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  1. Marillion at the Liverpool Philharmonic on Fri night. Great gig & sound but it was a little odd / subdued as it was an all seater.
  2. Just got home after a flaming long day out. Not bad for a first major bash, but next time I shall take a pair of ear plugs (errr, was anyone actually taking any notice of the 15 mins per hour "quiet time" - think it needs to be enforced a bit more next year) Just bought a couple of bass books - nothing too fancy. David Ellefson was pretty cool. My better half said that the knitting show was "OK(ish)", but I think she is lying as all she talked about on the way home was a spinning wheel that she tried out - apparently when it comes to GAS we are but beginners when compared to those ladies (and gents) of the knitting fraternity/sorority!!!
  3. There was I hoping for a nice relaxed day away from SWTSIBLT, when she texted me at work to say "Oh, there is "The Spring Knitting & Stitching Show" on at Olympia this weekend too - have just bought my tickets!!" Well there goes my evening of trawling the flesh pits of Soho , but it will be handy being able to share the driving home.
  4. Yay, just found out I won a couple of free tickets for sunday via the interwebs!!! Will pop into the BC stand for sure.
  5. Really sad news - just cannot wait for 2016 to be a distant memory. RIP
  6. [quote name='josie' timestamp='1480383285' post='3183973'] Just back from seeing Marillion at the Manchester Academy. Awesome. New material, still proper classic prog rock, complete with strange complex visuals - rare to see live these days. Not my most favourite genre of music, but well done, live, in a room packed with hardcore fans it's one heck of an experience. [/quote] Yup, I was there too. As you say, an AWESOME gig.
  7. May I also suggest the opening 3 notes from Copeland's / ELP's "Fanfare for the Common Man".
  8. [quote name='wmsheep' timestamp='1459370235' post='3015975'] Marillion in Manchester towards the end of the year. Well, that is the only one planned so far - loads of time to get other gigs in!! [/quote] Just ordered tickets for 3 gigs next year - next April (I like to book in advance!!!) am off to see Marillion at Leicester, and the following night am going to see Marillion in Leicester (again), finally followed on the third night by, erm Marillion in.... no, I'll let you guess the location. Ok, it's the Marillion UK weekender next April at Leicester De Montford Hall, and I am guessing there are some other bands on the bill too!!!
  9. Yup, even I commented to SWTSIBLT about the bad mix. Seems to have improved a bit now tho'.
  10. [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1323364951' post='1462572'] I loved The Sweet as a kid...great singles/b-sides band and in my opinion peaked with Sweet Fanny Adams and Desolation Boulevard. Sadly the only time I saw 'them' live was on a horrific double-bill of Les Gray's Mud and Brian Connoly's Sweet at Guildford Civic Hall about twenty years ago. Connolly was a gibbering wreck at that time and barely moved two feet from his mic-stand; he had to be led on and off stage. His voice had gone and the drink had obviously wrecked his system. He was being heckled horribly by some blokes in the audience (someone shouted, 'You fat bastard!' and he stammered through response of, 'I've lost forty pounds actually.'). Awful. It's an image I just can't shake, even after all these years. P [/quote] Yeah, I was at that gig too. Sad memories.
  11. As a punter who was there, I can say that it went bloody brilliantly, and you could not have told it was your debut with the band. Here is to many more gigs.
  12. Errr, I thought you were picking up the singer!!
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