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  1. Fire - the crazy world of Arthur Brown
  2. Sound again for me. The best tribute band I’ve seen in recent years is The Dung Beatles, a 5-piece, all of shall we say “mature” age group, and with no attempt whatsoever to be lookalikes. But brilliant Sound-a-likes.
  3. Hot love - Lard. Edit: oops, sorry, Trex Edit 2: sorry again, I meant T-Rex
  4. We don’t have such a big team, maybe 20 or so plus the techies, so a rota works well for us. I enjoy playing with different folks each week. A few are multi-talented, but there are still some weeks with for instance no drummer, although we’ve just had another join the team, so that might help. But it was good to be reminded a few posts ago of why and for whom we are playing.
  5. Holding out for a hero - Bonnie Tyler
  6. My first bass was a pearl white Hondo P-bass. I was however recruited into the house band for an amateur musical, playing guitar, but the only guitar I owned was a 12-string acoustic, which admittedly had a pickup and controls, but wasn’t suitable for this gig. As I had another bass by this time, the Hondo went to a ‘Cash Converters’ type shop, in a straight swap for an Encore (these were hard times!) Strat copy. I still have the 12-string, and the Encore, the latter having, for me at least, an ideal action.
  7. Hail to the Chief - US patriotic song
  8. Sorry seems to be the hardest word - Sir Elton
  9. Looking forward to singing again this coming Sunday, even if it is still with a mask on!
  10. I agree, but it is possible to improve it, if you know how it sounds at source. (I think I was wrong above, it couldn’t have been at rehearsal, it must have been during the live stream. Either way, it’s better now than it was initially.)
  11. I was disappointed when I got home, and listened to my first church band ‘live’ outing on the streamed YouTube, as the bass was non-existent, even if I pumped it through my bass amp. The next week I got the sound man to listen to the streamed output during rehearsal rather than the stage mix, which convinced him to wind the bass (and drums, too) up significantly. Still a bit tinny on laptop or tablet, but nice through the soundbar or bass amp!
  12. Riders in the sky - Frankie Laine plus anyone who ever picked up an electric guitar
  13. Moonlight serenade - Glenn Miller Orch
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