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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Off to a shop tomorrow so shout now if you want to haggle with me instead.
  3. Sorry, UK or EU shipping only.
  4. Couple of pic's added to show a couple of minor marks on the back of the neck. Spoke to a Luthier who said they would most likely 'flat out' but it would be £60 to sort them individually otherwise. Another quote to refinish the back of the neck fully was £125 + VAT. Sure some people wouldn't even notice them, but I do so knocking a bit off. £2350
  5. Had the pleasure of buying a bass from James. Perfect straightforward transaction, wouldn't hesitate to deal again. Top chap.
  6. Hi Ped, have a sound clip but can't DM you file as it says I'm not worthy to send you messages or something
  7. Will try and sort something this evening.
  8. I bought a bass from Chris. His comms were excellent, bass was well packed all in a very straightforward deal. Would happily deal again and recommend.
  9. I have one of these and can honestly say I have never been happier from a pure tone/sound perspective. I feel it gives the honest voice of my instruments, great bit of kit.
  10. Aidan bought a Sadowsky DI from me. Excellent comms throughout a very straightforward deal. He's a gent.
  11. Can't let it go, too good. Withdrawn
  12. SOLD Sadowsky SBP-1 pre amp. Excellent condition, pretty much as new with box and manual. UK postage +£5
  13. For Sale Mr Black Fwonkbeta - Purple funk generator! Envelope filter pedal. Excellent condition with velcro on its bottom. Original box, instructions & stickers. Plus £5 postage UK.
  14. Tim purchased a cab from me. Perfect transaction in every way and a gent to deal with. Cheers
  15. Future Impact upgraded to V3.6 great condition, works perfectly comes with Midi Cable and price includes UK postage. Bought this from Bassfan on here end of last year to have a play with. Great fun but to be honest it blows my tiny mind...... No original box but will be well packaged for UK shipping.
  16. Sold Excellent condition Barefaced one10, comes with genuine barefaced cover. Think it was just the one rehearsal and then home use only. I have the original packaging it came in so could ship in UK at buyers cost.
  17. Would take a good delay pedal as part trade.
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