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  1. Thank you for raising the topic. As Paul S said, a tragedy. So much talent, gone, just as they were finding their feet.
  2. There's a clip on youtube of George Harrison and Pete Ham playing "Here Comes The Sun". Also a biopic of the band on youtube. "Without You", a massive hit for Harry Nillson was written by Tom Evans and Pete Ham. Excellent writers and musicians. Throughout the 50's, 60's, 70's and no doubt up to the present day, many musicians have been ripped off by managers. The Moody Blues were left penniless when their management did a moonlight flit, Queen were having to share a house while their management drove around in Rolls Royces.
  3. Bought an Epiphone Thunderbird from Lee. Great comms, prompt despatch, excellent packaging. The 'bird arrived in it's case, totally undamaged. Lee very kindly included a strap with the bass. Deal with confidence in this gent.
  4. Harley Benton TE-52 NA, very heavy but fantastic neck and tone, total bargain brand new. Harley Benton SC-450 Plus VB Wilkinson, selectable coil tapping on both pups, good weight, terrific range of tones, again a total bargain brand new. Taylor 314 ce acoustic, 1 7/8" nut, beautiful sounding guitar. It makes me want to pick it up. Not cheap, but I'll not sell it. I'm no guitar player, never will be. The electrics are a joy to play through my Roland Micro Cube, (also highly recommended). The Taylor is a total joy.
  5. Hi. Mr Roger's did indeed apply to join Mr Beedster's band. Unfortunately, the reply to audition was addressed to Neil Rogers and as such, remained unopened on his sideboard for a number of days, by which time, the audition date had passed. Mr Roger's has recently applied to audition for a band known as The 602. Due to working the late shift in McDonalds he was unable to attend. Mr Roger's wishes it to be known that with his bad luck as a jobbing musician, he couldn't get laid in a brothel with a guitar case full of fivers. Yours sincerely, Butt Crack, personal assistant to Mr N. Rogers
  6. Cum On Feel The Noize - Slade Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Peaches - Stranglers
  7. Hi, sorry, should have mentioned it. Based near Thetford, Norfolk.
  8. Very good condition, no broken buttons/switches. I no longer aspire to playing in a band, so this is gathering dust and needs a good home. 3 user memories, inbuilt tuner, integrated compressor, 4 tone controls can be customised, tube tone emulation, 450w at 8ohms. Speakon/jack connection, aux in, effects loop, DI out. A superb amp, comes with an unoriginal shoulder bag, manual and power lead. No speakon lead or foot switch available. NO TRADES please, cash or bank transfer only. Willing to post within the UK only, but would prefer collection. Based near Thetford, Norfolk. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hi folks. Can anyone recommend a book for a beginner? Preferably one with dvd or cd. I can't use one that needs internet access for lessons. Thanks.
  10. Great list, enjoy yourself. I'd leap at the chance in your place.
  11. And just to wind up a few more who don't see the humour, I think you'll find Carol Kaye was the original bassist on MS!
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