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  1. I've stuck some sponge under the strings on my P-Bass to get a James Jamerson thud and it's working perfectly but I was wondering, what sponge do you use? What sponge do you recommend?
  2. @TrevorR I've got to sit in on a couple of rehearsals and be adult baptised before I can play so it'll be a little while yet. I'm new to the church and obviously they want to see that I'm committed before they let me loose on the likes of `My Lighthouse', `Anchor' and `Raise A Hallelujah' . In the past I've always played in rock and metal bands so I wanted to do my homework and get some pointers before I start. Thanks again for the links.
  3. @BassPhil Thanks for the comments and for bringing Worship Musician to my attention, I have never heard of it but I will certainly have a (cyber) flick through it.
  4. @LeftyP Your bass gig is a mirror image of mine, I would be part of a pool of musicians and I would expect to play about once or twice a month. The songs are a mixture of modern and traditional hymns, and the level of musicianship is varied. I'm going to keep my playing appropriate to where I am and what each song needs, to go in tapping and slapping would detract from the words of the songs/hymns. Everyone's there to praise Christ and not witness my 4 string athletics.
  5. An opportunity to play in my church band arose last week and so I jumped at the chance. Obviously I plan to lock in with both the drummer's kick and the pianist's left hand but are there any other pointers that any church bassists can give me? "Praise Him with strings" - Psalms 150:4
  6. I've been using the StudioMini app on my iPhone 8 for recording demos with great results, running my bass and guitar through a Blackstar Bass Fly and Blackstar Guitar Fly 3 respectively gives a great sound but I was wondering what mic anyone could recommend to use with it for vocals. I used an iRig Vocal mic but was less than impressed with it as I got a better sound from the iPhone 8's internal mic. I don't want to spend the earth on something and it's got to be compatible with an iPhone, any suggestions?
  7. @Rexel Matador I agree, I decided to stick with the existing pickguard as I didn't want to ruin a new one or risk losing a finger 😂
  8. I'm looking to change the bridge on my Stingray to something with a bit more mass, can anybody recommend a suitable replacement? I don't want a like for like as I can't stand the existing bridge.
  9. I love my Spector Performer but I hated the EMG-SSD pickups, on Saturday I waved goodbye to the EMG's and installed a new pair of Music Man style humbuckers from C.H.Guitars. It now has the clearer and louder sound that I wanted and I can't wait to explore the new sounds.
  10. * Update * I put the Music Man style pups in and they sound great, they’re louder and clearer than the EMG-SSD’s that were fitted before. I didn’t enjoy soldering and I’ve clearly made a slight mistake somewhere as the neck pickup volume knob doesn’t shut off fully and the tone knob isn’t operating 100% 🤷🏻‍♂️, at least I gave it a go. Tomorrow I’m off to my local guitar shop to get them to rectify my handiwork 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. I'm tempted to go down the `hand cutting' route as I'm keen to keep the costs down, once I've done it I'll post something.
  12. Can anybody recommend what tools to use to cut a custom shaped pickguard from a blank sheet of pickguard material? I haven’t got an extensive range of carpentry or woodworking tools available to me so the simpler the better. Thanks.
  13. Pair of EMG-SSD passive soapbar pickups for sale. Recently removed from a Spector Performer Bass, used but in perfect condition and working perfectly. £35.00 for the pair c/w springs and screws. Price includes delivery by FedEx. PayPal works best for me.
  14. I'll try it both ways, with the wire disconnected and then connected, I'll let my ears be the judges.
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