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  1. Two sets available, brand new and sealed. £25 each including first class, signed for UK delivery. PayPal payments only please.
  2. That's a tasty looking VM4. Would love to hear what the black label pickups sound like.
  3. Been thinking of trying his walking bass line course, since I can't buy gear this sounds like a great opportunity.
  4. My wife did that to me!! I asked her to tidy up the back, dropped the comb off passed her the clippers. Clearly she misunderstood and proceeded to shave a number 0 stripe up the back of my head.
  5. Next thing you know it will be on that contraband smuggling racket you've got going , otherwise known as the BC highway, having it moved across the country avoiding police drones and corona patrols.
  6. Perhaps it's secretly a rik hidden inside a hollowed out Warwick ??
  7. I'm looking forward to today's installment.
  8. I love that he forked up and left it in the video. Never knew much about Leland before now but I'm really enjoying getting to know him through this series of videos. Thanks for posting @NoirBass
  9. I found myself on the Barefaced website last weekend , seeing you flaunt my SC on here and the impending 25th deadline got my GAS going.
  10. Wow, what a change in approach. Loved his playing in this one !
  11. I'm currently studying Walking Bass lines with the aim of landing a place, or at least some dep work with a local traditional Jazz group or two a guitarist friend plays in. As part of my studies I need to be more familiar with standards and so I want to build a playlist of definitive, or at least well regarded, recorded versions of these to get started. I'm looking for the BC's collective wisdom on what I should include.
  12. Lol, I assumed it was end of day 25th :).Lucky I checked or I may have failed on day 1.
  13. Is 23:59 the deadline for any ordering ??
  14. I had a UPS delivery yesterday 24 hours all the way from Italy, was very surprised, especially as it didn't arrive like this:
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