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  1. 16 hours ago, 2pods said:

    Oooh....Imagine a Wal pedal with the pick attack filter. I'd bite their hand off. I would 

    You could suggest it to Paul Herman!

    ...he'd say "No!" but you could still suggest it! ;) 

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  2. 7 hours ago, joseb84 said:

    a keys player who is a member of a prog rock supergroup,

    Funny thing, for many, many years I played with the keyboard player from the prog metal band, Threshold, at our church! What’s it about prog keyboard players? ;)

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  3. 5 hours ago, ahpook said:

    I've got a pair of Catswhisker humbucking single coils in my Geddy Lee - no real loss of top end that I've noticed.


    Ooooh, tell me more! Been thinking of putting some jazz ‘buckers in my Frankenjazz for a while.

  4. Just the once that I can recall. Went to see Threshold supporting Kamelot at the LA2 in London back in about 2007. I’ve known most of the Threshold guys for years.

    That was the night that the Kamelot bass player managed to dislocate his knee on the second song while doing a stage move (OUCH!!!).

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  5. 2 hours ago, Rich said:

    I want one of those..! :o do you reckon he's got any more old boxes knocking around..?

    Sadly I very much doubt it. 🙁 I’d been asking him for quite a while but he didn’t have any. Then I sent the bass in to have the pots changed for proper ones with a shaft because the little splines on the knobs were getting old and fragile and breaking off.

    When I picked it up he said he’d got a little surprise and showed me. He’s found it in an old box and fitted it. He said it was a “thank you” for all the promotion from the blog. As it is, the DI’s not as good as the Custom Series one. It’s a lower output - fine but nothing special... but yeah, nice to have!

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  6. 5 hours ago, Andyjr1515 said:

    A quick call to @Rich ; @MoonBassAlpha or anyone else wot knows.

    I'm just about to do a 'tap' test of the pickup now that everything is grounded, etc..

    The circuit board has two outputs to the jack connector:


    I'm assuming that they are both the same and I can choose either one?

    No, I can confirm that one connector is for power and the instrument level signal. The other is for the optional integrated  XLR DI (complete with ground lift). Paul from Wal found one in an old box about 10 years ago and kindly added it to my bass...




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  7. Ah, I see that I’m a little late to the game here but I’ve just taken a couple of snaps that I thought might have been useful. Still they’ll be a confirmation for you. Here’s a few snaps of the jack assembled on my Pro 2E which should confirm the wiring and that a standard TRS switching arrangement is fine.






    In fact, I was a little surprised that it was a standard TRS as the Custom series use this fabulously ingenious Switchcraft jack socket that completely isolates the power circuit from the signal path....


    Instead of the TRS with the R and S connecting the power it is a TS socket but with a completely separate “make” switch incorporated activated by the jack pushing the little Teflon plastic cup. They also do a “break” version and a “make/break” one. Jolly clever.

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  8. Church did it's first in-person service in a couple of months this Sunday. However, with both of us having underlying medical conditions and a child with some special needs we're all still shielding for now (roll on our vaccinations - hopefully not long now). So we did another one of those "record it on your iPhone and glue it together" videos as a special for this week's service.
    Our indie-rock version of Chris Tomlin's "Set Free (Joy, Joy)" but with a Valentine's twist at the end. The song starts dead on at 5 minutes in. The sound of my Pro Series Wal bass comes through really nicely on the mix. So glad that our pastors and worship team appreciate the role that bass can play in a mix and driving a song and aren't scared of it!!! Hope you like it.
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  9. Was never much of a NWOBHM fan though I had a couple of Saxon cassettes as a kid. The one band I really did like were Praying Mantis - probably because of the Lizzy-esque twin lead sound. Still pull out their debut album Time Tells No Lies for a listen these days.

    ...suitably metal Rodney Matthew’s cover too!

    Do Heavy Pettin’ qualify as NWOBHM? Or are they more “hair metal”. Joint worst set I’ve ever seen (they were supporting Magnum who were great). Tied with Gary Moore’s favourite support act - Aussie blueser Dave Hole.




  10. Of my 4 electric basses, 3 fall into this category.

    • My Aria SB700 - my first bass back in 1982. An 18th birthday pressie from my mum and dad.


    • My 1985 Wal Mk 1 Custom. Bought in about 1992 and my No 1 ever since.


    • My 1979 Wal Pro IIE. Bought in about 2001 and a lovely bass.


    My other bass is a Frankenjazz and I’ve no idea if anyone would ever want it. Fab bass too, though!


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  11. 18 hours ago, Simon. said:

    Bill Bailey's musical output is always worth a look. Makes up a fair chunk of his stand-up shows, so he puts plenty of effort on to it.

    If you haven't seen it, his Enter Sandman is a work of genius, and his take on the Match of the Day and BBC News theme's are splendid.

    Back around 1990 my college folk band got a residency at a local comedy club (the guy who organised it fancied our singer!) so we did a 30-45 minute warm up set for the two headlining acts. We supported (among others) Eddie Izzard, Linda Smith (RIP), Mark Thomas, Hattie Haydridge and a duo called “The Rubber Bishops”. I recall thinking that the beardy one in the group was really good (comedy and music-wise) and would go far. A certain Mr Bill Bailey. So he’s been a bit tasty on guitar and keys and jokes for a good old time.

  12. 4 hours ago, chris_b said:

    I have 2 basses and I’d use them on any gig. All my basses are bought to gig. That’s the only reason I own them. If a gig was rough enough to cause me to worry about my gear, I’d be more worried about my safety and probably wouldn’t be doing those gigs anyway. When my bass isn’t being played I’ll store it in the bag at the back of the stage, behind the gear. 

    I’ll mostly use the P bass at home, because it sounds better at low volume.

    Absolutely - my approach too. My preferred gigging basses are my two Wals, always have been and they've been through all sorts of venue with me, big and small, salubrious and dodgy. I might take along one of my other basses instead of one of the Wals but only because I fancied playing it, not because I'm worried about damaging or losing the other ones.


    Only one I don't use live is a custom acoustic but only because it was built for home use, doesn't have a case, doesn't have a pickup and is now probably too fragile for gigging.



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  13. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the credits don’t list...

    Bruce Thomas - Bass

    ...they list...

    Bruce Thomas - Wal Bass

    EDIWTB is one of my all time fave basslines and was even before I realised it was a Wal!

  14. 57 minutes ago, CamdenRob said:

    Its also worth mentioning what a stand up guy Paul is... A really passion for the marque and just a generally nice bloke... Always gives me a lift back to the station whenever I’ve had cause to drop off / pick anything up 🙂

    Absolutely agree. Paul’s a really nice person whose desire is to build really high quality, unique basses - no compromise. 

    1 hour ago, Shaggy said:

    and I'm sure it's deliberate policy not to expand or outsource

    Yup, Paul’s not interested in the corporate “dream”. When he left Wal the first time it was to set up as an independent sole luthier hand building hollow bodied jazz guitars... he’s in it for the craft, not the cash!


    2 hours ago, AndyTravis said:

    Has anyone in Manchester/NW area got one? When “lockdown 3 - back to lockdownia” is over I wouldn’t mind a closer look/trial before I decide on ordering new or buying used and living with it for a bit before investing £7000-£8000 in something my kids will probably sneeze on...

    Well, if you fancied a trip down the M6 and M40 if we ever manage to have another SE Bass Bash there will definitely be a couple or more there which you’d be welcome to have a go on!

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  15. 2 hours ago, Reggaebass said:

    I’ve never really followed Wal’s, but there’s certainly some stunners in a few other threads, how are they for holding their value?  What I’m thinking is , if I ordered one for example for 8k and it took 3 years to complete , if I really liked it I would keep it, but if for some reason It wasn’t for me, would I get my money back if I sold it on 

    Back in the days when a new one was £5k and second hand was £2.5-3k, I used to say “one thing’s for certain, buy second and you’ll not only break even but make on the deal if you do sell.” Its so hard to know how things will go with current crazy second hand prices - some listed recently than more than the new price. I guess that these days sellers are effectively pricing in the value of jumping the queue by 3 years, as well as any reflection of the intrinsic second hand value/desirability of the bass.

    Where can second hand prices go from here? They’re already pretty insane. But that’s market forces for you!

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  16. 4 hours ago, Fishman said:

    Seeing the wrench in your photo @TrevorR , it reminded me of this – slight thread derailment, but hey, it's my bass! 😉


    Aaah, but I fooled ya! My wrench ISN'T rusted! It's came in that matt brown/grey colour and has always looked like that! Mwah ha ha ha ha! Gets 'em every time!



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  17. 19 hours ago, Andyjr1515 said:


    In the meantime, these beautiful Schaller lightweight machine heads have come through - drop in fit, including the rear pegs:



    It was such a shame when Schaller canned the MB4s but so good that the light versions they replaced them with are direct replacements. And so easy to fit. Simple enough that even I trusted my cack handed bodge-it skills to fit Hipshot D-Tuners to my two Wals! Great tuning heads (old and new!).




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  18. Ha! Ironically this query post just popped up on the Wal Facebook group...


    Pro 1e neck insert thread size
    Can anyone give me any info on this. I'm trying to source new bolts – my builder suspects this might be correct:
    10-24 (3/16") UNC

    @Andyjr1515 I don't suppose you've confirmed the spec or sourced where you plan to get the neck bolts from yet? Or @Fishman have an original spare set of bolts?

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