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  1. Hi all, I hope this is the right section. Long time no post. Looking around at some modern P bass pickups. Kicking around the Lace Sensor, DiMarzios or Kent Armstrong Hot P bass pickups.

    Anyone got any experience of the Lace ones? In the demo video, they sound really punchy, but I won't post the video link, as I have to take into account the guitar and amps used. Big old Oranges and big old cabs!

    They might be way too hot though....

  2. I have to say my modded Epi EB0 sounds and plays and feels really nice. A lot better than the Squier Bronco and Ibby Talman I had (it's all personal I suppose). I have been playing it through headphones mainly and a warwick gnome and it sounds fine. For sure, it'll be different through a cab,

    I tried it at low volume through a Peavey Bandit guitar amp and it sounded pretty good, a lot bassier obviously. The pickup upgrade is a Retrovibe and a brass nut.

  3. I have one of these on the way from Tides guitars (TTTides officially), but it'll take a year to be finished. It's going to be 30" scale, pickups will be single coil in thunderbird housing and moved closer to the neck, with a series/parallel switch, and will either be a wood body or composite wood. It will be neck through. Can't wait!


    This is what the pickup positioning should look like.


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  4. Ordered a Gnome as well. It was between it and the Elf, and it was around €100 roughly cheaper, where I am, so I went for it, as it will mainly be used for home recording and practice, and eventually as a back up. For a gigging amp head, I might go for a combo or a Quilter Bass Block if one shoes up used sometime. I have a Quilter guitar head, and it's a great little thing.

  5. 53 minutes ago, LeftyJ said:

    Never tried the Washburn S1000, but I have two Status S2 Classics with bolt-on graphite necks. They can do everything, and do it well! I use my 5-string in a doom metalband tuned down to A and it's easily tight enough to pull it off, sounds deep and fat and works really well with my Darkglass B7K overdrive. 

    That is what I was getting at :)

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