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  1. Heres a post I've written about my new Overwater Custom P5 including pics, videos & specs https://www.phillcourtmusic.com/single-post/2019/05/14/My-Custom-Overwater-Bass


    1. SICbass


      Thanks for that. Some nice sounds and tight playing.

      You may have ordered/designed what just about adds up to being my dream bass. I hadn't particularly thought about an Overwater before but that really does tick a lot of boxes.


      ..and thanks again from the review.

    2. Phill


      @SICbass Thank you for the kind words! Originaly I was gonna get a Sandberg VM 5 which is similar, but a lot of my mates have custom/signature Overwaters & I had a great deal on a custom built bass 

    3. SICbass


      You lucky bar steward 😉  Love the surf green btw.

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