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  1. Perfect deal on some SIS patch cables with Kevin. Many Thanks
  2. Hi Still for sale, four little feet and a flat bottom, purchased from Bass Direct last year. Ta
  3. Temporary price drop as something has come up I'm lusting for. - Withdrawn
  4. Will also consider 5 string basses in trade.
  5. Up for sale or trade is my Gibson Thunderbird 2008, purchased from Bass Direct towards the end of last year (original add http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Gibson_Thunderbird_2008.html). Love the look, it doesn't neck dive, it isn't too heavy, the pickups are very powerful and it can deliver a decent range of tones. However it doesn't suit my playing style so if it stays with me it looks like becoming wall candy, (very pretty wall candy!) there are other basses I want to try so better to move this on. The bass has a very obvious area of wear on the top horn, the body also has numerous marks and small dents, head stock also has a couple of small dings but the neck and fret board are spotless, I can't find a mark on them. I have tried to take pictures to highlight things. Fitted a set of DR fatbeams 45 to 105 and added dunlop straplocks apart from that it is as I received. Weight on the bathroom scales comes in at 4.3Kg , Mark confirmed when I was buying it was one the lighter examples he has seen. Comes with fitted hard case. Trade options - 4 string and preferably under 4Kg with cash either way if necessary. Happiest with face to face deals, location is PE8. Will travel for the right deal but more than 2 hours driving and I tend to get grumpy.
  6. Traded a pedal with Andy, face to face deal. Couldn't have been simpler. Cheers.
  7. Lovely P I have a P from deedee which has had some of his T.L.C. On that basis this should be a gem and he's a pleasure to deal with.......
  8. Good dealings with Andy, straightforward and makes a decent brew. Cheers Ben
  9. Thanks for the welcome. Have friend's in N'ampton but I'm further east between Corby and Peterborough
  10. [quote name='Osiris' timestamp='1503166256' post='3356212'] Alright chap? Another east Northants resident here. Who knows, we're probably neighbors! [/quote] All good Chap. We can't be Neighbours though - I'd have heard you!
  11. Hi Had basses for over 20 years, playing as and when opportunities arise. Bands when younger now days obsessive practice when anyone mentions a jam which seem to fizzle all too quickly. In the groove again at the moment and loving it. Gear: 89 Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 04 US Fender Jazz Crafter Acoustic bass New baby - Squire, Silver Series MIJ P, purchased through your fine forum. Still playing through my SWR Silverado Best Ben
  12. Just concluded a deal with Dan where I bought his Squire Silver series P bass. Sorted within 24hrs, face to face meet, perfect transaction, top fella. All in all rather chuffed. Ta
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