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  1. The lacquer delaminating on the neck is a fairly common issue on 90’s models .
  2. I’ve been looking to try the precision flats but have been a bit confused by their scale lengths. Which type would suit a p bass best? All I can seem to find is short, medium or long +.
  3. Just Sold my Musicman Stingray SUB to Bruce. an absolute pleasure to deal. Buy & Sell with confidence with this fella!
  4. Glad you and the Ray are hitting it off Bruce. It certainly looks comfortable in those luxurious surroundings. And was an absolute pleasure doing business. enjoy your new bass fella!
  5. Now sold. many thanks @BruceBass3901 for a smooth and pleasant transaction. Enjoy the Ray!
  6. Set of Elite flats bought from Paul. arrived next day. Top service. thank you!
  7. When I contacted EB re the rust they responded and replaced them quickly so no problems there. But you would think that at £45 ish a set the QC on these premium priced strings would be more stringent. I think if they were priced around the £30 mark players would be more tempted to try them out as they are a versatile string.
  8. I bought a set a couple of years ago and as mentioned had rust spots on all strings. Emailed EB and got a replacement set which also had some rust spots. Apart from this , I actually like them. They feel a bit grippy when new but soon smooth out. Mine have been on and off a P bass and have mellowed out nicely. Shame they’re a bit pricey but I did get 2 rusty sets for the price of one!
  9. Assuming these are long scale to fit p bass? If so, yes please!
  10. Hi Adam, bit dubious about posting as I don’t have a hard case for it. sorry!
  11. Cheers for the input folks. was thinking I may have to go down the physio route. i had some about 10 years ago for tennis elbow which really helped. What stopped that dead in its tracks though was a packet of voltarol tablets I found in the cupboard which I self prescribed. Doctors are very reluctant to give that out these days. Wonderful stuff though!
  12. They look interesting! Funny you say about the ibuprofen. I’ve been taking a couple before gigs and using gel too.
  13. Hi Doc, I do play in a fairly neutral position
  14. Hi folks, I’ve recently been suffering mild pain up the back of my right arm and weakness in the fingers which I’m assuming is an RSI which is obviously not an ideal situation when playing bass. This started a month or so ago after doing a 3 hour gig. I’m also in the building trade so manual work is compounding the problem. Do others out there use any stretching exercises before playing to avoid this or any useful sites that you can recommend. cheers in advance!
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