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  1. mik900

    Small pedal board

    Cheers the pb3 looks ideal. Just need a padded bag for it now.
  2. mik900

    Small pedal board

    I'm in need of a small pedal board. (Only use Sansamp and tu3 tuner). Is there anything smaller than a pedaltrain nano that comes with padded bag or is that the best option. Cheers.
  3. Cheers. What about order of pedals from bass yo amp?
  4. I'm just about to get a Sansamp v2 bass driver and Boss tu3 tuner. How is best to power them? Do I need to get a designated power supply, or do I just daisy chain using one of the pedals dc adaptors. Also how would I order them in the signal line?
  5. Thanks Si. Could I go out of amp di into pedal then into di box before desk or pc?
  6. I've had good success recording bass tracks using Cubase, and my Ampeg svt4 pro. I Mic up cab and take a di out the amp.(I've 2 ins into soundcard) I want to add my distortion pedal to the di signal. Do I just take the di out the amp into the pedal and from there into desk? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm interested in a cheapish bass with pbass body and a jazz neck with block inlays. Thinking of a Squire... Does the classic vibe 70s P bass have a Jazz neck? The specs on a couple of sites give the nut width as 42? (Isn't this P bass nut width? I thought jazz was 38?) Any other basses that fit the bill? Thanks.
  8. Are all new Ampeg SVT 4 pro / 3 Pro amps made in China? If so how do they compare to USA made ones? Is there a real difference?
  9. Cheers guys. I had the whole amp re soldered a few years ago as my tech said it was an issue. I have tried bypassing Zoom and didnt help. I'm going to try it with gain reduced and use master for vol at rehearsal. No idea what's going on!
  10. I've had my SVT 3 for approx 6 years from new. Never had any issues... Until recently! Bit of background: I use a Rickenbacker 4003, through a Zoom B2 (just for a little distortion) and a SWR (4 ohm) 4 X10 Golliath cab. I have gain control set at about 2 O clock, (the clip light frequently lighting up) and use the master for overall volume (usually set at 12 O clock). I play in a loud Punk band. I am aware of the discussions around using the gain - not as a gain and it's ok to allow the clip light to come on etc, I've found this works fine and I love the sound I get... So recently the amp kept cutting out - still had power and gain light coming on but no output, it then jumps back to life a few seconds later (which at a gig feels like an eternity) I took it to a well reputed amp specialist, he serviced it and replaced the fan. He ran the amp for 24 hours and it never missed a beat! Thinking problem solved I gigged the amp....same thing happened again, I took it to a second well respected amp company and they ran it for 2 days... No problems found! I've changed all cables, bypassed the pedal nothing helps. At a recent gig it did the same! I then reduced the gain so the clip light hardly came on at all and reduced the master, my overall volume was lower... But the amp stayed on!! I'm a bit happier that I seem to have found the potential problem, but surely this isn't right?? Sorry for the long winded post, I'm really frustrated and hoped someone can shed some light. Many thanks Mike
  11. My Ampeg SVT3 pro is about 7 years old. I gig every week with it, I can't say I notice any problems, but should I bother with getting a re valve done or wait until I hear any issues.
  12. the box says geniune replacement black widow basket?? I presume I would need a magnet, but does it need to be a specific one?
  13. I've just picked up a Peavey TNT 15 combo(4 ohm) as a bargain to use as a practice amp. It needs a 15'' driver, I have a spare 4 ohm black widow replacement basket. Would it be ok to use this speaker? If so what else do I need with it ie magnet etc and is it all easy enough to connect up? Many thanks Mike
  14. I play in a loud Punk band. Love the amp, I do push it pretty hard though. I can't say I notice any difference but as you say I probably wouldn't notice a gradual change?
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