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Where did all the cheap second-hand tab books go?

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Getting back into guitar, I'm on the hunt for the second-hand tab books that I recall being two-a-penny even a decade ago (such as Dokken, Giant, Ratt, Winger +); eBay searches reveal that most are now located in the US or Japan and and are at serious money (even though they seem to never sell...). I guess I recall seeing them in dusty music shops which have sadly diminished in numbers in recent years. Any suggestions on good places to hunt please? Either online or in person? (I'm based in South Manchester  btw). Cheers.

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Posted (edited)

Local library can be surisingly useful 

worth seeing if they have online search and reservation 



stay away from the dark side, Luke ...

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10 minutes ago, Geek99 said:

Local library can be surprisingly useful 


Thanks, a good suggestion - unfortunately the golden era of 'hair metal' is woefully underrepresented by Cheshire East's selection... 

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