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  1. Ok, thanks. I was hoping for the fancier version. I’ve got one of each, but the Sport model with the rain cover is just so nice.
  2. Do you have a photo of the bag? They’ve had a couple different gigbag made by Levy’s.
  3. Check to see if Bassstringsonline.com will ship one to the UK and for how much.
  4. jposega

    String life

    Different alloys of metal react to different players sweat PH which can change depending on weather/climate/diet/etc, the amount of crud that comes off your hands, particles from the environment, how they were packaged, and whatnot.
  5. Are these for AB or Super series?
  6. jposega

    Fan fret input requested

    Fanned frets good, but unless you figure out a string set that'll give you tensions for your E-C that are close to what you get by playing a standard scale bass, you'll end up with really plinky, twangy high strings. That means finding some extra light strings, which might mean needing a plain-steel C to balance well with the rest of the set. If you want fanned and 5 and a Dingwall, get a Super J or Super P.
  7. jposega

    Recording the double bass

    Just play. You'll play worse if you worry too much about technique. Let the engineer worry about miking. The only thing I can recommend is to be mindful of your breathing. I don't know how many acoustic instrument takes have been trashed by a sniffle or someone who holds their breath through one section only to breathe out really loudly once they've nailed the passage. It's really bad with acoustic guitar and violin, not as much with bass, but just be mindful that you aren't huffing and puffing, coughing and groaning behind your bass. Most important though is to practice beforehand, know your parts, come prepared, be nice to the studio staff, have fun, and tune often!
  8. jposega

    Line 6 HX

    There’s a big thread on TalkBass about the HX. Worth reading to get people’s impressions, which are generally extremely positive.
  9. jposega


    Look for something in the 22” scale range, they intonate better and the string tension is nicer. Same great tone and fun playability but just better. Not sure if any in the under £200 range are longer than the typical 20” scale.
  10. jposega

    Help needed for strings for my new 32" scale 5er

    Most accurate way to measure scale is inside edge of nut to 12th fret. That measure multiplied by 2 is your scale length. Cuts out any variation due to bridge saddles being intonated differently.
  11. jposega

    TC electronic crescendo

    Maybe not necessarily smaller when using standard cables on either side. A lot of pedals with top jacks end up narrower than these Nano ones.
  12. jposega

    Dingwall Z2 Custom - reduced price

    Getting a little tempted to flip my ABZ6 to try and get this one...
  13. jposega

    Dingwall Z2 Custom - reduced price

    Link to photos doesn’t seem to work, at least not on my phone.
  14. jposega

    EQ Pedal for Bass & Guitar

    The newest version of the MXR 10 Band EQ looks solid
  15. jposega

    Which pedal is 'irreplaceable' on your board?

    Broughton Broughctave: it’s easily the best spin on the OC2 in existence today.