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  1. The only concern I have is the reported low output of the Streamer STD. it’s seems I have 2 potential solutions; replace the preamp with something like an EMG BTC or get a preamp pedal. Which option would sound better?
  2. So after much lurching from Spector to Warwick and vice versa, I decided to get....... a passive Warwick Streamer Standard 4 made in 2002 with the MEC pickup. Picking it up at next weekend and very excited! i went Warwick as the pickup configuration is nothing like I have, it’s passive which I don’t have in the collection and I like idea of keeping older guitars going(Like my 1989 SR). Also it’s a German made for not a lot of money. Thanks for all the advice and opinions. I really appreciated it.
  3. Thanks folks.....I would ideally like the NS2000. I’ll see how much I get in the old pay packet lol
  4. I’m edging towards Spector. I have seen a lovely NS2000/4 with EMG HZ PUPS going for £500 and what looks like a Legend with EMG SSD pups for £275 but in a more used condition. I’m not sure where both basses sit/sat in the Spector range? There’s no way to AB them as both being sold privately miles apart. Is the NS2000 a markedly better bass in sound and quality or are both just different takes on the same flavour?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I prefer a thinner neck and was looking at a rock bass or 2nd hand German corvette or $$ for Warwick. The Warwick I have played was a ltd edition £5000 job at Andertons so I’m not expecting a rock bass or Corvette to sound/feel the same! I really like the look and finish of the Spector Classic especially with the burl top and there seems a lot of love on Basschat for Spector
  6. I’m looking to add to my arsenal and I am trying to decide between a lovely Spector legend classic 4 or a Warwick Corvette. I’ve played a Warwick before and liked the neck but have never got my hands on a Spector. The Spector has Bartolinis and obviously the Warwick has Mecs. I already have a couple of Ibanez SR. I’m looking for something different to the Ibanez sound. I’d really like some opinions to help me decide......
  7. I had and got rid of a Cort C4 LTD. Amazing bass for the money with a lovely neck and stunning finish. I really regret selling it. I’d put Cort up there with more expensive brands when it comes to bang for buck. My youngest has got an Action Deluxe that he’s learning on and the build quality is exceptional.
  8. I hadn’t heard of the RCF. I will check it out. Are they preamps on all the channels or just half?
  9. Folks, I’m after your collective wisdom..... as the title says, I’m looking to move from my old Yamaha O3D to something a little more updated and more importantly smaller and lighter. I have no experience with Behringer or the Soundcraft but I have seen an X32 in use and was bowled over by it. It’s for my 4 piece rock/pop band and I intend to use it wired to my laptop as opposed to wireless the majority of the time. I’m primarily looking for ease of use, flexibility and sound. Any advice or opinions greatly received.
  10. We use Yamaha DXR10s for tops and DXS12s as subs For FOH. These run the vocals, bass, kick drum and snare for small gigs plus DI guitars for bigger gigs. These are through an old Yamaha O3D digital mixer. We went Yamaha due to the superb sound quality, weight and 7 year warranty. There hasn’t been a gig or venue where we have needed more and sometimes we just run the tops as full range without the subs in smaller venues. We have IEM(cheap Gear4Music) plus heads and cabs for guitars. Both guitars have the same mix, I have a mix for bass and drummer has his own. We used to run amps and cabs for FOH which were QSC and Brooke amps and B & C driver loaded plywood cabs with a digital crossover. It was heavy and complicated compared to the active system we have now.
  11. Paramedic for 10 yrs then Police Officer for last 20 yrs
  12. So it finishes in the middle of the outer edge of the body if that makes sense and is sealed at the edge with a really narrow clear sealing tape to ensure that it doesn’t lift. The only issues I’ve had are the neck being tight to get back into the neck pocket due to the wrap overlap but I didn’t need to do anything just patience and a little KY jelly to help slide it in.
  13. They can if you want but I didn't. I was toying with having "Hahahahahaha" up the back of the neck but thought it might interfere with my playing so chose not to. They have fully wrapped a Fender Stratocaster before included putting a company logo on the fretboard but that was only for display. I dread to think what a wrapped fretboard would play like!
  14. So she's all back together......
  15. So finally got the bass back from being wrapped. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I am a Batman Fanboy. It was wrapped by a company in Oxford called Vinyl Revolution and I can honestly say they were an absolute pleasure to deal with. They have wrapped the pickguard to match the image but also wrapped the same image underneath in case I ever want to change the pickguard for a clear one. I supplied the image(found on the internet.) They did the rest. Cost £115 + VAT. It’s obviously cheaper if they just supply the wrap and you do it yourself. I think that was £30 + VAT to produce a wrap in an image you supplied but I’m not that patient or handy to fit myself lol.
  16. My bass is off having the front wrapped at the moment. I was too scared to do it myself. It’s having the Joker (The Killing Joke) image below put on the front and orientated so it’s the right way up when being played. Its going on the the front of my black SR800 and can always be removed if I get bored or want to sell. Hopefully it will protect the paint.
  17. We have 2 Yamaha DXR 10s for tops and 2 DXS 12s for subs. Got them second hand but they come with 7 year warranty. I really rate the speakers and have yet to get them to limit and they seem rock solid(especially after dropping one!) For mixing, we are using an old Yamaha O3D digital mixer, I would love a Behringer X32 but so expensive. The other one that caught my eye was Midas MR18 as you can run wirelessly from an iPad which would be handy when we do our own sound. Normally bass, drums and vocals to FOH with a little guitar if venue too large for just guitar amps. Using 2 Gear4music WPM200 transmitters plus 3 body packs and drummer uses wired headphones as IEM. Tried active wedge monitors but more gear to load.
  18. The size is a good point and I must admit I prefer the look of the Benz but as you say, the power of the TC!
  19. Can you access the socket from the battery compartment? There should be a bolt on the internal side of the jack socket that probably needs nipping up. The photo is of the inside of my Ibanez SR800 battery compartment that I have stripped in preparation for the body to be vinyl wrapped. It shows the output socket. I took a load of pics to remind myself where all the wires go lol. There is a nut on the thread that holds it in place. Hopefully yours should be similar. Just use the appropriate spanner to tighten. It’s probably going to be imperial sizing as I think Sire is an American company?
  20. I have a serious desire to upgrade my TC BH500. I am using a combination of TC BC210, BC212 and BC410 cabs depending on gig. I have read people rave about the Genz Benz Shuttles but not so much about the TC Blacksmith. What are the opinions of the wise heads at Basschat?
  21. I though I’d just post an update. Took the bass into Tom at Chiltern Guitar Repair yesterday. Genuinely lovely chap. I had booked it in for a full set up, new nut and strings. Tom had a look at the bass whilst I was waiting and checked the relief, action, nut and intonation. To his absolute credit, he informed me that everything was ok and that there was nothing that he would do to it and in fact the bass is one of those susceptible to heavy fretting causing a note to go sharp. He suggested that as it was new and new to me that I try a slightly gentler fretting technique and maybe change the balanced tension strings to non balanced set to increase the string tension on the lower strings. He also advised me to allow 6 months for the bass to settle before revisiting the set up. He charged me NOTHING for looking at the bass and his advice where a less scrupulous luthier could have done all sorts to the bass and charged! i have followed his advice and put some medium D’addario EXL on it and low and behold, almost perfect intonation. I would heartily recommend Tom at Chiltern Guitar Repair who is based in Westmount Music in Marlow Bottom. Thanks to all you wise sages on Basschat that suggested that it may be the string tension or me!
  22. Our band( 4 piece, drums, 2 guitars, bass) does a cover of Bad Guy and it went down really well at our last gig along with a version of Shutdown by Skepta. Our drummer has a sample pad which helps. We are currently working on a Dance Monkey cover which again was a massive song which everyone seems to know and sounds surprisingly good with “real” instruments.
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