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  1. 1 hour ago, chris_b said:

    I seem to recall that Pete wasn't very well. It would have been easy for him to just walk away, so good on him to stay focussed on the integrity of the brand in those difficult times.

    Yes, it was while he was getting increasingly ill... but it was his and Ian’s legacy!

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  2. 23 minutes ago, Nail Soup said:

    Rod's a classic London Scot... I was going to say that can't be  Scots accent then..... but then I remembered a kid at School who was born and raised in England and spoke with a regular local accent. Until we heard him on the phone to his mum and he spoke in broad scottish accent!

    I didn't realise that was a thing until then.

     Maybe it’s “mockney” then! 😉

    By the way, when I’m chatting on the phone to my dad or my siblings on the phone I start off pretty much with Surrey RP but develop an increasing Norn Iron twang the longer the call goes on!


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  3. 11 hours ago, Geek99 said:

    Rod Stewart, mandolin wind ... so it never changed a thing... firstly mandolins don’t use wind, they’re stringed instruments you faux Scottish muppet, and secondly they don’t cause weather effects and thirdly ... exactly what life-changing effect were you expecting such a weedy instrument to wreak on your otherwise pointless life ?

    Maybe he was talking about the construction of the G and D strings on the mandolin and it's just his funny Scots pronunciation of the tiny phosphor bronze wires that go around the steel cores on the two lower courses... Wind - as in rhymes with "find".

    If so, then it IS about time he changed the mandolin wind (and plain strings too, just changing the wound strings is a false economy and the plain ones will be just as dead)! 47 years is way too long to have one set of strings on there...

    Mandolin with Pick in Strings Picture | Free Photograph | Photos ...

  4. On 30/06/2020 at 11:24, tauzero said:

    Sometimes factual incorrectness can scan better, of course. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1500734/How-Katie-put-the-science-back-into-songwriting.html

    Oh, and while I'm here (this is where I get carted away by the Basschat thought police) - Prince, although there has been red rain and the sky is indeed blue, that doesn't add up to purple rain. Although it's a bit late to correct you now.

    And Simon Singh’s original column on it is here...


  5. Given the inexorable rise of globalism and the movement of heavy industry to territories with lower wage costs it is looking unlikely that Nigel has much of a future in British Steel.


    And Stevie, your assertion in the early 80s that “peace has come to Zimbabwe” may  have been a touch premature.

  6. 3 hours ago, chris_b said:


    I get that these basses are very special, but, as an ex owner of Wal mk2 and mk3 5 strings (bought second hand), when it comes to the gig they are just another bass. They have to feel right and sound right. They are a lot of money and a very long wait only to find out you really wanted something else.

    I'd buy a second hand Wal to work out what playing one on a  regular basis is like. After 6 months you might change your mind about some important bits. Then look at your need to drop a small fortune on a new one.

    This is very sage advice @chris_b. Any Wal will sound like a Wal with the wood choices changing the aesthetics and giving subtle modifications to the tone. But at heart... it’s still a Wal - the important elements are there.

    So, if  you want a Wal then buying second hand is a very good choice. I love my Wals but I’d find it  hard to justify paying the new price - although I appreciate the economics of what Paul is doing with just him and an assistant (only him during lockdown), hand crafting almost every element and outsourcing only a few elements (mostly to his own bespoke specs) and giving the wood elements longer to rest/settle/season than most between operations. His order book is very healthy and so I would reckon build times and prices are only going in one direction.

    So if what you want is a Wal then second hand is a really good option. If you MUST have a Wal with THAT wood, THAT custom neck profile, THAT colour tuners, THAT finish etc etc then you are self selecting commissioning a new bass at full price with a 30+ month lead time. It’s a choice.

    Keep an eye out here for them coming up for sale, similarly on Talkbass and if you’re on Facebook I moderate the Wal fan group on there. A lot of basses get offered there before BC, TB, Reverb or eBay.


    PS yes, the neck profile is a bit unusual and certainly not like a P or J but I find it really, really comfortable and easy to play both thumb around and thumb behind (even with my wee, stubby fingers).

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  7. 10 hours ago, AndyTravis said:

    Well (Wal). Before Mr Herman took the ropes, there was a mention of the UK PRS distributor Headline taking over the brand.

    Within the discussion was an “SE” type line. And I think that’s where the talks fell apart.


    Yes, ultimately Pete didn’t trust them not to keep on diluting them... a Wal with Duncan Designeds, generic preamp and a Schaller bridge would be a fine bass but not a Wal. Paul’s simply not interested and is hugely protective of the brand and hand building to his own high standards.

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  8. On 17/07/2020 at 14:55, miles'tone said:

    How, in all my near 30 years of playing bass, I've never listened to this band I'll never know!

    The pick is out! 


    So much great bass in CS’s discography... you have been missing out!

  9. Neil just sent me some custom bouzouki strings through mid this week. When I ordered them a couple of weeks ago he apologised in advance to say that there was only him in the workshop (Social distancing) so it would take a couple of weeks. 

    May just be busy on his tod 

  10. On 04/07/2020 at 00:16, Bassassin said:

    And later in his career:


    Ibby RS900 Roadster, shame he ruined it by slapping that ugly P-shaped mirror on it!

    For the band's last tour in 83 promoting the Thunder and Lightning he was playing this bass...

    32 Years Ago: Phil Lynott Plays His Final Thin Lizzy Show

    Never entirely worked out what it was. An awful lot of knobs for a guy best known for rocking a P bass!

    Saw them twice - in 81 when he was playing the Ibby (never liked that headstock) and on that last tour with this bass.



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  11. The two big questions marks for me on the Eastwood "repro" would be replicating the brass bridge and the MBI, MBII or MBIE pickups. if they can't/won't replicate those then it won't look, feel or sound like an SB. It's one thing to tool up for the woodworking for a mid-price shortish run model. However, I find it hard to see them doing anything but slapping a generic high mass bridge and soapbar pickup in it. They're sure as heck not going to be going to Rautia or similar to get a proper replica pickup at $899 per bass.

  12. 13 hours ago, Richard R said:

    I was asked to put together "a slide or something" to illustrate what went on behind the scenes to produce an online service.  He wanted a slide to talk over, this is what we gave him instead.  It wasn't quite what he expected, but amused us and the congregation.


    Hopefully this will start at the correct time, if not then it's at 14:43

    (or here https://youtu.be/a37IJoBWAk4?t=777  if you want the minister's preamble as well)


    And a fantastic choice of music too!

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  13. "He picked it up and JUST LOOK WHAT HE FOUND INSIDE*!" - check out my latest video of me drinking a mug of instant coffee!





    He found instant coffee. That's it. Mug of coffee... what more can I say?


  14. So here is this week’s tune - rather less homespun than last week’s. Absolutely no bouzouki on this little EDM tinged number! Let Praise Awaken. See what you think...

    Not sure I’m 100% happy with the filter tone for the pseudo synth bass sound yet - needs a touch more dialling in but it’s sort of there. Also, not sure what happened with the electric guitar. It seems to unsync itself completely by the end.
    Much as the idea of posting videos on the interweb of me playing solo appalls me to the core of my being I thought you might find the squishy, squelchy tones used interesting to hear solo... so... gulp... here are some edited extracts from the video I sent in to Ben to use in the song... shudder can’t believe I’m posting this...

  15. Here’s my pedalboard...


    Every pedal has a job to do (even if they don’t get used much or are specialised). 

    • Tuner - obvs
    • Tech 21 VT Bass DI - amp and speaker sim signal for FOH.
    • OD - for a bit of grit on the rockier numbers.
    • Chorus - for a bit of 80s shimmer on the odd worship ballad
    • Tremolo - for a bit of moodiness on some sections. It’s an effect I really like for sustained notes on a “down bridge”
    • Envelope filter - mostly used in conjunction with the OD for synth bass type sounds for those EDM influenced worship songs.
    • Lehle switcher - swaps the OD, filter, trem and chorus in and out of the signal chain so when not using them the signal goes straight from the tuner out to the Sansamp in.
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