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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Bump for this beauty.
  3. Hi folks I'm letting this beautiful Spector Rebop go as I much prefer the feel and tone of the Spector Euro. Its in excellent condition with no issues at all. All stock with EMG pickups and the Spector Tone Pump preamp with adjustable trim pot. Comes with a nice Spector gig bag. Collection preferred and I'd only trade with another Spector Euro. Sorry the pics are not great. Much better than the pics show. Thanks for looking Stuart
  4. Price drop to £350. Thanks
  5. Cheers mate those pics are much better at showing how beautiful the bass is.
  6. Hi Unfortunately having to put this up for sale. Got it recently from Andy Travis and its in excellent condition. Plays wonderfully. Great sound from these pickups. Only played at home. Just a small lacquer knock on the back of the bass which I've tried my best to photograph. Would prefer collection sale but may consider shipping at buyers expense. Thanks Stuart
  7. Hi folks up for sale is a Yamaha BB434 in black with a maple neck. Only bought recently and in original excellent condition. Not gigged at all. No trades at this time thanks. Would prefer a collection only sale but may consider shipping at expense of buyer. Thanks Stuart
  8. Sorry Tommy not looking for any trades. Thanks tho
  9. Only a couple more days for sale then withdrawing.
  10. Sunday bump. Only a couple of more days then withdrawing from sale.
  11. Price drop to £700 for a great Czech made Spector.
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