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  1. Woo, smokin'! Its a completely different pattern to my neck. I've seen a fair few stingray classics over the years with little to no birds eye/figured maple necks. Looks like we got lucky 😁
  2. Great question, From the range of several 2014-2018, 4 String Musicman Stingrays 3eqs I've owned, it is definitely on the lighter side of that bunch. I havent weighed the bass as my bathroom scales are out of order. According to retailers: Weight 10lbs, 4 oz (4.65 kg) - varies slightly
  3. The neck is finished with a hint of oil and wax, whilst still retaining the feeling of silky bare wood.
  4. E-mail from ErnieBall Musicman Customer Services 😁 ''Thanks for playing Ernie Ball Music Man! The pickup and preamp are authentic from a StingRay 5 made after 2007. MC053W is the part number of a plain circuit board with nothing on it. You'll find this in many of our bass models, but the preamps are all different as different components get added to the MC053W board to make the models different. Alnico pickups were standard in the StingRay 5 since 2007. Thank you. '' Another ErnieBall Musicman Customer Services Representative confirms this: ''The pickup and preamp in the photos would belong to a StingRay 5 built after 2007. MC053W is the part number of the raw green circuit board with nothing on it and is used in many of our bass models, ofcoarse the preamps are designed differently between the models in terms of what is loaded on to the blank circuit board. '' So yeah, appreciate all the answers on the forums guys!
  5. Have a free 'Bump Up' Having once had the privilege of owning a Sadowsky Metro 5 P/J. Best built bass I ever have played in that price range. I've played 5 string Musician Stingrays, German Warwick Streamer Stage 1, USA Fenders Jazz bass'. [list] [*]The B string is tight, really resonates piano like even on a 34 inch scale neck. [*]My local tech team were so impressed (these guys work with 60's Fender strats and rare Gibsons ) were full of compliments about the bass, ''easiest bass to set up, everything just works, exceptional built quality'' [*]Very low action without any buzzing. [*]Pre-amp is transparent. [*]String tension across all 5 strings is tight!, a contrast to many premium 5 string basses having a 'floppy' string tension feeling about them when compared to their 4 string counterpart. [/list] Good luck with the sale
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