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  1. Well pleased with the results from my recent recording session with my Tom Petty tribute https://www.facebook.com/heartfakersband/?hc_ref=ARRcWgx8vn_Kwfj-SPRAeZ7M_TrGAx5qVpTM6faIZWYKgSkoyj5RmceQawTn36EwhVA&fref=nf

    1. skankdelvar


      Just listened to American Girl. Astonishingly good stuff by the band as a whole and lovely bass playing. Ron Blair - nailed.

      May I make a couple of pettifogging (geddit?) observations? Your singer's bang on Petty's notes but he doesn't quite slur the consonants enough - e.g. you can hear the 'T' at the end of the word tonight. Also, if you ever go back in with the song the chimey opening guitars are just the teeniest bit clean. Other than that, it's just like listening to the original. Brilliant work, Sir and congrats to your bandmates.

      Lovin' the Thomann 12 in the band logo!

      Skank :)

    2. ezbass


      Thanks, Skank. Valid points, well made. Good spot on the logo, I had fun creating that. Those Thomann 12 strings are good sounding guitars too and a bargain.

    3. skankdelvar


      Chap! It's a good logo - gets the TP vibe without copying the original

      Phonetic rendition of American Girl chorus:

      Oh air
      all eye
      ache ideez babe-h 
      mayee lass all nye
      See wahhs - nermerakun gir

      I've been thinking about a Thomann 12 for demos and your recommendation may just now have pushed me over the edge. 

      Have a grand weekend! :)

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