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  1. I’ve always strung my Washburn AB5 with flatwounds as acoustic basses really accentuate roundwound string screech. I decided to put on a set of Fender 50-100’s and it didn’t exactly go to plan. The holes have always been tight but I’ve had 105’s on it before and never experienced this, the E and A strings go through so far and then just jam up tight. The tuning is unstable and so I had to get them off. Has anybody else had this problem? I’m going to try a lower gauge set to see if that helps.
  2. When I started this thread way back on 2nd Jan 2020, I never expected it to run for so long, the update is that I still haven’t played a note yet due to constant lockdown etc, the singer/guitarist recently stood down so it looks like I’ll be playing 6 string and singing now 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Genuine Metal Church guitar pick for sale, caught at the London Marquee on the 11th May 1990. This was the gig where Metallica played a secret gig as Vertigo and supported Metal Church.
  4. Genuine Ted Nugent guitar pick for sale, caught at Hammersmith Odeon on Sunday 20th March 1988 on the “If You Can’t Lick ‘Em...Lick ‘Em” European tour.
  5. Watch `The Social Dilemma' and learn how our attention is now the product, disconnect yourself and explore the real world.

    Goodbye BASSCHAT.

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    2. gjones


      It's good that you watched it, you're probably in the minority.

      It will only get worse.

    3. Happy Jack

      Happy Jack

      Coming soon to a screen near you ... Antisocial Media.

    4. jaccjazz


      Try reading "The age of Surveillance Capitalism" by Shoshana Zuboff for a somewhat more heavyweight analysis.

      Or for a shorter read:  https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/29/rightwing-thinktank-conservative-boris-johnson-brexit-atlas-network


  6. Wilkinson M-Series WMJB Jazz Bass-type NECK & BRIDGE Pickups for sale. Proprietary "Vari-gauss" technology with enhanced bottom end. Approx Resistance: 8.40k (Neck), 9.0k (Bridge) 4 String Perfect for a budget friendly project. Will post anywhere for free.
  7. A pair of Jazz Bass pickups for sale, taken out of a J&D Jazz Bass and in perfect working order. Perfect for a budget friendly project. Will post anywhere for free.
  8. I've decided to keep them and see if I can put both of the thicker magnets under the neck pickup, I love a project and this should keep me busy for an afternoon. ** UPDATE ** Well that was a waste of an hour 😂, I took off the thin magnet and put both the thicker magnets on one pickup but it was still all for the E and A 🤷🏻‍♂️. It was worth a try though.
  9. @shoulderpet I contacted JHS and never got a reply. Customer service it would seem is a thing of the past.
  10. Anything by Charles Mingus. I have the `Complete Recordings 1957 - 1960' collection on my iPhone and it's amazing, it has all of these on it; Word from Bird (with Teddy Charles) The Clown Mingus Three (aka Trio) East Coasting A Modern Jazz Symposium of Music and Poetry Mingus Ah Um Wonderland The Weary Blues (with Langston Hughes) Blues & Roots
  11. @dave_bass5 I swapped them back to how I know them to be; neck pickup wires to the neck pot and bridge pickup wires to the bridge pot, I don;t think the original way really affected the sound to be fair but it just didn't look right. I have already taken delivery of a Jazz Bass Loom from @KiOgon and I'm looking forward to a pain free installation over the weekend.
  12. The pictures on that website are incorrect as only the neck pickup has the thicker magnet under the E and A, the bridge pickup has a magnet of equal thickness along it's entire length. I agree that the tone it provides is perfect rock Rock and Punk, but only if you play the E and A strings only 😂 If anyone fancies giving them a try, I will be taking some pics and putting an advert on Basschat very soon. Watch this space.
  13. @A.G.E.N.T.E. You name it, I've tried it, whatever's over the BIG magnet overpowers everything else. I'm selling them if you're interested.
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