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  1. Today is my birthday and I just had the dispatch note to say the book will be delivered today! Thank you Geddy for pulling whatever strings you did for me
  2. That seems very odd, I would definitely contact them and ask WTF. I haven't had an email but order status on the website says it will arrive Tuesday. I won't hold my breath.
  3. Funny, I learnt that song last week for that exact purpose. So I ended up quitting that band, partly because of the experiences and partly because of some things going on with my kid that meant I didn't have time for it. However, I'm still working on those improvisation skills because they are important to me. I'm learning a lot of Flea's grooves and fills - figured if I have to play Rock I'll play it as funked up as I can :). i'm also working on jamming to common chord progressions in pop / rock music to build my ear and listening skills.
  4. First update from Jon. Body taking shape so to speak.
  5. BandHelper is a cross platform option I looked at. On song is what I've ended up with but its IOS only.
  6. I could see 10-15 basses as a reasonable amount for as working / pro musician. The typical, J, P and MM's. A few goto gigging basses with a couple as backups or for alternate tunings Perhaps a vintage, YOB or iconic bass or two. But 20+ seems excessive :).. How many is in your collection, its probably earlier in this thread so apologies if you are repeating yourself.
  7. Agree, I tend to tune out the static ads so I'm not worried about those. The problem is the pop up, on my phone screen it reduces the available space to read posts and when I try and type a reply like this is covers the text input box so I can't see what I'm doing. Will try ABP.
  8. Enjoyed that a lot! @PUREJOYPEOPLE.. I remember your lead bass post a while ago. Some great tones in this that may interest you!
  9. I'm not sure what's worse, the Ads or the puns.
  10. I love bass guitar, and I love spending money on bass guitars but I struggle to get my head around such large collections.
  11. Is it possible to remove ads for those of us with paid subscriptions? Thanks
  12. Did you move so you'd have more room for your basses?
  13. I've only auditioned once for band, I made sure I knew the songs they wanted me to play and put myself across as a likeable, dependable guy. Turned out I knew the songs better than the outgoing bassist so all was good and I was in. I'm still in that band today, what do I bring to the table now ... Well I seem to be the only one who understands how to use a damn PA/Mixer and what the flip EQ is for. I usually have to lend someone a spare cable, battery, tuner, even a flipping guitar once at rehearsal because someone forgot to bring or has a broken one.
  14. Oasis Rock n Roll Star. I'm constantly flipping up the chord progression.
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