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  1. Julianna56

    Fclec J4 Vintage 70 SOLD

    Where is it located?
  2. Julianna56

    Feedback for Pow_22

    Bought an Ampeg amp from Paul. The deal was absolutely flawless, great guy to deal with.
  3. Julianna56

    Levinson Blade B-25 £990

    It looks great! I learn something every day. Thanks.
  4. Julianna56

    Feedback for richardd

    Bought a Hartke amp from Rich. Great guy to deal with, another easy transaction.
  5. Julianna56

    Feedback for CliveT54

    Bought a pair of Aguilar cabs from Clive. Great guy to deal with, easy transaction, recommended.
  6. Julianna56

    Feedback for Lojo

    Bought a pair of pickups from Shaun. Great guy to deal with, easy transaction, very fast shipping.
  7. Julianna56


    Bought a GK amp from Larry. Great guy to deal with, absolutely recommended.
  8. Julianna56

    Levinson Blade B-25 £990

    Price drop to £990
  9. Julianna56

    Levinson Blade B-25 £990

    Only the B-25 basses were Made in Japan. Check out this review: http://www.bassguitarmagazine.com/interviews/high-priestess-of-funk/
  10. Julianna56

    Levinson Blade B-25 £990

  11. Julianna56

    £850 Stingray 5'er 96/7 NOW SOLD

    PM'd as well but no answer whatsoever...
  12. Julianna56

    Levinson Blade B-25 £990

    LEVINSON BLADE B-25 in great condition. These are made in Japan, premium quality basses. Swamp ash body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, Alnico single coils, 2 band EQ. More info: http://www.bladeguitars.com/basses/b2-series/b25/ The bass is located in Hungary, the price includes safe shipping to the UK (PM me for details) Offers and trades are considered. PM me with any questions.
  13. Julianna56

    Spector Euro 5LX Cherry Red - £700 *SOLD*

    What is your location?
  14. Julianna56


    What is your location?
  15. Julianna56

    Feedback for bassmanady

    Bought a Fender Jazz from Ady. All went well, really great guy to deal with.