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  1. From what I've seen on the BC marketplace Markbass doesn't tend to hold much resale value, even the Italian stuff. so although 750 is not a bad price it doesn't strike me as much of a good deal.
  2. Another update from Jon. Really liking the headstock shape.
  3. Flowers In The Window - Travis
  4. Jaco Pastorius I wouldn't say that I'm biggest fan of Jaco's music, in fact of the list of Rotosound's endorsee' there are many more I would choose to listen to. That being said I do think Continuum is a lovely composition and some of his work with Joni Mitchell on Hejira was fantastic. However the reason I nominated him is I remember reading when I first picked up bass playing that he had a different colour silk wrap for each string. He saw notes as colours and wanted that represented within his bass - as a newbie to bass playing I really liked this connection between music and colours and it's stuck with me ever since. Now I'm a few years on in my bass journey I'm starting to play more funk I recognise Jaco's contribution to the evolution of the instrument and how the 16th note grooves he famed for have inspired so many of the players that subsequently inspire me.
  5. Me too, I'm rehearsing the At least I'm not this guy! speech.
  6. Lovely, and just round the corner from me... Must resist
  7. Nope, me too. Part of it for me is significant performance anxiety that robs a lot of the enjoyment.
  8. I went from playing 5's back to 4's because i just couldn't get my technique to a point where I was able to successfully keep the unwanted noise under control. Weight wasn't a problem but I do have small hands and didn't find a 5 very comfortable to play in certain positions. The difference is I only had 5's to avoid retuning or swapping guitars at a gig. for songs in alternate tunings. Other than that I rarely used the B string, it sounds like you on the other hand really value the range and positional options a fiver gives you. I'd stick with it and work on the technique intensively over the coming weeks to see if you can get it where it needs to be. It's expensive to swap guitars (I've learnt the hard way) but I don't regret getting back to 4 strings.
  9. I like the idea of supporting British brands more (despite actual country of product manufactoring). I have a Shuker bass being made for me at present (English elm drop top and John East pre-amp for a real English feel). My straps were hand made in the south west by Heistercamp. I've also had GAS for an Ashdown amp for a while and quite fancy giving Barefaced cabs another go. I can see me following this UK brand trend over the next few years. For me this is not about nationalism but simple pride in our nations ingenuity and a desire to support our local economy.
  10. I've had some Ashdown pedals and didn't think too much of them, an acoustic pre-amp and the nate mendel distortion sig, but I've always fancied one of their tube / hybrid amps. If I get back into a band then I might consider an ABM - and I've had Gas for a Little Stubby for some time. Those CTMs look killer, does this mean the SVT is going up for sale?
  11. I think I remember reading your original post on this and thinking it was interesting. Who ran the course and where was it?
  12. I'm shy too (and incidentally grew up just outside of Plymouth, must be a west country thing!!). Despite its numerous flaws you can have success with JMB and I haven't found a better alternative. I've used it a couple of times to set up bands with people similar to me, i.e a dads band for people with commitments but who still want to get together every few weeks to jam and gig a few times a year for fun. I actually had a really positive response, sure there were some time wasters but also some really good musicians and singers. It was pretty ease to weed out the crap from the serious. I also once sent a enquiry to a big band who were looking for a bassist. I never got to audition stage as I worked out pretty quickly that I wasn't going to be the right guy for them (given I couldn't sight read) but it was a friendly and positive experience. I'd say give it a try, you have nothing to lose.
  13. Cheers Bas, will look over that thread
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