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  1. PJ-Bassist

    Summer of 69? Drop D?

    This might help
  2. PJ-Bassist

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    Yes, that was my suggestion. However it appears you have taken much more extreme action already!
  3. PJ-Bassist

    Hubba Hubba!

    I've not read that thread but I do think it's another example of content posted on BC that may turn some away from this community.
  4. PJ-Bassist

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    You are lucky to have a whole room, I've got a single wall of the smallest room of the house.
  5. PJ-Bassist

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    I've noticed that trend, it's almost expected now. I feel some BCers wait for you to drop the price before approaching you to negotiste further and snap up a bargain
  6. PJ-Bassist

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    Sounds to me like you need to move one or more of your daughter's into the small room and take the bigger room for your gear - you clearly need the space more than she does
  7. PJ-Bassist

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    That's awesome ! It was a real bargain though, a sweet acoustic bass for less money than a Boss pedal :).
  8. PJ-Bassist

    The between bands vacuum

    +1, put a free notice up on Joinmyband.com and see what responses you get. I've done this a few times now because I wanted to be able to dictate rehearsal schedules etc. Singers are a bit of a pain to find but drummers and guitarists are easier.
  9. PJ-Bassist

    To Cull or Not to Cull...

    I have a pretty modest collection, just 3 basses. Think in total I've had six pass through my hands; the only one I regret selling was my Warwick GPS Corvette 5. 2 reasons I regret moving it on, firstly I lost a fair bit of money on the sale but the bigger reason is the nostalgia factor - it was the bass I played my first gig with :(. I've bought the two 4 string PJ basses over the past six months. Although the 5 string Jazz has been my gigging bass since gig 1 I'm now tempted to move it on as I haven't played it since getting the PJs. Those things are so damn versatile, I have one strung with rounds and one with flats. Our set list no longer has lots of different tunings which was the original reason I went for the five so it now seems a bit redundant. My only concern would be the resale value of a Mayones guitar. I wouldn't want to lose a ton of cash on another bass sale (perhaps selling it through the Bass Gallery or some where similar is an option, not sure what they take as commission).
  10. PJ-Bassist

    End of an Era

    Wow, never expected to see my home town mentioned here on Basschat. I moved away a long time ago but my parents still live there - chances are I might visit them at New Year's, might see if I can score a ticket and come to the show!
  11. PJ-Bassist

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    I had the same experience selling a Warwick on here. Only time I've used BC to sell a bass and took a considerable loss on my GPS Corvette 5.
  12. PJ-Bassist

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    In my recent experience pedals and effects sell pretty quickly if you price it right (i.e. don't ask near new prices). Amp combos, heads and cabs seem much more difficult to shift, even the premium gear. I've ended up being more successful selling through Gumtree and eBay (at an uplifted price to cover fees) than on BC for these items. I guess this make sense; pedals are relatively low cost, easy to ship and as bassists we''re constabtly chasing that illusive perfect tone. I don't know about how well basses sell but suspect that's equally slow. I mean that's a big investment.
  13. PJ-Bassist

    Hubba Hubba!

    Hubba hubba! Check out that bassist's rack ya'll (His rack mounted gear obviously)
  14. PJ-Bassist

    Hubba Hubba!

    I was wondering the same thing. In my short tenure here I'm not sure I've seen many female bass players post on Bass chat (maybe 1) which is a shame - it would be great to have more diversity, I have a perception that female bass players are much more prominent than they are with other instruments.
  15. PJ-Bassist

    The drop pedal. Thoughts needed

    I agree with some of the comments above in that you'll probably get better results tuning down a semi-tone for the whole set and playing the songs in standard tuning up a semitone. Unless you use a lot of open strings (no one does that right??) I can't see that being too much of a problem. I've not use one of those specific pedals with a Bass guitar but I had a whammy DT pedal which included the same functionality / circuit when I used to play six string . Although the pitch adjustments worked great the tone of the note was very synthetic sounding and I hated it. If you use OD post pitch adjustment it might hide that enough in the mix so that you won't notice. There's also a slight delay in the note being produced - not a problem normally but if your playing fast runs can be a bit of an issue - perhaps more so on the guitar. If you have a second bass maybe you could keep them in separate tunings and use something like the Radial Big Shot I/O to switch between them?