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  1. you'e got a beutiful collection of basses there
  2. [quote name='Burrito' timestamp='1293789753' post='1073487'] OK first up is my 70s range; from left to right; first up my mainly 70s bitsa Bass, then my 1978 all original Precision and then my 1979 Precision. I stripped the left & right ones myself Next up we have my 2009 MIJ 51 RI Precision. It's a crime I don't play this one more but I can't bring myself to sell this. Then it's my original This is a 57RI MIJ from 1989 that I switched the neck to a 1993 62RI. It's a bit trigger's broom again here as I've also changed the scratchplate and the pickup too. [/quote]You've got a beautiful collection of basses there.
  3. If anyone needs a keyboard player for any gigs, jazz my brother is a good pianist. London areas.
  4. MarkariM

    Guitar Porn

    [quote name='Schnozzalee' timestamp='1459005003' post='3012779'] [u][/u] [/quote]Wow now this guitar is a beauty!
  5. I buy and sell on Gumtree in the UK and Le Bon Coin in France
  6. I had a Washburn HB35, part exchanged it with an Ibanez RG950 with seymour duncans. Great guitar. Loved the washburn but its too wide and heurts my shoulder, had an opération on it since it kept popping out.
  7. MarkariM

    Guitar Porn

    [quote name='Doctor J' timestamp='1325796360' post='1488007'] Go on then... Eggle Tony Iommi sig, bought this in 1995, now has a pair of Gibson Iommi pickups in it. Black home made strat - Warmoth neck, ebay body, Duncan JB and a Kahler trem. Used this for every Acrid Nebula gig tuned to dropped A. Yowzers. Bacchus Empire. Picked this up second hand off the ubox. It has the best coil tap you'll ever hear and is pretty swish in superstrat mode too. Another well gigged guitar. Bacchus Duke. Again, bought from Japan a few years ago. I love this guitar more than is healthy. Bacchus T Master. Another u-box steal. This has the nicest neck of any guitar in the world. Tokai ES130. Bought on the strength of playing a mates ES120. Gorgeous tone and a really nice player. I have an Ibanez RG550, love the neck, but my luthier says its warped.I changed the pickups last week to Steam Hammers neck and bridge and Pig Iron middle. Sounds beefier. But I also have an Ibanez SA120 where I had Hotslags in the bridge and Rolling Mills in the teck and this sounds phénoménal. Better than the RG550. IronGear sell some excellent pickups for half the price. Bacchus strat in whiteburst finish, now with a set of Van Zandt pickups. Lovely player too. Ibanez RG550. Every home should have one. The original pickups were gack but it really shines with some EMGs. [/quote]
  8. I'm no longer a Newbie Yeaaaaaahh!!!
  9. I've bought and sold quite a few guitars in the past but I have a fender tele usa since 2009,I modded it with hep cat pups and I'll never sell it. Never goes out,of tune and sounds phénoménal. Almost as beefy as a Les Paul.
  10. That's why I always buy my guitars second hand. Lovely looking guitar by the way. I also love the Charvel so cals, I have a Charvel CH4 MIJ, beautiful guitar and it is so easy to play. Charvels are keepers! You'll find Charvels on 'le bon coin' a French website like gumtree where you'll find looooooads of gear!!
  11. [quote name='Bassnut62' timestamp='1490131760' post='3262548'] Resistance was futile in the face of so much GAS. So it is with a guilty hear that today I became the owner of my third Strat-type guitar....a G&L Legacy....it sounds sho nuff funky and plays very nicely too. My self-imposed one-in/one-out policy means that I have to put up my lovely Gibson Les Paul Junior (2010 Nashville) for sale, here..... [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/302751-fs-2010-gibson-les-paul-junior-made-in-nashville-usa/"]http://basschat.co.u...-nashville-usa/[/url] Does anyone else prefer maple board Strats too? [/quote]I prefer maple boards, I have a tele with a maple board and I have a few superstrats some maple some rosewood.
  12. [quote name='abar121' timestamp='1492001971' post='3277062'] Hi and welcome! I've not been hear long, but they seem to be a friendly bunch! Stay away from the classifieds, though. It's too tempting! [/quote]Thanks, actually I might take a look at the classifieds now you've said.
  13. [quote name='TheGreek' timestamp='1491947930' post='3276771'] Hey Mark Welcome...hopefully nobody will hold being a guitarist against you... Check out the forum...tons of stuff you'll find useful... Mick [/quote] Guitar is only one or two strings more
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