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  1. Yesterday I had a good few hours to sit and play with the HX FX. I'd definately gone too subtle on the usage of effects in my last attempt and it was all lost in the mix so I wanted to redo a lot of what I had done to get it sounding better. I've been playing along to a lot of Jamiriquai of late and so I set to work on a patch bank that covers the sounds I'm looking for, mainly Synths and Filters. Again I was impressed with the quality of the effects this thing includes, and I love how flexible the whole damn unit is - some of the things that I thought were awesome: - Being able to create a parallel line, so I could have two independent lines of effects. - Being able to assign multi effects to the same pedal - Being able to reassign which effect is associated with which foot switch, without changing the signal path - Being able to rename FX banks, and change the associated LED colours I feel Line6 have really nailed it with what was ultimately a fairly affordable piece of kit. The only issue I had was hitting the limit of 9 FX's to one bank, I would have liked a few more (I.e. some reverb on one of the synth sounds). Expression pedal should arrive tomorrow, more fun to be had I feel.
  2. Brilliant news, I haven't bought a copy of BGM for a while but will nip out tomorrow and try and find a copy!
  3. Both. I have the HX FX (no amp / cab sims) and the quality of effects is pretty good (though I still need to figure out how to get them to shine through in a live mix). The stomp has the same range of F X plus all the Amp and Cab sims - the demo's on YouTube sound pretty good - it includes some good sounding SVT models.
  4. Love that band, and Garrett's tone.
  5. Indeed, but I'd try installing the 2.52 software to see if it is the same result. If 2.82 is not compatible it might not see the device. If he gets the same result with 2.52 then I'd suggest it needs to go back :).
  6. From the Line6 documentation you can't go straight to 2.82, you at least need to do 2.80 first. Personally I'd upgrade to 2.52 first. Then 2.80 and finally 2.82. https://uk.line6.com/software/index.html
  7. What version are you trying to update too? I read in the read me's that you have to go 2.80 before upgrading to 2.82. My HX FX came pre-loaded as 2.52 I think, I followed that path and it worked fine. If you are down at 2.3 I would try and get to 2.5 first, then 2.8 then 2.82. Does the PC/Mac recognise the unit as being attached - I.e. its not a simple USB cable issues?
  8. I think this was part of my problem, I'm running some of my effects on parallel lines to retain a nice clean bass tone, I think I probably need to boost the FX line and add an EQ to it to bring it out in the mix.
  9. I had an interesting experience last night with my new HX FX. I met up with a guitarist and drummer I know last night for a bit of a jam at the local studio. I'm not a super big effects user so I've clearly not got something right but I found my chorus and filter effects, and actually even my fuzz presets were just lost in the mix. Any tips on making them come to life more in a live band setting ??
  10. I'm currently bandless and love it :). but I do understand the challenge. The band I was in had a fantastic lead guitarist but he was forced to leave due to personal circumstances. As a small local band we really struggled to replace him and the band drifted in a half dead state for a long time afterwards. I eventually recruited a work colleague of mine to replace him, but that was a bit of a disaster too. In the end I also had to leave due to personal circumstances and although not officially disbanded and they did actually find another good player I don't think they've done much since. As said above sometimes it's nice to draw a line under something and venture out on a new project.
  11. My wife had a parcel delivered to my parents house whilst we were away in Wales. Unfortunately the DPD delivery was scheduled to take place the day they drove up to meet us. Rather than leave a Missed Parcel note, they forged the signature of my mother and left the parcel in the recycling bin. Luckily the recycling van wasn't due for a few days, but what if I my parents had arranged for a neighbour to put it out?? I appreciate the comments about the pressure they are under but the level of dishonesty they display is a joke. I'm rapidly getting to a point of no more mail order and no more BC purchases unless I can pickup the item in person.
  12. Was more curious as I saw it was Ash (which I assumed to be Ash Ash as opposed to Swamp Ash). Assumed it would be heavier.
  13. Ooof. That's a splendid beast, wish I could justify the need for it.
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