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  1. PJ-Bassist

    2019 Gear challenge

    Impressive, most impressive.
  2. PJ-Bassist

    2019 Gear challenge

    Wise words from Mr. Miller! Convinced me that with the right setup I really don't need anything other than my Sandberg PJ. Wonder if I can squeeze a compressor in before 2019
  3. With the band, rock. However, my personal love these days is Funk (just can't get the others on board with it)
  4. I'm been thinking on this through the evening. This is the approach I think I'll take... Get super confident with the following scales / arpeggios: Ionian & Aeolian Modes – (Master the 1st and 2nd finger positions) Major, Minor and Dom7 Chord Tones – (Master the 1st and 2nd finger positions) Major, Minor Pentatonic Sclaes – (Master the 1st and 2nd finger positions) Get comfortable with common chord progressions Analyse common chord progressions in music similar to that we play in Jam sessions Source / create backing tracks with these chord progressions for Jam practice Transcribe and analyse existing music Transcribe 1-4 bar bass lines i find interesting / inspirational (limited to 4/4 time for now) Analyse transcriptions to understand their harmonic properties Transcribe fills I hear and like, create a personal lick library to build ideas from Practice Jamming Use aforementioned backing tracks and knowledge to jam with Would love to hear other ideas...
  5. PJ-Bassist

    What a difference a good rig makes

    I've totally had similar experiences re: Rehearsal gear recently. For the past 18 months I've always brought my own gear to band rehearsals, a GK MB head and various 12" lightweight / portable cabinets (Hartke, Barefaced etc) but I've never really got a sound I was totally happy with. Since selling my 12" cabs and getting a new Markbass head I've not taken my gear to rehearsals, I've used what's in the studio's for ease and I was surprised that I got tones I was way more pleased with. One studio was equipped with a HK 15" combo and the other a 4x10 Marshall combo. Both beasts and not practical to move around but it's making me realise that 12's are just not the cabs for me and that I actually want a 1x15 and 2x10 rig to go with my new Markbass head.
  6. PJ-Bassist

    What Strings Are Doing it For You?

    I'm sold, just because of the name!! They'd match my Klotz FunkMaster cables
  7. I had a simply awful rehearsal last night. Singer we were due to audition for our casual covers band dropped out last minute. Band agreed to get together and just jam - unfortunately this is a particular weakness of mine. Guitarists start busting out riffs and songs .. drummer gets into it and they are all going and sounding great. I'm left there thinking 'ummmm' .. after watching the 1 x guitarists finger board for a bit I'm able to start figuring out the chord progression and playing along (until a transition to a new section at least). Problem is my playing along is just sitting on the root note for said chord playing quarter notes, any variation I try and put in just sounds crap - be it me trying some syncopated rhythms or a fill. I just lacked ideas / creativity and anything I tried just wasn't executed well. It's frustrating to me that when they do this there's no discussion on what chord progressions are but that's never going to happen with this lot as they don't need it, they seem to quickly figure out what is going on.I left feeling utterly depressed and a bit humiliated - I'm on the verge of just quitting and telling them to find a better bassist. That being said - being able to just jam, no preparation and sound good is my playing ambition - 2019 is the year I'm going to achieve this, I'm determined. My cry for help is how do I go about acheiving that. I would love some advice from more seasoned / confident players on approach.
  8. I'm digging the Foals! Definitely going to look at adding a track or two from this lot.
  9. PJ-Bassist

    Reggae music to be protected by UN

    I am but a simple man, I didn't understand a word of that or how it would serve to protect the integrity of a musical genre.
  10. PJ-Bassist

    Reggae music to be protected by UN

    That could be the end of my covers band career then!! 😟😟
  11. We are actually doing a Royal Blood song, figure it out - but when you re-engineer it to work as a full band and you are simply playing the notes from the lower register it becomes less fun to play.
  12. Thanks - all abit metal orientated for your typical pub crowd.
  13. I'm happy to forego challenging and settle for interesting. What I mean is a lot of music I seem to end up playing spends an awful lot of time pedalling the root note :).
  14. PJ-Bassist

    Hobbyist from Belfast

    Welcome to Basschat! Hope you're enjoying it thus far. I saw you were a Clash fan, if you like punk 6 Music radio have been promoting the IDLES a lot over the last week. For some reason they reminded me a lot of a modern day Clash (though upon re-listening to the Clash I'm not sure why). I'm not a massive punk fan in general but there was something about them I really liked.