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  1. Oh, how I love this kind of analysis AND GRAPHS. Would love to see same done with more pedals (maybe b7k). Great work!
  2. I think this is great. Because the insides are exactly the same as b3k, then clearly if you want to fiddle with settings, you buy a b>1k. If this pedal has your basic always on tone, or you need just one kind of good overdrive that you don't need to adjust, then why would you ever want it to take more space and money than this? It's nothing new, that is true, but I think it's a great addition to their line of pedals.
  3. I was previously hoping for a smaller X5 to actually add to my current board and not make it the centerpiece. I have my preferred drive/preamp/filter setup for the core tone I'm using 90% of the time and I could use quite a compact board with them and the X3 if I only could put my fuzz after the octave and before the chorus. I do wonder if the stereo in/out could be configured in series mono channels with a firmware update to make it usable as an fx loop.
  4. First contribution, but also first time I feel really satisfied. Still searching for the right octave (mostly for those Ian Allison synth sounds). Also featuring my diy "guest pedal" junction box that will probably move underneath at some point. The signal passes through a switched jack that can be interrupted with a trs split cable. It's mostly there because I've been thinking to add the Justin Chancellor fuzz wah and it wouldn't fit the board.
  5. Any experiences in using one10t together with two10? I have a two10 and it kind of seems like adding one10t would create pretty much the ultimate modular rig with everything from 1 to 3 drivers. And the power handling stacking the two would mean it should basically handle 99,99% of the gigs most of us have. I'm very intriqued by this and seriously thinking to invest in this + a microtubes 500 or reidmar 502.
  6. The thing is tiny and will likely fit any guitar bag you can find. Short scale goes a long way, but the absence of headstock really takes a good 20cm off the total length. Someone on talkbass has used mono vertigo with the standard scale ehb so you certainly are good to go with the short scale 👍
  7. It's the little things that make people happy. I'm loving the fact that the wireless angle matches the helix 😄
  8. Learned a trick from talkbass ehb thread. Ibanez preamps are wired to be around the same volume on the active/passive. There is an option on the preamp to move some wires to a different plug and it adds around +6db of gain to the active side. The voicing will be a little different but it should add some clarity to the bartolinis that people seem to be wanting. I'm yet to try this with my srms805 but talkbassers have been having super positive experiences with it. Gasing hard for the short scale ehb...
  9. I will forever cherish these words. I have found that purposefully making a word more stupid than it originally is will generally upset less people than using anything that could be perceived as millenial internet slang. I will get back to you on the topic (probably not). I think that what actually caused much of the damage here, is the fact that every single one of us has probably been that player at one point of our careers. As facebook would put it: "I'm in this video and I don't like it."
  10. Okay this is real feedback and something I can get behind. Also something that should have been obvious from the start. Condescending tone is something I truly don't get from the video (or light-hearted in the thread for that matter). And I do like that it seems to be intentionally avoiding anything actually related to music theory. I think everyone can find enough lessons about playing differently to make things interesting. There is a difference in being a relaxed and casual and being passive and boring. Not a problem for experienced players, that is true. I did check the profile and agree that signing up only to promote is a bit fishy.
  11. Fair enough. Completely different topic though. You would think that an online bass forum would be the perfect place to promote bass related material, but tbh that's not how the internet usually seems to work. You're welcome. And you are probably right. If you have found something that suits you, then I don't think this particular video is for you anyway. As for the alleged plug itself, the production value seems impressive for a channel under 500 followers. Consider me subscribed. But not before I come back inside. There's a cloud on my backyard that needs to be aggressively told its place.
  12. I'm not a native english speaker so forgive me if I have misunderstood something. I thought there is a definitive difference in "are you" and "you are", so the amount of backside damage in this thread is confusing to me. The video raises a valid point for discussion. It presents a problem and offers a solution. If you feel somehow attacked by this, then you probably have a not so active stage presence. And that is completely fine as long as you yourself have made peace with it. I like active shows.
  13. I use a chinese ammoon/eno/whatever eq7. Under 30€ from ebay and mini-sized. The frequencies are perfect for bass in my opinion (63, 125, 250, 500, 1k, 2.2k and 5k). And it's not noisy unless you crank the treble channels.
  14. Thanks guys. It's food for thought for sure. I kind of feel like I will be left wanting whatever the case. I do like the option of having external effects in the loop and having pre and post di in the same place to make cable routing easy on stage. And the AO900 comes in sexy red too... But there won't be any real gigging anytime soon. I think it might be quite a bit more satisfying to just get the pedal and work with my practice amp and upgrade from there if situation so calls. IEM is a real option so it may well be all that is needed.
  15. I'm planning on upgrading my amp situation and lookin to try some form of darkglass. Mostly interested in the Alpha & Omega because the distortion seems super versatile and I like the sounds of it in almost every demo I have found. The question is how to achieve this. I'm looking at two different possibilities roughly in the same price range. I could go with Alpha & Omega 900 or a combination of Quilter Bass Block 800 and Alpha & Omega Ultra. With the Quilter I would have a simple amp with simple controls to fix the sound to the room and also the possibility to go ampless when needed, because the sound is mainly built in the pedalboard anyway. With AO900 I would have the simplicity of achieving about the same(?) sound with less gear. AO900 would also handle 2ohms so that simplifies the cab choices for any given situation. What would you choose and why? Am I overlooking something obvious?
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