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  1. 2 hours ago, bassfan said:


    Took my, then, girlfriend to see her in early summer 1983 on The Changeling tour. Had absolutely no expectations but Lucy wanted to see her. The show was blooming brilliant! She was a great front woman and the band included Bebop Delux’s Andy Clark on keys, Phil Spalding on bass and a very young but no less brilliant Simon Phillips on drums! 😮

  2. 3 hours ago, dmccombe7 said:

    Jeff Lynne's ELO

    We have a winner. ELO (and Thin Lizzy) are by far my favourite band. And have been since the late 70s but I’ve never seen them live. ☹️ I was too young and lived too far from civilisation  to see them in the 70s or early 80s. And then it seemed like Jeff would never tour again. 

    I did see ELO Part II in the early 2000s which featured most of the band except Jeff.... Bev, Mik, Kelly, Hugh... which was an absolute treat. One of my fave ever gigs. Down near the front at a decent sized venue for it still to be intimate (Guildford Civic Hall) and singing along to all those great tunes. Wonderful.

    Since the Hyde Park gig our little boy has been too young to take to gigs but last year we took him out to his first ever “real gig” - The ELO Experience featuring our very own @casapete. Wonderful open air gig with a Blondie tribute band supporting. He loved it.

    So, we thought “Well next time they tour...” but when the tickets came out this spring took one look and thought “£450 - £600 quid for tickets for the three of us... And no guarantee he won’t get overwhelmed by being in an enormodome and we’ll have to leave part way through... I really don’t think so!”  So for now I think we’ll just keep it to The ELO Experience for our ELO live fixes!

    Irony is I now know no less than 2 members of ELO. One of my little boy’s friends in his class, his Grandad was in the band on cello for a couple of albums in the early years. And a guy I know, Jo, has been playing keys for them for the last couple of tours. Still don’t think I’ll ever see then, though...

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  3. 25 minutes ago, ead said:

    Lynyrd Skyryd?

    Saw them for the first time last summer at Wembley on their farewell tour. A chum’s wife was ill so he called me up and asked if I fancied going. Abso-flippin-lutely!

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  4. 47 minutes ago, bassfan said:


    Second billing at Penwith Rocks! in 83. Love 10cc. With Gouldman and Stewart! That was a Bucket List gig!

  5. 1 hour ago, dmccombe7 said:

    I'll go with Heavy Pettin

    Everything else is musical :laugh1:


    On my list specifically because they are the worst band I’ve ever seen live. I didn’t see them on purpose- they were support to Magnum at the Hammersmith Odeon back in 1988. Abysmal choice for a pairing with a band like Magnum and absolutely gawd awful from start to finish.

    Also in my top (bottom?) 3 worst are Primus (supporting Rush - so disappointed, just thwacky clanky noise the whole way through their set) and Gary Moore’s fave support, Dave Hole.

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  6. 32 minutes ago, bassfan said:

    Chuck Berry

    Saw him at this ill  conceived musical  festival in Cornwall back in 83 called Penwith Rocks. Cornwall’s first music festival! But... They had it on the TUESDAY after August Bank Holiday Monday (on the basis that bands would be in the country for big shows that weekend and they could snap them up as an extra show. They budgeted for 30,000. In the end 3000 turned up because everyone was back at work! D’oh!

    It was a great day and a fantastic line up, though. Lost shed loads of money so they never did it again.

    Chuck turned up, scowled at the scratch band put together for the set, barely tuned his guitar and ran through his contractually obligated 45 minutes. Then went off stage only returning when the promoter had scraped together enough petty cash for a begrudging 5 minute encore.

    So the perfect Chuck Berry gig experience, really. Truth be told, though. He was great to see live as a punter. And it means I’ve seen Chuck Berry live. 


  7. Lucky one... and thanks to @dmccombe7 for forcing me to choose the right answer! 🤣🤣 Here’s mine... Which one’s a fib?

    1. Meatloaf

    2. 10cc

    3. Aswad

    4. Chuck Berry

    5. Billy Bragg

    6. Thin Lizzy

    7. Jeff Lynne’s ELO

    8. Toyah

    9. Heavy Pettin’

    10. Lynyrd Skynyrd

  8. 52 minutes ago, Dov65 said:

    @TrevorR aye m8 it's Bifab Methil yard, currently very quiet. Have you been ?

    Not myself, but a member of my team, who’s based in Aberdeen, works closely with Scottish Govt and Department for International Trade trying to get developers to place contracts in the UK and has been there many times. Recognised the layout of the sheds... it’s been a really tough period for all the yards with the downturn in the O&G sector, the fall in the costs of offshore wind and the competition from overseas fabricators.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Paul S said:

    Strangely enough there were 3 of us coppers who had ME at the same time.  One died, one is still badly afflicted and it pretty much dominates her life.  I was the lucky one.  I can't get those years back but, on the plus side, I have a very different outlook on life now.

    Your doctors name wasn't Smith from East Tilbury, by chance?


    No, sadly he passed away many years ago. A guy called Dr Adams. Best consultant I'd ever had. I had previously been at another hospital when it started. The ME played merry hell with my diabetic control meaning that I literally needed 3-4 times the amount of insulin as I used before to stay stable (which is insane and makes no sense - unless you have ME...). I've always been very careful with the diabetes and controlled it tightly so it was the last straw when I went to chat to the old consultant about it and ask for advice he looked me and just said, "Well if you're going to sit at home all day pigging out on Mars Bars and lying to me about it then there's nothing I can do about it, is there?"

    I went straight back to my GP's surgery, said what the consultant had said and demanded to be transferred to another hospital. Ended up with Dr Adams... He diagnosed the ME and treated and supported me through it. Best possible result ever in hindsight! Still think the previous consultant was an absolute [expletive deleted], though.

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  10. On 21/03/2020 at 12:42, Dov65 said:

    Plater in the oil & gas game, i'm the one who measures, cut, grind, prep & fare up butts. Worked on polaris & nuclear subs, surface vessels and Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier in dockyard when local rig yard was quiet. Been all over UK also Dutch & Norwegian sectors. Met many a good friend on my travels. Originally finished up last year to look after a family member but got offered a 4 month contract that came to an end yesterday..can't complain been a good 39 years 


    Nice looking set of jackets there! Is that BiFab?

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  11. 14 minutes ago, BlueMoon said:

    A cruel heartache that saps the will and life out of those poor folks who are afflicted by it. To add insult, a few medical folks still sneer at it and say "just pull yourself together"! Tosh........it's real. 

    Sadly still all too true. I was really fortunate. I'm a diabetic and my consultant at the time was all over it - he'd had a couple of friends/colleagues from medical school who'd gone from being up and coming, top flight surgeon-types to pretty much bed rest, so he really took it seriously. In fact, he took me as a bit of a case study/guinea pig to see what treatments might help. Not many are that lucky.

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  12. On 08/03/2020 at 16:57, Paul S said:

    I trained as a pharmacist, decided I didn't want to count tablets for the rest of my days, worked in a petrol station filling cars (yes, they had people filling cars then) until I decided what I wanted to do.  Couldn't decide so joined the police :)  Served 15 years, was ill for 5 years with ME and was given a medical retirement.  Re-trained as a garden designer, ran a small plant nursery and also started to study a particular branch of horticulture that was untested.  Retired now but write and give talks on my specialist subject.

    ME is a b*tch. I was off work from 93 to 95 with it and then took another year working back up to full time. Always good to hear of someone else who crawled back up out of the ME pit...

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  13. 7 hours ago, drTStingray said:

    Nice bass! Cool mute as well  👍

    Are those holes in the scratch plate below the G? 

    Thanks, love my Pro IIE bass.

    Yes the mutes are really nice. Made by a girl in the States I found on Facebook - Patton Bass Mutes. I’d been playing around with foam mutes for a while and saw these. Spotting a customer comment/endorsement  on her page  ascribed to a certain @wateroftyne piqued my interest. I really liked the design concept and thought the little loop would make using it so much easier to use... it does. Blew £45 on getting three. Don’t use them  lot but they’re perfect when I do. Money well spent.

    The “holes” are slider switches that engage EQ filters. The middle one is an early version of Wal’s “Pick Attack” presence function. The other two are (had to look this up) low-mid boost switch for neck pickup, upper-mid boost/bass cut switch for bridge pickup. Gives the pickups a more punchy 70s rock tonality. Very useful as instant tone changes.


  14. Or pity me... I usually rest my thumb on the neck pickup surround... then I play this bass where they’re practically flush with the scratchplate... #firstworldproblems 


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  15. Yes, I rest my thumb on the pickup and E string but “rest” is the operative word. As in gently... not grind it into the edge of the pickup with 1000lbs of force like some seem to do. 

    As to your new bass. Just find somewhere comfy to put your thumb, keep doing that and in a week or so it’ll be second nature. All just part of adjusting to a differently designed bass.

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