not sure how that works to be honest.
  7. [quote name='D-L-B' post='861089' date='Jun 8 2010, 03:23 PM']Create a bit of solidarity. Organise your own gigs. Why do you need to play these crap gigs so badly anyway?[/quote] like I say, depends where you live. In some places the only venues are run like that, so you don't have much chance. Plus it also depends on how much a venue is charging to hire out. If it's expensive, you may not make the money back on the door, thus it's costing you to play. Not the best scenario to be in. not saying it's right mind you, it's just the way it is. As for solidarity and organising things. Cmon, we're all in/have been in bands. We should all know how hard it is to organise a bunch of musicians to do anything at the best of times, hell it's easier to work with kids and animals
  8. [quote name='chris_b' post='861079' date='Jun 8 2010, 03:15 PM']Why do you "sharers" allow the promoter to get away with pressurising you into 7 min changeover's? You need at least 10 mins to get the previous band off and 20 mins to get the next band on. It's not a race! I don't understand why 30 min changeover's should cause a problem.[/quote] depends where you are. If you live in a place where's there's only a handful of venues, they may take umbridge and you won't get to play there again. Then one is up the proverbial if that happens! It would be nice if the bands called the shots, but a lot of the time the venues and promoters know full well that if one band starts being arsey they can be replaced by another 3 who will take their place and not be arsey.
  9. [quote name='razze06' post='861029' date='Jun 8 2010, 02:31 PM']The shop is called scayles music, see [url="http://www.scayles.co.uk/resonator_guitars.html"]here for contact details[/url][/quote] cheers, and I'll be up in edinburger soon as well...... arrghhhh bank account
  10. [quote name='razze06' post='860992' date='Jun 8 2010, 01:58 PM']Ever thought of a resonator bass? There is one for sale in an edinburgh shop. I played it some days ago, and it is quite loud, i suppose...[/quote] ooooooooooooooooo feeling gas coming on
  11. [quote name='urbanx' post='860994' date='Jun 8 2010, 01:59 PM']I realise this situation will come up time and time again. And I will be put in the awkward position (again) of "If they can't use your amp, no other bands can play".[/quote] regardless of my last post, unless all the other bands were my mates, I'll tell them to f*** off just out of principle if they ever said that to me
  12. It's not been too bad acoustically as both the other players are quite quiet. I've definitely noticed a difference between the two acoustic basses we already have in the house, hence me asking if anybody knew of any particular model that was noted for being a bit louder. I'll have to have a butchers at those dean basses - cheers heavy jay. I'd love a guitarron though - would be awesome just to have people ask if I'm little or far away might have to get me a roadie to carry the roland then
  13. totally depends on the gig and who I'm playing with. Bunch of friends, they can sodomise my amp in public for my amusment if they want. If I don't know them from adam, I'll decided there and then. I'm not adverse to it by any means, but then I'm not massively precious about material possessions anyways, life's to short to worry about them imho. If somebody did break my amp on stage and I didn't know them, I'd politely grab their knackers and offer to give them back once they'd paid simple really.
  14. ow do just a quickie. Starting to play a lot more acousticy stuff. Whilst I'm aware that an acoustic bass is never going to be particularly loud, I just wondered if anybody had come across any particular make/model that was noticably louder than others. Reason being is I'm starting to play a lot of acoustic nights and I can't be arsed to lug down my bass and the little roland, so ideally would just like something I can whip out and play. It's not too bad as I'm not playing against a guitar, it's actually a baritone uke and a madolin ta in advance peeps.
  15. it's always a tricky one. As people have said, the sound you may use live for the bass, may sound rubbish recorded and in a mix. I still believe that as much as musicians want their instrument to stand out and be "their" sound, sometimes one has to compromise and go with what sounds better in the mix. When played as a single stand alone track, it may sound horrible, but chuck it in the rest of the mix and all of sudden one can see why it's been mixed like that.
  16. any standard aftermarket audio (m-audio/line 6/mackie/prosonus etc) related sound card (not gaming/theatre ones like soundblasters etc) will do what you need nicely. Tis all about latency issues and standard sound cards this doesn't matter because you're not doing realtime recording/playback on them, hence the latency issues.
  17. [quote name='Golchen' post='762777' date='Mar 3 2010, 11:40 AM']Audio interface question I need to get a cheap audio interface for use with recording music on my mac laptop. Generally speaking, do they utilise the mic input or do they work via USB? I know nothing about interfaces at all! To cut a long story short, apple repairs have buggered my mic input and can’t seem to fix it, so I need to get an alternative way of getting sound into the laptop.[/quote] it work work on usb or firewire, and will be much better quality than the inbuilt stuff on the mac hope that helps.
  18. [quote name='arthurhenry' post='748125' date='Feb 17 2010, 10:28 AM']Do things like this happen to you, and frustrate you? Am I a musical snob for expecting audiences to notice this stuff? Is it due to peoples lack of understanding about Bass? Is the sad truth that however passionate you are about music, most of the people you ever play to will be casual music fans?[/quote] Doesn't frustrate me in the slightest because I play music because I love it. I don't play it so that I can have people come up to me after a gig and treat me like a god or something. IMHO you're expecting waaaaaaaay to much. Especially at roots kind of level, possibly even more so if you're playing covers. If you want to jerk off and have people sit there in awe, become a jazz muso, a guitarist or something, but don't expect it as the norm.
  19. [quote name='cheddatom' post='741726' date='Feb 11 2010, 08:48 AM']So, esata or firewire. Price shall decide![/quote] cue harry hill fight sequence
  20. [quote name='cheddatom' post='741119' date='Feb 10 2010, 03:38 PM']the standard PCI cards run at half the speed of the PCI express ones. I'm not sure what all the different data rates are. Is sata through a standard PCI card still faster than IDE? USB? USB 2? Firewire? Thanks for all the help by the way [/quote] It's not so much the speed, although iirc yes, pci, it's still faster than usb, it's the sustained data rate that's important if you are planning to record directly on to an external drive, hence why firewire is better than usb. just checked and pci can do up to 133MB/s where as usb 2.0 is only about 40MB/s ish....
  21. [quote name='cheddatom' post='741100' date='Feb 10 2010, 03:08 PM']It seems you need PCI express to get an esata card which can give the most out of an esata drive. I'm learning a lot today! Like how old and useless my PCs are.[/quote] you can get standard pci cards that are sata controllers with esata ports on them If the esata thing doesn't float your boat, then I'd echo what other people have said about firewire being better as it's peer to peer based and can negotiate data transfer a lot more efficiently between devices. They way you're currently doing it is exactly what I would do if I were using usb drives though. It's just that it will take time to copy from the local pc to the usb drive and vice versa.
  22. [quote name='fatback' post='740971' date='Feb 10 2010, 01:41 PM']SATA is just the latest version of scsi. For setting up a cheap media editing system with high speed drives, the old scsi-2 is still a useful option. You can sometimes get 10,000 rpm scsi drives cheaply, and a wide-scsi adapter is cheap too. I've gone that route for broadcast video, where access speeds are critical, but it's overkill for audio imo. Also, scsi drives are relatively low capacity compared to modern SATA. If you're buying a SATA drive for audio, google the reviews. You'll find some are better than others. Just make sure you always have your recorded tracks backed up onto a second drive. Drives fail sooner or later.[/quote] /nerd mode on/ actually, SAS is the latest version of SCSI /nerd mode off/ to the op, I'd try looking for drives that can do esata as that will effectively give you the same connection that you have in the pc so you'll get the proper sustained data rates. Quite a lot of new laptops are coming with esata ports as standard. You will however need esata compatible units at either end.
  23. if it's for sale you need to stick a price on it....
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