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  1. I'm too busy playing bass to sort it out properly
  2. Hi Folks, so I've had lots of queries as to if I'll courier the bass round the various parts of Europe. This is a possibility through Eurosender but I dont have a suitable hardcase. The cheapest are around £45 GBP from various online resellers which could be added on to the sale price + the cost of a courier if you wanted to proceed with that. Thanks
  3. Ha, so my beloved relic'd Sandberg is the sum of all these hates. Any thoughts on Maple Necks, or Maple Necks with Tort pick guards, or oversized pole pickups ???😂
  4. Things with Eurosender getting worse. After receiving the e-mail above I spoke to the recipient of the bass who asked that the courier comes Monday rather than Friday so the guitar is not sitting on a Van / in a Warehouse over the weekend. Fair enough, I called Eurosender who said no problem and I got further e-mail confirmation that the Bass will be collected Monday. DPD show up about 30 minutes ago to pick up 2 parcels (??), when my wife advised that they should be coming on Monday the DPD driver was extremely rude to her about his wasted time, and how this wasn't DPD's fault. They've now cancelled the collection and insisting I rebook :(.
  5. If I ever bought a brand new Land Rover Defender and it was an option then I'd opt for the Reliced finish :). It's all about the image. I have a roadworn and a non-roadworn Sandberg V series, love them both (but the road worn one a little more)
  6. Hmm, I'm not off to a good start with Eurosender. Firstly I forgot to use the Basschst Discount code (grrrr) then on the day DPD were due to pick up the bass I get this email.
  7. Like Ashdown I guess as a brand that just have never really found themselves in fashion but their Nexus range looked quite interesting.
  8. I had a similar experience with a stage monitor I bought second hand. Great customer service. I'd love to see Laney get more love on here but their bass products rarely get a mention.
  9. True, I'd really rather not but I'm not going to absorb the £40 to buy one and buyers don't seem interested in a 5 - 10% uplift to provide one. On BC especially they are constantly trying to knock you down on price so presenting another 40 quid on top is going to lose you that sale. It also strikes me as curious that when Fender, Gibson, Sandberg etc. ship guitars worldwide they are not in hardcases (to my knowledge) and when I've bought guitars online from retailers like Andertons, GAK and GuitarGuitar not a single one has come in a hardcase. So do they just not bother with insurance and absorb any losses or do commercial organisations have different agreements with couriers?
  10. The key question they need to answer is will a damaged item be covered by the insurance if it is not in a hardcase
  11. Lovely, but 48mm neck width at nut, too much for my tiny hands
  12. The C4 synth looks a lot of fun. I watched the BassTheWorld review yesterday
  13. it's almost Halloween so a Zombie thread revival feels appropriate .. This is not just a random zombie thread revival however, I'm starting to look at string options for my inbound Shuker custom. My first choice are Ernie Ball Cobalt flats but given I've gone for a very English build (English Elm drop top, guitar hand made in England by Jon, East Pre-Amp, Armstrong Pickups, Heistercamp Strap) I was looking for some UK branded strings. Unfortunately NewTone only seem to do standard round wounds and the only other British string brand I know are Rotosound. Are there anymore opinions on the Nexus strings in the past 10 years, the black coating would look rather smart on the bass but how do they sound and feel? Any other British string brands ??
  14. A few reasons - I prefer the more compact body - The II's are significantly lighter and better balanced than the VM4 was - The neck feels more comfortable on the II's and the finish seems superior to that on the VM4, more of a satin feel rather than a gloss.
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