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  1. Kamiel

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Fair enough, still though, I don't think my mind could manage twisted pedals
  2. Kamiel

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Is it just me that finds this quite a strange board? You nicely follow the thought of keeping enough space between pedals, and I like that, cause you don't want to be pushing wrong buttons etc, but then you put that upper left pedal sideways making it (in my eyes) extremely difficult to switch on any of those 4 knobs without touching a wrong one... I would leave the polytune constantly on, so it's easy to put it somewhere in the back, and make some place to put the 4 knob pedal in the front?
  3. Kamiel

    Pedal-board and -case build

    1. Hehe, the engraving in the lid seems way less extreme on the commitment scale, that's kind of why I do it, cause I wouldn't get a tattoo with the bands name I think Worst case, if the band splits up and I don't want to see the name on the lid every day I can fill it up or something like that But to be honest, I can imagine the band splitting up but I can not imagine the band splitting up with me hating the rest of the guy's... 2. Thanks, I've tried some different things and right now I'm using a combo of some... First came the stickers you can see. Then I had a gig where I last al my sound because of a cable running over my board and changing a knob, so I decided to put rubber washers under the volume related knobs. Then I discovered that with some deodorant 'magic marker' (I mean alcohol based markers, don't know if that's the right translation, English isn't my first language ) is easily removable. So now I also put little dots on the place where the knob should be, cause that's more easy to check than all those stickers... I must admit that your technique of just putting something at twelve o'clock is way more efficient if you have to check in a small amount of time! Thanks for the tip!
  4. Kamiel

    Pedal-board and -case build

    Another small update: Everything is finally ready for glueing. The lid has been glued together already, the case itself is for next week or in to weeks. And a cool little extra thing: We used the cnc-router to engrave the logo of my band in the lid. I'm thinking I will paint the lid black, and then with a small brush or maybe some sort of sharpie I will make the inside of the engravings white. All holes for jack-plugs, xlr-plug and powerplug are ready as well, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of that.
  5. Kamiel

    Pedal-board and -case build

    Some mock-up pic's from the internal structures. Still some filing to do to make everything fit really well but it's going to right way!
  6. Kamiel

    Show us your rig!

    How is that Little Bastard? I've always wondered if I want one!
  7. Kamiel

    Pedal-board and -case build

    We have finally done some routing. All went quite well, except for some small tears here and there. Because of the routerbit being 8mm, the inner corners etc. have to be filed down to straight corners, which appears to be more work than expected, so we'll go on next week!
  8. Kamiel

    Pedal-board and -case build

    Final package delivery: Jack-plugs, XLR plug, some cable-management-stuff and a powercable. (Btw, not that it matters that much, but really positively surprised by the amount of packaging material used by banzaimusic.com, the box even seemed right for the amount of stuff that was in it, and not like 4 sizes to big ) Now I'm just waiting for my friend with a router to come back from his holiday and the real work can begin!
  9. Kamiel

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Looks nice. Is it supposed to be future proof or is there an other reason you're leaving quite some open space? (Or now I think about it, do you already have the novo32?)
  10. Kamiel

    Pedal-board and -case build

    The glass in the picture is just for clarity of design, in real life it will be just as woody as the rest, and as it all is going to be painted black, I think it will be oké
  11. Kamiel

    Pedal-board and -case build

    I've got mail: Hinges, handles, ball-corner-pieces... arrived. Jack's etc. are ordered from Banzaimusic.com, anyone got experience with that website? I've got a payment confirmation 2 weeks ago but haven't heard from them since... Also I've decided to go with 8mm plywood, the construction is made strong enough so I'm pretty sure it will be alright that way, and I'm saving a lot of weight. A friend of a friend has a (self build) cnc-router that is big enough for all my pieces so that's the option I'm going with.
  12. Kamiel

    Fender Pricelists 1968-2010

    It would be interesting to make some graphs with prices over the years for specific models. Unfortunately I don't have the time, patience or willpower to do that. Not really in the mood to open 50+ pdf's hehe
  13. Kamiel

    Show us your rig!

    Hasn't everyone been there?
  14. Kamiel

    Pork and Pickle

    I love way huge, my sound defining pedal is a Swollen Pickle, but indeed they tend to use their volume knob in a strange manner. I don't know if anyone has ever put there swollen pickle volume above 9 'o clock, but that person must be deaf by now.
  15. Kamiel

    Pedal-board and -case build

    Typical measurements I find for ply wood are 12mm or 8mm, I'm a bit afraid that that's quite a big step down. You think it would be sturdy enough?