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Status Updates posted by Chewie

  1. 1960 Stack Knob Jazz at Andy Baxter's.......!!!!!!!


    1. Chewie


      Come on lottery...........!!!


  2. BB735a in the house.......>!

    1. BillyBass


      I've just had a look through the bass guitar section of the gear forum.  You haven't posted a NBD thread with lots of pictures of your new acquisition yet...

    2. Chewie


      Crikey.............!!!  What was I thinking........???


    3. BillyBass
  3. Stingray 5 and Xotic GAS....!!!


  4. Stack knob GAS.......

    1. LukeFRC


      there's a fella selling a Flea Jazz who's about 2 min walk away - v tempting


    2. Chewie


      You know what, I was looking at one of those earlier.

      A lot of nice parts on those things.

      I'm not a huge fan of the wear on it but I guess I could refinish it.....

      How much does matey want for it?


    3. LukeFRC


      900 on fb marketplace- which is about what they go for 

  5. Anybody selling an early 70's jazz with black blocks.....?  GAS attack....... occurring....!

  6. Anyone seen or heard of Jebo1?

    1. Teebs


      Last on the site on March 4th.


    2. Chewie


      It’s a guy on here who wanted my Aguilar cabs and then vanished!!!

    3. Teebs


      Hopefully he'll turn up!

  7. Was Joe Dart at the Ryder Cup?



  8. Year Of Birth Basses.   1978, what a year!  Otters became protected!

  9. Just picked up a pair of DB112's....!!  WOW!!!

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    2. Chewie


      I'm not sure Andy.........  All I know is, on earwigging some of the more senior bassists on here, the consensus seems to be, weight assists tone........

      It's a myriad of parameters..........  I had a Genz Benz Focus 115 with a 210 on top before..... now it's 2 112's and that alone is a life changer...!

    3. jembullo


      Glad you like them my friend, my loss is your gain, they are fab cabs and I cried a few tears when they left my owner ship.

    4. SpondonBassed



      Please don't tell us you are on the quest for extra heft...?


  10. Anybody fancy going halves on a pair of DB112's?

  11. 1991 Warwick SS1 delivered today.  Can I wait till the 25th?

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    2. Chewie


      I know!!!!!!!!!  The box looks like it's travelled in absolute luxury.... which is what you want.

      I can do it.  I can do it.

    3. Marc S

      Marc S

      Resistance is futile ;) 

    4. TheGreek


      2 days, 11 hours and 30 mins to go....and counting.

      Houston, we have a problem...

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