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  1. The band that springs to mind is Cornershop. I really liked the single version of Brimful of Asha when it was a big hit in the charts. Of course at the time I never realised it was a Norman Cook remix. Then I heard the un-jiggered-with version of the track and it was unutterably dull. Leaden, lumpen, flat, repretitive (but not in a catchy hook way) and lacking in any sort of dynamics. Turned out the ONLY parts I really liked about the song was the Fatboy Slim Big Beat fairy dust sprinkled over the song. Since then every time I've seen or heard Cornershop as themselves - radio, Jools, TOTP2... wherever - both the songs and their performances of them have come across to me as awfully dreary and lifeless.

    Yeah baby! [REMIX]

    Oh no matron!  [ORIGINAL - Yawn]


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  2. Wasn't there also an ABC Music in Kew - on one of the parades of shops near the station... much more of a "schools music" shop rather than a "guitar shop".

    Also, about Kingston Upon Thames guitar shops... what was the shop up the hill on the outskirts of town, more on the Surbiton or New Malden side? That was definitely much more of a guitar shop...

  3. Oh this brings back so many memories... spent ages in ABC in both Addlestone and Slough. Bought quite a few bits and bobs from Addlestone and rented some PA gear from them a few times. They were early stockists of Levinson Blades and used to drool over them. Still “look at the store”every time I drive through the crossroads. Bought my first acoustic guitar from the Slough branch - lovely slope shouldered Dread by Washburn - D25S - solid spruce top and a really nice ovangkol back and sides.

    The Slough branch featured in the film “Buddy’s Song” - where a Roger Daltry takes the one and only Chesney Hawkes to buy a guitar in the movie...



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  4. On 10/05/2020 at 10:08, CPCustomdubwise said:

    How about this for comparison....back in the day Gibson produced the Les Paul model...then they made a posher one and called it the Custom and a " student " model and called that the Junior. There were distinct price points based on the level of extra stuff you got as you moved through the range, but the basic principle remained constant from bottom to top; the materials and craftsmanship were universally high. A good Les Paul Jnr is a FANTASTIC guitar; many people think one of the greatest ever. In some senses it is the purest essence of the Les Paul....even though it is a slab-bodied, one pickup, basically-finished guitar.

    The joy of smaller-run "budget" guitar models in the 2020s... ;)



    As @CPCustomdubwise says, it's all a bit moot as Paul doesn't seem to be interested in creating new product lines or resurrecting old ones. In terms of the Reissue Pros comparing them to the original Pro models they were, of course,  simpler but when you analyse it they's still add up to a pretty penny. There was no relatively complicated circuitry compared to the Pros or Customs but the necks were the same quality and construction. I can't recall what Paul is currently charging for a replacement neck these days but I think I recall someone recently saying that it's in the range of £1.5k-£2k+ GBP.  The bodies were hand carved with a thin veneer applied front and back then sunbursted to hide the join. The pickup/s would be (broadly) the same as the customs - or might need redesigning to go back to the older design. Ultimately you're still talking about a £4k GBP bass rather than a £1k Wal.

  5. 3 hours ago, SimonEdward said:

    Thanks for sharing TrevorR. I'm a bit out of the loop, and haven't heard this song before, but I enjoyed listening to it. A very talented group!

    Ps. I know you're far too classy for this.. but have you ever succumbed to temptation and banned your pianists from the low end ??

    Never have to with Ben and a James, they’re both really well behaved!

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  6. 4 hours ago, GeeJayW said:

    Good job @Bilbo , Thanks. Chris Squire was a hero on bass, well in my book anyway.

    Mood For A Day transcription can be found here...

    https://lessonsthatrock.com/downloads/Y/Yes/Yes - Mood For A Day.pdf?x68250

    I have a TAB version somewhere.

    Been listening to it since '71. Still can't play it. :(

    Think I'm going to stick to transcribing Chris' bass part... I know I can DEFINITELY play that one on bass!!!! :D :D :D

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  7. 6 hours ago, Big Rich said:

    Do any other church bass players play a Jazz Bass with flat wounds?

    No, my Frankenjazz has rounds on it but both my Wals are sporting Chromes flats. Went over to flats on them about 5 or 6 years ago...

  8. 1 hour ago, Baxlin said:

    Ditto here, I’m afraid, but we have all recorded our ‘bits’ for one song, which are currently being put together as a vid. 


    We’ve been doing that the last three weeks on a “record it on your phone and stitch it together later” basis... This morning’s one...



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  9. 3 hours ago, GBH said:

    It’s not well known, but in the very early 2000s Pete toyed with this very idea - a Far Eastern built budget Wal. He was in deep discussions with a major UK distributor. I never knew who but my (wildly speculative) guess was someone like Frontline who distributed Laney and Ibanez at the time"

    If I recall correctly it was Westside Distribution, the Mesa Boogie importer.

    I think you could be right. The problems of two decade old memory...

  10. 19 hours ago, Misdee said:

    Given the ongoing trend for retro gear, if Wal reissued the Pro Basses they would be fighting customers off with the proverbial  unhygienic stick . I know  Wal are back-ordered for years already, but maybe they could expand their operation if they had consistent demand for a bass that was  slightly simpler to manufacture . I would buy one, that's for sure. 

    18 hours ago, CPCustomdubwise said:

    I asked whether something equivalent to the PRS SE models, perhaps manufactured overseas and quality controlled by Wal, might be an idea, and that I was sure they'd sell by the truckload..

    Paul politely and very charmingly stated that there were no such plans at present, nor any particular impetus to introduce them in the future. I think the thing is that they have no shortage of customers, they like the business the way it is now and they may even wish to preserve some concept of purity of their product.

    I get that.....but I'd buy a stripped down £1k Wal " SE"  in a flash if one became a thing.

    It’s not well known, but in the very early 2000s Pete toyed with this very idea - a Far Eastern built budget Wal. He was in deep discussions with a major UK distributor. I never knew who but my (wildly speculative) guess was someone like Frontline who distributed Laney and Ibanez at the time. I guess the idea was basically something like Tanglewood did with Overwater. Save money through overseas labour costs and CNC woodwork.  In the end, just before the deals were signed, Pete pulled out. My guess was always that he was concerned that he’d lose control of the brand and they’d ultimately, over time, try to water down the essence of what a Wal is... can you imagine, a slab bodied bass with Bartolini soap bars, a skunk stripe maple neck and a BBoT bridge... ...but with “Wal” on the headstock?

    18 hours ago, Misdee said:

    Lets face it a " budget" UK -made  Wal Pro would be 3-4  thousand quid , in all likelihood. That is o.k by me. 

    18 hours ago, 4000 said:

    I’m pretty sure there would be a market too, but unfortunately I think these days they would still cost a fortune. They would only lack the facings of the Customs and I’m not sure the electronics would really be any/much cheaper to manufacture than the Custom ones; after all, the pickups are the same. Even passive, you’d just be losing the cost of the filters. 

    Someone talked about a “simple” Pro bass. In many ways the circuitry in a Pro bass is MORE complicated than a Custom. You go from two small neat removable circuit boards to a circuit board printed onto an extension on the scratch plate. The back of Pro Series scratch plates are a thing of beauty in and of themselves! 



    If a Pro Bass was made in Fetcham, what would you save?  Cost on the exotic body woods, labour in laminating the top and back... that’s about it. You’ve still got a laminated neck, hand carving the neck and body, same hardware. You'd need to tool up for the new electronics and redesign it to fit the changes in internal pickup wiring between the Pro and Custom series, tool up for the scratch plates, more staff and overheads... it’s not coming in shy of £4k...

    Frankly I can see why Paul’s not interested.

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  11. 53 minutes ago, Frank Blank said:

    Most of us have one or two (some have loads) boutique basses that we play at home but no one wants to take a Fodera to the Dog & Vasectomy only to have bitter thrown over it by a 50yr old who still hasn't come to terms with his inner mod.

    Played my two Wal’s at plenty of pubs and clubs, weddings and functions... and they’re still in perfectly good nick after all these years...

    ...I think this first photo was actually at the Dog & Vasectomy... sorry, I mean the Dog & Partridge (our local “fight pub” RIP)...




  12. 16 minutes ago, wateroftyne said:

    For clarity, my comment above was specific to Sultans. I love all the band’s albums, but there’s something unique about Pick’s style that suited the band so well.

    Yeah Alchemy was a facetious bass tone preference comment, of course. Still, there’s a feel about those first two albums I love. Making Movies I like, there are lots of songs on BiA that I like but I quickly get tired/bored of both. Never happens with the first two.

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  13. 12 minutes ago, wateroftyne said:

    When Pick left the band it became a bland plod, IMO. I don’t think any line-up (band or solo) has done it justice since.

    True dat! Those first two albums are the best!

  14. Looks very much like my Pro IIE which is a wonderful bass (beaten in my affections only by my Mk 1, and only by a nose).

    Great for some older school but still Wal-tastic rock tones and for some fat soul too. Love it!



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  15. I prefer the black Wal on the Alchemy live album... but to be fair I am very biased! 🤣🤣 Though, it’s a good example of how different a Wal can sound from the Geddy, Justin and Percy tones everyone goes on about...

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  16. There’s a Sting and the Police best of I've got called “Fields of Gold”. Twofer... all you need from both on one CD

    The recent Wembley Or Bust live album by ELO is a pretty good  career overview with a DVD thrown in for good measure (and has my chum Jo playing keys). Or the 2 CD All Over The World - The Ultimate Collection - all the hits and more. Or just buy Out Of The Blue!

    The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 2 CD best of is pretty much all you’d ever need to know. But even better is the Couldn’t Stand The Weather (Legacy Edition) double CD - one of SRV’s best albums on one CD with  a host of really good quality bonus tracks. Then on CD 2 a live album which really demonstrates SRV and Double Trouble’s raw power as a live unit.

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