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  1. After once having a go at soldering, my advice is......go to a pro. I worked out that to solder well, you need 3 hands.
  2. I've fallen out of love with Schaller Strap Locks so I'm having a clear out. I have the following up for grabs; 1 set of old style Schaller strap locks in black - £5 for the set 2 sets of no-name `Schaller' style strap locks in black - £3 for each complete set I'm open to offers if someone wants to take the lot in one go. DM me if interested. Prices include delivery.
  3. I've used Fender 9050's and Rotosound RS77LD and they are both great but, I started using Elites Detroit Flats and they are amazing. Nice deep thump and they are louder than the other two.
  4. I used to have a Rickenbacker 4001 copy made by Ibanez, a mate of mine that had recently bought a pucker 4001 Ricky tried mine and moaned that it played and sounded better than the real thing. I'm a firm believer in the power of budget basses, I've played and got rid of numerous Squier and Fender Jazz Basses over the years, during lockdown I bought a J&D Jazz Bass from DV247 for a little over £100, I stuck in some Wilkinson pickups, put on a high mass bridge from Northwest Guitars and strung it with Elites Detroits flatwounds....it's the best JB I have ever owned and it has some serious thump to it. It may not be anyone else's dream bass but it's now my main bass and I love it.
  5. An Epiphone Thunderbird was the beauty that shattered my dreams. I always wanted one and when I got the chance to buy one, I snapped it up. I knew about Thunderbird's being headstock heavy but the neck dive on mine bordered on being violent. It just never felt right to play and I always felt that we were fighting each other. I now have a Jazz Bass and that is a pleasure, a dream to play , sounds amazing and it's mine for ever.
  6. We had our first Worship Team rehearsal last Friday and it went brilliantly, I ended up playing bass on two songs and acoustic guitar on one other. I have to admit that my Jazz with Elites Detroit flatwounds sounded 'heavenly'. Live worship should be allowed around the end of June I'm believe so looking forward to it.
  7. @Grangur The bass was £100 brand new and I've made numerous changes to it over the years, I'm not going to spend too much time nor money on it as it's really not worth it. The bass is worth more as parts that I can use rather than keeping it as it is.
  8. UPDATE - The P-Bass has all black hardware and I've decided to strip the bass as I have plans for the parts. I'm going to stealth up my `Stingray' copy with the black hardware....that'll be another post appearing soon.
  9. @Dan Dare Unfortunately it broke away into bits. I’m not too fussed as it’s a cheap P-Bass copy that I hardly played. I’m conscious not to pay too much to rectify it as overall it’s not worth it.
  10. I was removing the nut on my cheap P-Bass copy (thankfully) and despite taking my time and working slowly and carefully, I managed to take a chunk out of the neck, right on the edge of the nut slot. Is there an easy remedy or shall I just leave it as it is?
  11. The album I've lined up for this lunchtime's listening is....
  12. I’m wondering if Labella flatwounds are as good as everyone says 🤔 ...

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    2. Sibob


      Yeah, I know Felix Pastorius uses flats on his 6er Fodera (D’Addario though), and Bubby Lewis uses La Bella Tapewounds on most of his basses. They're not just for the 'groovers' :) 

    3. JapanAxe


      Now that it's settled in I've just put 1/8 turn on the truss rod to accommodate the slightly stiffer La Bellas. The bass has had Chromes on ever since I bought it, and that's the first time I've had to touch the truss rod.

      Sounding and playing a dream!

      Got yours yet @Big Rich?

    4. Big Rich

      Big Rich

      Not yet, I'm still using Elites Detroit Flats and I'm loving them.

  13. When I first started this thread way back in January 2020, I never expected it to be this long until I got to play but finally we’re getting ready to start sung worship again, our first rehearsal is May 21st and I can’t wait 😆. I’ll be switching between bass and guitar so I’m happy.
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