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  1. 1 hour ago, LukeFRC said:

    reading reviews of John MArk McMillians album last year was interesting- there were a few reviews In the sorta Christian press/blogs that just didn’t get why bits sounded like it did. By the way “the road, the rocks, the weeds” off that album is a cracking song IMO reguardless of genre and content

    Both the McMillans  (Mr and Mrs) are artists I would definitely say are in the “definitely worth checking out” category!

  2. 1 hour ago, oldslapper said:

    Some lovely videos peeps have posted here, it does my head in how people put these things together. 

    CCW industry is exactly that, it’s no different from mainstream industry, in that it’s about shifting a product and creating a desire for more of the same. I was involved in CCW in the 80’s-90’s and saw a huge change in direction from considered and skilled songwriting, to the emphasis on production, to sell a product. 
    I haven’t been to a church meeting/service for years now, not because of a falling out with anyone, just a shift in my belief system. But I wish church musicians were encouraged to study the great writers like Lennon/McCartney, C Porter, Paul Simon, H Carmichael, etc who could write a song with prosody and arrangement that was challenging for the musician to play, but appealed to the masses who could sing along. 
    Anyway, sorry to derail what is an encouraging thread for church bassists. Ignore me,  



    who? 😊

    It seems sadly true, though. What starts off as churches who happen to have gifted writers producing new music for their churches to use and sharing it (for a return, of course) gets commoditised and becomes industry output. Presumably there, at that point, becomes pressure to continue creating product for the market (and sustaining revenue and turnover). At that point production rates increase and quality declines - doubly so since music isn’t something that can have simple economies of scale applied to it.

    It happened to Vineyard through the late 80s/early 90s, to Hillsong through the 2000s and to many others. The drive for the annual hit worship album (even more frequently with the early 90s “Touching The Father’s Heart” series - so much filler every 2-3 months!). So many big event worship albums with one, maybe two, decent songs on there. To be honest, these days I’d very rarely buy a worship album, just download the odd song I want, like or need. There are a few good more indie worship artists out there but they take a bit of searching out and some of the likes of Elevation and Planetshakers seem to be maintaining quality (within their own fairly constrained genres).

  3. On 26/02/2021 at 15:09, Cat Burrito said:

    Without wishing to burst any bubbles, the crowd noises are often not from the concert. My old band did a live EP in the early 90s. It got single of the week in RAW magazine and you can hear the crowd genuinely screaming in excitement between our songs. The crowd were actually at a Prince concert!

    I think we may have known this. Just thank heavens that all the playing on our fave live albums is completely authentic and hasn’t been liberally touched up in the studio afterwards, eh?

    PS I understand that Pink Floyd’s audience have popped along to a surprisingly large number of gigs where the band happened to be recording a live album that night! ;) 

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  4. The "Most listened to live albums" thread got me thinking about this. Now, I don't mean "has your band ever made a live album?" Rather, have you been to any gigs that have been immortalised in vinyl (or indeed magnetic tape if it was a live concert video). My brother Brian always maintained that you could hear him yelling on Rory Gallagher's Irish Tour '74 album - he and some chums followed Rory around on that tour seeing quite a few gigs and were at both the Belfast and Dublin gigs which were used for the show - they never got as far as Cork.

    Thinking about it there are a few of the gigs I've attended that got caught on tape or camera - although I have nowhere near enough ego to claim that you can hear my dulcet tones cheering or yelling. So, let's think...

    Gary Moore - Blues Alive - went to the Albert Hall gigs which were used, including the one where Albert Collins breaks a string...

    Gary Moore - Blues Alive [New CD] 77778779827 | eBay

    Gary Moore - An Evening Of The Blues (VHS): recorded at the Hammersmith gig on his first ever blues tour after Still Got The Blues came out.


    Jean-Michel Jarre - Destination Docklands: when he announced that he was going to do a city concert in London there was no way I was going to miss that!!!! Very good, very wet!

    Jean Michel Jarre – Destination Docklands (The London Concert) (1996, CD) -  Discogs

    Gordon Giltrap and Friends: Live at the Symphony Hall: this was his big 40 years in the industry bash with a full orchestra and loads of guests. Great evening. I was in the second row, centre stage so maybe you CAN actually hear me cheering on this one! :D

    Gordon Giltrap and Friends at The Symphony Hall - Gordon Giltrap - Dual  Disc DVD/CD

    Threshold - Critical Energy: I've known the band for years so I came along to do their merch and some behinds the scenes, documentary filming for them on the tour where this CD/DVD was done (and the next one too)


    Threshold - Surface to Stage: recorded on the second tour and released as a direct to fan album.



    And one very near miss... I missed appearing on my favourite Rush live album and DVD by one day! My chums and I booked to see both nights at Wembley on the Hold Your Fire tour. We all talked about hammering up the M40 to see the Birmingham show which was largely used for the album and in the end decided not to on the basis that two in a row was enough... oh, if only!

    So what about you lot? Anyone appeared on Live and Dangerous, Live at Leeds, Get Yer Ya Yas Out or even, Celine Dion: Live In Las Vegas?

  5. 3 hours ago, Richard R said:

    Two absolute favourites from school days. I haven't seen listed so far:

    Bryn Haworth- Live!

    Twelfth Night - Live and Let Live.

    And then of course the obvious candidates such as Live at Leeds, Yessongs, Three Sides Live, ...

    Now there’s a niche choice! Fab album by a fab guitar player, though. I could listen to him play slide for days! And Bryn’s a lovely guy too. Had the pleasure of backing him a few times when he’s guested at our church.

  6. 32 minutes ago, LukeFRC said:

    Yeah and the built in editor on onsong seems to have shortcuts for adding chords too. 

    my issue is that I’m the only one using it and some of the songs in the churches gdrive seem to have custom chords so it’s not even like I can search the net for OnSong charts others have uploaded.

    i actually use OnSong on my phone live!

    Yes, when you’re editing it and there’s a chord written it adds a button to that on the grey bar above the soft keyboard. 

    Worship Together provides free official downloads of a lot of songs in ChordPro format if you sign up for free membership. Once you’ve pulled in the basic song I’ve found it easy it edit them to amend for home church custom chords - at least they’ve done a lot of the donkey work!

  7. 4 hours ago, LukeFRC said:

    On song is good. Not so good when I'm the only one with it and have to make all my own chord charts! 

    Thing is we use Open song for the presentation and words (it's awful btw) and the open song format can have chords and read natively by on song. I don't think I'll get wholesale move accross though 

    The OnSong format is effectively a version of ChordPro and it can suck in a variety of file types. I found that once I got my eye in I could convert a chart pretty quickly - it did take a while to do all 200 odd songs in our repertoire!


  8. 1 hour ago, Baxlin said:

    We use OnSongs, which make it easy to change key.  Last Sunday we tried one of the songs in 3 different keys before we found the one the WL was happy with....

    OnSong is great once you’ve got the tunes in the transposable format. So easy to swap key (or pop a capo on if you’re a 6 stringer,or go Nashville if that’s your bag). Literally 2 seconds to change them. I compile all our team sheets and have them all in OnSong format. Love that programme! Sorry, “App” - showing my age!









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  9. 1 hour ago, LeftyP said:

    I haven't been in our church building for a year because of Covid and my advancing years!  I have recorded bass parts at home, on my mobile 'phone, and they have been stitched together with other band members  to make an on-line service.  Our church is now open again but with limited numbers and a skeleton band.  In house congregation is not allowed to sing but the service is streamed live on Youtube for those who cannot attend in person.  Having had my Covid vaccination and being totally fed up at not being able to get to church, I shall be back playing this coming Sunday.  We will only be doing two songs but it will be great to get back into the swing of things.

    I have neglected the bass for most of the year because there was nothing to rehearse for.

    Very similar situation for us. We've done a few of those "record on your iPhone and stitch them together" tunes too. My wife adn I are both due to get our jabs tomorrow an dit will be so goods to be able to get back into church some time in the foreseeable!

  10. OK so they’ve mostly been mentioned before but my top 5 would probably be...

    • Yessongs - Yes
    • A Show Of Hands - Rush
    • Live And Dangerous - Thin Lizzy
    • Exit Stage Left - Rush


    • Live - James  Taylor (some lovely playing by Jimmy Johnson on that album).

    Honourable mention to Rory Gallagher’s Live In Europe and Irish Tour ‘74.

  11. On 21/02/2021 at 00:03, Killed_by_Death said:


    Get a set of DiMarzio Ultra-Jazz & wire them in parallel.

    The default wiring configuration is series, but that is where the top-end gets lost, because the coils in series will increase the Inductance, which lowers the resonant peak of the system.

    Inductance is summed just like Resistance:

    2 + 2 in series = 4

    2 + 2 in parallel = 1

    Inductance will pass low frequencies & block high frequencies

    Capacitance will block low frequencies (DC) & pass high frequencies

    the Resonant Peak is where those two meet for the highest output

    A parallel split-coil humbucker will get you to 90% of the single-coil sound, & TBH in a band setting, no one will be able to hear that additional 10% the single-coils give you.


    TBH I'm struggling with this dilemma here at home now & will spent a fair bit of time this weekend experimenting with stainless DR Lo-Riders on single-coils & split-coil humbuckers.


    Interesting- I’ve been thinking about a darker sounding pickup for the Frankenjazz (especially on the bridge - I know, sacrelidge!). It actually looks like the downsides of the split J bucker might actually be an upside for me!!!

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  12. 16 hours ago, 2pods said:

    Oooh....Imagine a Wal pedal with the pick attack filter. I'd bite their hand off. I would 

    You could suggest it to Paul Herman!

    ...he'd say "No!" but you could still suggest it! ;) 

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  13. 7 hours ago, joseb84 said:

    a keys player who is a member of a prog rock supergroup,

    Funny thing, for many, many years I played with the keyboard player from the prog metal band, Threshold, at our church! What’s it about prog keyboard players? ;)

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  14. 5 hours ago, ahpook said:

    I've got a pair of Catswhisker humbucking single coils in my Geddy Lee - no real loss of top end that I've noticed.


    Ooooh, tell me more! Been thinking of putting some jazz ‘buckers in my Frankenjazz for a while.

  15. Just the once that I can recall. Went to see Threshold supporting Kamelot at the LA2 in London back in about 2007. I’ve known most of the Threshold guys for years.

    That was the night that the Kamelot bass player managed to dislocate his knee on the second song while doing a stage move (OUCH!!!).

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  16. 2 hours ago, Rich said:

    I want one of those..! :o do you reckon he's got any more old boxes knocking around..?

    Sadly I very much doubt it. 🙁 I’d been asking him for quite a while but he didn’t have any. Then I sent the bass in to have the pots changed for proper ones with a shaft because the little splines on the knobs were getting old and fragile and breaking off.

    When I picked it up he said he’d got a little surprise and showed me. He’s found it in an old box and fitted it. He said it was a “thank you” for all the promotion from the blog. As it is, the DI’s not as good as the Custom Series one. It’s a lower output - fine but nothing special... but yeah, nice to have!

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  17. 5 hours ago, Andyjr1515 said:

    A quick call to @Rich ; @MoonBassAlpha or anyone else wot knows.

    I'm just about to do a 'tap' test of the pickup now that everything is grounded, etc..

    The circuit board has two outputs to the jack connector:


    I'm assuming that they are both the same and I can choose either one?

    No, I can confirm that one connector is for power and the instrument level signal. The other is for the optional integrated  XLR DI (complete with ground lift). Paul from Wal found one in an old box about 10 years ago and kindly added it to my bass...




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  18. Ah, I see that I’m a little late to the game here but I’ve just taken a couple of snaps that I thought might have been useful. Still they’ll be a confirmation for you. Here’s a few snaps of the jack assembled on my Pro 2E which should confirm the wiring and that a standard TRS switching arrangement is fine.






    In fact, I was a little surprised that it was a standard TRS as the Custom series use this fabulously ingenious Switchcraft jack socket that completely isolates the power circuit from the signal path....


    Instead of the TRS with the R and S connecting the power it is a TS socket but with a completely separate “make” switch incorporated activated by the jack pushing the little Teflon plastic cup. They also do a “break” version and a “make/break” one. Jolly clever.

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  19. Church did it's first in-person service in a couple of months this Sunday. However, with both of us having underlying medical conditions and a child with some special needs we're all still shielding for now (roll on our vaccinations - hopefully not long now). So we did another one of those "record it on your iPhone and glue it together" videos as a special for this week's service.
    Our indie-rock version of Chris Tomlin's "Set Free (Joy, Joy)" but with a Valentine's twist at the end. The song starts dead on at 5 minutes in. The sound of my Pro Series Wal bass comes through really nicely on the mix. So glad that our pastors and worship team appreciate the role that bass can play in a mix and driving a song and aren't scared of it!!! Hope you like it.
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  20. Was never much of a NWOBHM fan though I had a couple of Saxon cassettes as a kid. The one band I really did like were Praying Mantis - probably because of the Lizzy-esque twin lead sound. Still pull out their debut album Time Tells No Lies for a listen these days.

    ...suitably metal Rodney Matthew’s cover too!

    Do Heavy Pettin’ qualify as NWOBHM? Or are they more “hair metal”. Joint worst set I’ve ever seen (they were supporting Magnum who were great). Tied with Gary Moore’s favourite support act - Aussie blueser Dave Hole.




  21. Of my 4 electric basses, 3 fall into this category.

    • My Aria SB700 - my first bass back in 1982. An 18th birthday pressie from my mum and dad.


    • My 1985 Wal Mk 1 Custom. Bought in about 1992 and my No 1 ever since.


    • My 1979 Wal Pro IIE. Bought in about 2001 and a lovely bass.


    My other bass is a Frankenjazz and I’ve no idea if anyone would ever want it. Fab bass too, though!


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