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  1. In Nottingham in the 60s, "The Mason-Dixon Line", we figured everyone would recognise the name, but hopefully wouldn’t immediately come up with the original. As has been said in a previous post, very 6th form.... Current (as yet) jamming band, Cabin Crew, because we rehearse in a log cabin.
  2. It’s your name Carlsberg then, because it’s an old Army saying that you shouldn’t worry about getting shot; a bullet will only get you if it has your name on it...... (I’ll get my own coat)
  3. Martin, if the new slider seems to work but the zip then comes apart, it’s likely the slider's not pulling the two halves together quite enough. Try squeezing the sides of the slider together, it might take a slight tap rather than a squeeze. I got this from a YouTube video, and I successfully mended an old gig bag zip this way. Hope this helps
  4. Only ever done one audition, way back in the 60s, when I sat behind a kit. Not an audition from Hell, but it turned out fine for me. I answered an ad for a drummer wanted for a re-forming showband, there were three or four blokes turned up, which were quickly reduced to just two of us. We were using the band's old drummer's kit for the auditions, but chatting it transpired that the other bloke and me both had identical kits, red silk Premier, and he was left handed, so set his up as a mirror image of mine. Well, it was a showband, (sax etc) so they decided to offer us both the job, to have two drummers, and left it to us to get together to swap notes etc. When I phoned him to arrange, his dad answered, and told me in no uncertain terms that his son wasn’t going to be one of two drummers, and he, Dad, would make sure his son got the gig. I phoned the band leader, who said he’d just heard from the Dad, and was about to phone me, to ask if I’d have any problem being 1 of 2, to which I replied no problem. In that case you’ve got the job, he said.......
  5. They came to our church a few years ago, absolutely lovely couple. I was allowed to host them, it turned out Paul had given up the only free evening of a Manfreds tour to come.
  6. Hi, thanks for the replies, I’ve been abroad for best part of a month with little or no 'net hence not replying, sorry. T-bay, the dimensions are overall length 41" (125cm), max width 16" (41cm) which is about 8"(20cm) from the tailpiece end. Semi-hollow bodyplus vol/tone knobs. Thanks again
  7. Before I retired, I part owned a service industry company which charged fees (although not necessarily on a % basis) and realised that quite a few people know their cost, but unfortunately not always their value. Having said that, I understand that traditional auction houses (not the likes of eBay) also charge around 15% commission, but to both vendor and purchaser, so they get it twice......
  8. Thanks all for the welcome but no, not the Young Ones, it's 'Handle with Care', so I suppose that's almost as appropriate.......
  9. Many thanks, Gear4Music don't have one to fit, that's where I bought the acoustic one I'm using, but I'll explore the other suggestions.
  10. As title, really, I've just replaced my EB-3 with a long scale 335-bodied semi acoustic bass, but I can't find either a gig bag or a hard case to fit it. I'm currently using a well padded acoustic bass bag, but it's far too big really, and those for solids are not quite wide enough. Any recommendations, please? I may finish up making my own hard case, but this is a last resort. Thanks in advance. Malcolm
  11. Good morning all, just joined the forum, although I've been playing bass guitar for a while now. I was in bands as long ago as the 60s, sitting behind a drum kit in those days, but fed up of carrying all the gear, and with the length of time it took to set up, etc, I taught myself to play guitar. Years later, when my younger daughter was taking A level flute, and playing in a church band which had no bass player, this was my chance to learn bass! Still play regularly to congregations of a couple of hundred plus. Recently helped form a jamming band, three of us in our 70s, one aged 65, and the 'baby' in his late 50s as vocalist . Very fortunate to have a fully equipped - PA, amps, drum kit etc - garden room to rehearse in. I've just 'retired' my Epiphone EB-3, and bought a long scale semi-acoustic '335' bodied bass, mainly because I found the solid to be a bit too heavy. As I'm a member on various other, albeit mainly motoring, forums (fora?) I'm looking forward to joining in discussions/banter on here. Malcolm
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