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  1. I've been on an equipment purge over lockdown. After some trial and error, I am finally content with this board along with my Lakland 44-64 and TI Jazz Flats. I'm using the Fender Downtown Express for some parallel compression and EQ before the bass hits FOH. The EQ is really nice and the unit in general is a steal at full price, so I'm especially happy at getting it for £90 on eBay. The drive is cool, I don't have a lot of use for it but it sounds good and certainly serves the purpose. Mute switch is useful as I use the tuner out to the pitchblack mini which saves some cable space. I don't use the DI out, I reserve that for a Rupert Neve RNDI that sits on top of my amp. Ibanez Bass Tubescreamers seem generally disliked and I totally get why, they are a bit farty when used at higher settings and are generally a million miles away from that modern Darkglass thing. I use it at very moderate settings for simply colouring my tone and adding some mid-thump and I like it for this. I use it as an always on pedal. It also makes the Fender drive sound much better. Maxon CS-9 Pro is just a dream chorus. There's not much about it online but I'm happy I took a punt on it. Expensive, but I'll never need another chorus pedal, it's very rich and deep, and it also has a blend knob. Not much of that hissing thing some other chorus pedals are prone too, it sounds nice and juicy. Mooer shimverb is cool, I use it sparingly in some sparse sections and it does the job just fine, and for £40 I can't complain. I'm only using the room setting so this piece might be changed for something different. I now have zero option paralysis and it feels good.
  2. Bought these for the first time (45-105) last month and been playing them all week. I think I've found my favourite flats! Perfect string tension, plenty of thump and the perfect amount of zing when you push the tone or play with a pick. Mega smooth and easy to play I predominantly played Chromes before this, for around three years, and although they sound great for rock (especially with a pick), I got tired of the high tension when I played fingerstyle, they became too much of a workout, and were grabby until broken in. TI Jazz flats I loved in terms of tone, but they were just too loose, LaBella DTB didn't have enough sustain and Cobalt's felt a bit too close to rounds. Happy to have found these Dunlops. Chromes now feel incredibly sluggish in comparison.
  3. Thanks for the help so far folks. At the very least, I've talked myself out of getting another Mark Bass. I have a Trace Elliot Transit B, so I'm even toying with the idea of running this into a Baby Sumo Power amp. Thought about the ELF amp, but the portability of it sort of defeats the purpose if need to take my two cabs to get the full 200W I'm going to have a look at the Peavey's, a brand constantly overlook but when I think about it, every Peavey amp I've played has been great.
  4. I didn't know about this TC product. A lot of power for not a lot of money. I guess I could run my board into the aux input to go direct to the power amp. That also leaves me with a backup pre-amp should I need it. Interested!
  5. How are you finding this? I'm currently evaluating my bass amplification/monitoring options and have similar requirements to you (always have PA / on IEMs). I'm thinking I could run a Trace Elliot Transit B Preamp straight into the Baby Sumo. I'm also on a minimalism kick/equipment purge so this could be a satisfying solution.
  6. How are the compressor and drive circuits on the rootmaster?
  7. Yep, that's it. The same thing happened to my friend and he was quoted £250 repair not including postage. I sold my Big Bang as parts/not working and made a decent wedge. The amp was generally long in the tooth, and with Ashdown and other companies offering 5 year warranties this seemed like a sensible shout considering the price of repair. Very much interested in the Ashdown OriginAL, but would like to stick with a small head. Sometimes I share cabs at gigs so I'd rather not cart around a combo when I don't need to. Thanks for the heads up though. I know you can't tell much from YT demos but what I've heard sounds great. This Laney RH500 at £200 for 500W is really intriguing me, five year warranty too.
  8. Hi folks, looking for some advice for picking up a new amp. My Mark Bass Big Bang died right before COVID-19. I loved the tone so I was going to buy a straight replacement, but I thought it might be overkill for my current situation. The band I play in always has PA support, and I'm DI'ing to FOH with a Rupert Neve RNDI before my bass hits the amp. Additionally we've been on IEMs for a few years and won't be moving back anytime soon. So I came to the conclusion that I was only using the Big Bang for stage rumble and the occasional non-IEM rehearsal. I've been eyeing up some cheaper models with the thoughts of saving myself some coin. Potentially moving down wattage to something like a 300W, which I think would still be plenty loud? However, I'd still like to have a solid amp, and something that could fill a small room if I need it. Options Laney Richter RH500 - Anything Laney I've played before has been no frills solid, but the low price of this is making me think twice. Hartke TX300 - Zero experience with Hartke amps, or wattage this low Ampeg PF-350 - Not sure if this is based on the classic Ampeg SVT tone or not, every write up has contrasting opinions. Markbass Little Mark 250W - I'm assuming this would have a similar tone to the Big Bang, but perhaps under powered in the wrong situation Ashdown OriginAL 300W - The last Ashdown I played was an EVO head about 10 years ago, can't remember loving it but my memory is cloudy. Any advice would be great. I'm looking for something small, portable, sub £300 if possible. For context, I'm playing a Lakland PJ 44-64 with D'Addario chromes in a instrumental rock band, cabs are two Eden EX112's. I normally warm towards smooth, rounded tones with wide lows (like the Big Bang). I can get any tightness and grind from my pedal board when I need it. I felt like I had miles of headroom on the Big Bang so I'm generally unsure how low, is too low. Thanks
  9. Just a post to vouch for the TC Electronic M300, amazing unit. The reverb halls on this unit sound particularly great, and it's really easy to use. I've had three other FX units (that were way more expensive) come and go but I'll never sell my M300.
  10. Hi folks, I'm continuing to revamp my studio setup this interface is next on the hit list. It's served me well and I've recorded a bundle of EPs with it, but I've upgraded to a 16 channel so it's surplus to requirements. It's equipped with 8 analogue combo-jacks preamps designed by dbx and has recently been serviced at Glasgow Studio Electronics. Comes boxed in great condition with power and cables. Retails at £460 and audio drivers are downloadable from the Lexicon website. [url="http://lexiconpro.com/en/products/i-onix-u82s"]http://lexiconpro.co...cts/i-onix-u82s[/url] If you need any sound samples or pictures, get in touch. Happy to post at buyers expense. Cheers
  11. Hi folks, I'm revamping my studio and looking to move some things on, mainly because I don't do as much live work anymore. Could be interested in trades on a 4 channel headphone amplifier (with direct inputs) or the right microphone preamp. [b]Drawmer DS404 Quad Channel Noise Gate - £450[/b] Industry standard, four channel noise gate. Great condition aside from some minor rack rash on the top of the unit. Comes unboxed with no power cable. [b]Golden Age Project Comp 54 - £260[/b] Single channel, half rack compressor which emulates a Neve 2254 compressor. Good, working condition with minor rash on the top of the unit. Comes unboxed with power cable [b]Dbx Over-Easy Analogue Compressor - £150[/b] Great vintage, half rack sized compressor. I have two but only use the one. It’s especially great on bass and drums, great reputation online. I have used this as part of my live bass rig. Good condition, especially for an item of this age. Comes unboxed with power cable. [b]Lexicon MX400 - £150[/b] A classic multi fx/reverb unit with a variety of routing options (mono, dual mono, stereo and dual stereo). Good, working condition with some rack rash on the top of the unit. Comes unboxed with power cable. Happy to send items to UK/EU if postage is covered. Feel free to get in touch if you need anymore information. Cheers
  12. Mackie Onyx Blackjack 2x2 - £98 Great, no frills interface and built like a tank too. Stupidly quiet, high gain pres for an interface at this price point. All guitars and bass in this track were recorded through the Blackjack if you want to hear their quality. https://soundcloud.com/asbocmusic/let-go-or-be-dragged
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