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  1. We don’t talk anymore - the Peter Pan of pop
  2. Why must I be a teenager in love? - Marty Wilde
  3. I was on FOH duty at a Tring Blues Bar gig at the local theatre yesterday evening, excellent band - Honey Ryder - it was apparently their first outing since September last, and that had been only a stripped back acoustic set. You couldn’t tell, though, they must have been working hard getting back up to speed. (So if Alex the bass player is on here, well done!) Hope yours goes as well, Sarah!
  4. I’ll do it... Leen on me - Dobie Gray
  5. Carolina in my mind - the Petersens (amongst others)
  6. Gonna wash that man right outta my hair - Mitzi Gaynor (South Pacific soundtrack)
  7. Fire! - the crazy world of Arthur Brown
  8. They’re coming to take me away ha ha - Napoleon XIV
  9. It’s in his kiss (the shoop shoop song) - Cher
  10. Don’t stop the carnival - Alan Price Set
  11. Long cool woman in a black dress - the Hollies
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