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  1. I get most of my TAB online now. Just snipe around and download what parts interest me rather than whole publications.
  2. Loved the programme as a kid....catchy tune too.
  3. I'm after a cheap electric guitar cos i've got some GAS for playing some chords again. I've been looking mainly at second hand. I haven't got any particular type preference. as long as it plugs into amp and plays and has no major faults then i'm ok. Walked past a local guitar shop and saw they are selling Tanglewood leccies new for £99. I knew they made acoustic guitars but not leccies. looks like the model I saw is based rather broadly on a Strat style guitar. I might nip in and try one out. In the meantime has anyone else on here played one and could offer advice/review.
  4. Good theme. Anyone out there that could explain what The Prisoner was all about?
  5. Wendy/Miss Brahms = Brassy pink torpedoney girl accent.
  6. Matt Monro. Pitch and diction perfect....and sumptious orchestrations. Better than Sinatra in my humble opinion.
  7. Fretting hand....(you need to be playing through your amp for this). Just spend 10-20 minutes putting gradual fretting pressure with fretting hand and hear when notes play/sound cleanly. Start with no or very little pressure and add pressure until note sounds. This is all the fretting pressure you need...any more is wasting muscle energy and may cause fatigue and badly intonated notes. The thing is to be constantly aware of this (minimal fretting pressure) when playing. Unfortunately, when people start concentrating on what they are doing with their non fretting hand that the fretting technique goes pearshape and they start to overpress again.
  8. I'm with Osiris here. Ive got small hands/fingers and use my pinky a lot. especially for playing 5ths and octaves 3 frets away.
  9. Hope that youve sorted your intonation op. On a personal note, I like to check/get the intonation right for the first 8 frets or so on all strings cos thats where I play mostly. It sometimes means that the intonation goes a little flat up towards the 12th fret and above. I dont mind it being a little flat as I can fret a note a little harder/bend it into tune up there.
  10. Specs say it's a 34" scale length....unless they do a short scale version?
  11. How old can a BB3000 be? I had a Yammy very similar to this in 1984. It had 1 vol knob and 1 tone knob and a switch to switch on the 'active' setting. It was a lovely guitar but I sold it on cos the active electronics switch made a loud popping noise from the amp when activated....a problem that I thought at the time was solely due to the guitar....but now in retrospect could have been due to an issue with the amp!
  12. You know you want it. I bet your wallet will be 800 sovs lighter this week.
  13. Ibanez Mikro! Nice on small hands/short fingers....but sound quality suffers a little.
  14. If you find one punchy enough to play slap on then please let me know.
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