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SOLD *Price Drop £1399* Music Man Stingray Classic 4 2EQ Vintage Burst, Birds Eye Maple Neck

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MusicMan Stingray Classic 4 2EQ Vintage Burst, Birds Eye Maple Neck (No Trades)

Located in Manchester

Beautiful bass, currently out of production, a childhood dream infact was fulfilled by owning one. Alas its time to move on and pay off some bills.

Bass functions 100%, everything works and all electronics (pre-amp and pickup) are stock 

Was setup last month by guitar repair workshop in PMT Manchester.

I have included a ton of extras, (see pic) Polytuner, Pickguards, Pickup cover, Strap, Fender Cable, Extra foam mutes.

Has one small dent on the front above the arm rest and common surface wear scratches on the lacquer on the back and corners of the bass.

Neck has a thin folded piece of sandiing paper i put in as a shim as I play with super low action.

The stringray class by design has a limit on how low the bridge scews can go, a shim was my way around this.

Looking to post in the UK as a family member is extremely vulnerable to covid 19, can't have anyone over.


Serial # B052788
Manufactured December 22nd, 2010
Build Code 120-RB-RM-W3-CS-C1
Model Classic StingRay 2 EQ
Hardware Chrome Hardware






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30 minutes ago, marleaux62 said:

How much does the bass weigh?

Great question,

From the range of several 2014-2018, 4 String Musicman Stingrays 3eqs I've owned, it is definitely on the lighter side of that bunch.

I havent weighed the bass as my bathroom scales are out of order.

According to retailers: Weight 10lbs, 4 oz (4.65 kg) - varies slightly

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20 minutes ago, eubassix said:

there are some exceptional necks on the Classics. I have the coral/maple model, with some serious flame :-

Woo, smokin'!  Its a completely different pattern to my neck. 

I've seen a fair few stingray classics over the years with little to no birds eye/figured maple necks. 

Looks like we got lucky 😁


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    • By Arnoldoc
      Words simply don't do this bass the justice it deserves, but hopefully pictures will help!
      The tone is crazy, unlike anything I've ever played. Super versatile, juicy as hell and slaps like a mother, but also cuts through a mix in a very tasteful way. The ash neck give it a warmer tone compared to maple neck MTDs. The Birdseye fingerboard needs to be seen. The sassafras top is a piece of art in itself.
      This was bought new at Bass Direct and just recently got it as part of a trade. Beautiful bass but I'm more of a jazz bass guy myself.
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      You could have supremely low action as it's setup at the moment if that's your thing. 
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      Additional Details:
      -Body - Swamp Ash
      -Top - Premium quality Tasmanian Sassafras ( £800 option)
      -Matching heal - (£50 option)
      -Matching head - (£50 option)
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